You booked your plane ticket for your next trip. The next question is where to stay in your destination? Which district is best suitable for your budget and travel style? Where exactly are the main tourist attraction and what are the best hotels for your trip?

Is it smart to stay right in the centre of your destination or should you book your accommodation in an adjacent district? Finding the right place to stay during your holiday is time-consuming and tedious. A hotel can also make or break your trip.

To save you time, we created comprehensive accommodation guides on the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

We want you to enjoy your trip and that's why we did the extensive research for you. We travelled all over the world and stayed in thousands of hotels to be able to create the most in-depth accommodation guides and tell you where to stay.

All our guides on places to stay are meticulously researched based on the most popular neighbourhoods in a destination. We explain in great detail about each location and we offer hand-picked hotels which have been tested and reviewed by many seasoned travellers.

Our thorough accommodation guides were created to give you all the tips you need to enjoy a carefree holiday tailored to preferences and budget.