If the fact that Australia is both a country and a continent doesn’t motivate you to pack your bags to come here, then probably its rich landscape should be something to look forward to. Australia has a fascinating mix of climate and a diverse geography. It's difficult to grasp the nature of the Australian landscape in just one visit. You may experience snowing in the caped mountains of the Australian Alps, the harsh climate of the vast desserts or the humidity in the tropical forests of the country. If all these weather conditions are a bit overwhelming to you, you can always go to the beach and enjoy the soothing breeze while you bask in the sand.


The British cuisine since the colonial period has been the essence of the Australian cuisine. When you get a chance to land in Australia, your tongue will be tantalized by the traditional dishes typical to the locals. Try chicken parmigiana, the Lamingtons (the national cake of Australia), Pavlova (the famous dessert created in honour of Anna Pavlova) the Aboriginal Barramundi fish and lastly the lean or tasty grilled Kangaroo to name a few.

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Things to do in Australia

Things to do in Darwin

Lots of funky animals live around Darwin - it’s this area that really pays homage to Australia’s reputation for having the most lethal creatures in the world.

Melbourne To Sydney Roadtrip

The distance from Melbourne to Sydney is over 1000 miles. Are you ready for an unforgettable road trip?


British culture trickles down to the traditions and heritage of Australia. The presence of the Aborigines also plays a significant role in the cultural influence. English is the primary language in the country, and the natives have a unique accent close to Britain’s. Regardless, Australia’s culture is also versatile nurtured by the different immigrants in the country. You should probably watch out for Larrikinism which is a fundamental norm of the culture that reveres troublemakers.


Australia’s nature is a mash-up of the fascinating geography and landscape of the country. The country strikes a great balance between nature and the modern urban sector. Flora and fauna present breathtaking sceneries. The whole country is literally one big photo booth because anywhere you take a picture turns out to be fantastic. The significant animals you are bound to see in Australia are kangaroos and they are the pride of the nation. Other animals you can encounter in Australia include the koala and the dingoes. Away from the wild, you should also experience the city life of Australia. Cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth all have exciting restaurants, shopping outlets, and fantastic service.

Australia is an environmentally well-kept country with great sceneries you wouldn’t want to miss. Book your flight now and come to see the live action of kangaroos running with its kid on its poach.

Know Before You Go

Australia is enormous. Much larger than the Mercator world map would have you believe. For perspective, it's landmass can almost cover the entirety of Europe. Each region differs vastly from the next. But there's one thing almost all of them boasts in abundance, spectacular coastlines and beaches.

Since Australia is the size of a planet, it's not exactly a breeze to get from one state to another. In Queensland, you can drive for 12 hours and not leave Queensland. Fortunately, each city is well connected by short flights. Qantas is the national airline. Or there's Jetstar, the no-frills version.

The excitement of spotting your first majestic kangaroo, adorable koala, or elegant whale can have you on the edge of your plane seat. But it's no secret that care should be taken around Australia's wildlife. Read up on some of the more deadly animals like funnel-web spiders, irukandji jellyfish, and the brown snake. They're usually only in rural areas, so no need to be hopscotching down the street in the city trying to avoid deadly critters.

Best Time To Visit

It depends on what state you want to visit. The seasons are the opposite of the Northern hemisphere. Summer arrives from December to February, and winter is June to August. Summers can be perfection in Perth but send you out of your mind in Queensland.

The East Coast - Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney

The East coast is fabulous in summer, when the weather is hotter and dryer the further north you go. Melbourne is known for having four seasons in one day all year round. It's not uncommon to head out in a summer dress and return drenched from head to toe wearing a borrowed sweater because you weren't prepared for the weather.

Western Australia - Perth

The hot, dry summers and mild winters of Perth make it for an ideal destination all year round. Thunderstorms are common as the months grow cooler and are quite the spectacle.

Northern Australia - Darwin, Cairns

Darwin and the Northern Territory have one season, Summer. An endless wave of heat, with a wet season from November to April that remains between 25- 34 degrees celsius. In Cairns, the summer is hot and extremely humid with heavy rainfall. Making the cooler winter months of June to August a better time to visit.

Tasmania - Hobart

The tiny island of Tasmania is a gem off the southern coast of Australia. It's best to visit in summer (December to February) when the weather is warmest and driest and nature is at it's best.

What To Expect

Australian's are lovable rogues, so whichever part of the country you're visiting, learn a few words of slang and you're sure to have a great time with the locals.

"Throw on your thongs and enjoy an avo on toast on an arvo, then chuck a u-ey and head off to the bottle-o for a few cold ones and a parmy and you'll be stoked."

(Wear your flip flops to enjoy some avocado on toast this afternoon. Then make a U-turn to the bottle shop for a few beers and a chicken parmigiana and you'll be happy.)

Internet - The Internet in Australia can be slow and expensive. The best carrier with the largest range is Telstra. They also have numerous free wifi hotspots in the cities with 1GB for free.

Currency - The official currency is the Australian Dollar.

Language - The official language is English.

ATMs - ATM's are abundant across the country. The main Australian banks are ANZ, Commonwealth, and Westpac.

Plugs and Sockets - Australia uses the two pinned plug with flat pins shaped like a V. Some include a third pin in the centre. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

Safety - Australia is very safe with low crime rates. Always be careful on the roads and when travelling in outback regions.

Climate - As Australia is a continent, the climate varies across regions. Most of the Southern and Easterly regions along the coast enjoy a temperate climate. Moving into the tropical climate in the North. Western Australia sees a drier, more Meditteranean climate. Moving to the central plateau converts to dessert conditions with unbearably hot, dry summers and chilling nights and winters.

Wear lots of sunscreens and apply regularly. The part of the ozone layer that sits above Australia has a giant hole in it, and since the weather is prime for sunbathing, you can burn easily. If you have a hat, use it.