From gorgeous sights to unforgettable experiences, Germany is easily one of the most interesting destinations in the world.


The greenery of Germany is something that everybody should see at least once in their lives. Rolling hills and endless plains can be admired in every part of the country’s terrain, but there’s an element of beauty and serenity that can only be found in this part of Europe, most specifically in Germany’s part of the Great European Plain. The many mountains, all forested and crossed by winding rivers also add an extra element to the charm, and it’s this balance of scenery that makes Germany a stunning destination.


Meat is an integral part of most German meals, with the famous wursts taking centre stage. But truly, there is so much more to German cuisine than just sausages and pretzels. Every region will satisfy your inner foodie appetite with seasonal products, fresh fruit and vegetable. And when in Germany, you can't leave without trying the famous beers which sure are some of the best in the whole of Europe.


Germany has been often hailed as the land of thinkers and poets. German culture might appear strict and stern from the outside, but it’s actually a land where art booms in every corner. Germans are known for their efficiency and that’s a large part of German culture, but it’s not the only defining trait. German culture values forward thinking but also traditional values and is a culture that has become a modern day powerhouse.

Dynamic Cities

Absolutely modern but packed to the brim with history and culture, every German city is a tale of its own, especially after a long and turbulent history. Different influences can be felt in every city because Germany wasn’t always a united country. Popular cities like Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, all feel distinct and unique, but there’s an underlying German charm in every location. European culture is easily felt, so visiting them is always a treat.

Know Before You Go

Germany is a world of fascinating history, culture, and architecturally captivating cities. Spot fairytale castles and wander through cute Bavarian towns by day toast to moreish German beer by night.

Germany is a well-connected hub of the EU. It's to hop across to other enticing cities such as Austria and Switzerland. Along with their stoic wit, Germans are known for their punctuality. This expands to the transit system, so be sure to be on time to catch your bus or train. It will leave whether you're on it or not.

Don't be worried if you see naked people. Germans are comfortable with their bodies and nudity is mandatory in the many saunas and wellness spas.

Be careful of accidental jaywalking. It's frowned upon to cross the street in any other way than at a designated crossing. There's nothing more bemusing than an old lady yelling at you in German from across the street. Another thing to watch out for (literally) is the bicycle lane. Often placed directly beside the pedestrian path. If you're not a bike, stay out of them or you may find yourself face to face with someone's handlebars.

Best Time To Visit

The shoulder seasons are the prime time to visit Germany. Spring and autumn enjoy great weather, lower prices and fewer crowds. The weather is warmer from June to mid-September, although it's also umbrella season.

The whole of Germany comes alive for Oktoberfest, especially in Munich. If you're here for the roaring festivities of beer clinking, chanting, and lederhosen wearing, be sure to book well in advance.

Winter is the primary season for enjoying fairytale landscapes. Imagine the stunning Neuschwanstein Castle under a fresh dusting of snow. 'Tis also the season for festive Christmas markets. Those pretzels aren't going to eat themselves.

What To Expect

Planning a trip to Germany's eclectic clutches? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Currency - The official currency of Germany is the Euro

Language - The official language is German. Most residents speak English fluently.

ATMs - ATM's can be found everywhere. Though a lot of services only accept cash so be sure to keep some on hand. Also, toilets are rarely free so you'll need a few coins to pee (and tip the attendant unless you want to receive a look of disdain).

Plugs & Sockets - Germany uses the Europlug, or Type C style plug with 2 round pins. As well as the Type F plug with 2 round pins and 2 earth clips. The standard voltage is 230v and 50Hz frequency.

Safety - Germany is considered a safe place to travel. The odd pickpocket is the only thing to watch out for in busy areas.

Climate - When it comes to climate, Germany is topographically split into two parts. The Northwest and coastal regions have a maritime climate. Blissfully warm summers and cooler, often cloudy winters. A raincoat is handy in the summer in case of impromptu showers. The inland is more continental with rising summer temperatures and chilly winters that can reach -2 degrees celsius in the south.