There are a few other countries as famous and dreamy as France. Its capital city, Paris, is arguably the most visited city in the world, and France as a whole is a country of castles, mountains, beaches and endless flower fields.


France’s scenery is gorgeous and stunning at every turn. Surrounded by seas to the north, west, and south, and filled with calm flower fields, rolling hills, and forests, France is one of the dreamiest countries in the world, with fairytale-like landscapes. More beautiful than many people can imagine, with vineyards, azure waters, and perfect beaches, France’s scenery is a treat for the soul.


As one of the world’s most famous cuisines – even the word itself is French – everything food-related in France is downright delicious. With a long and turbulent history, France’s cuisine reflects this and is one of the reasons why French food is so elevated when compared to many other in the world. There’s an emphasis on a balanced meal, in terms of nutrition, taste, and aesthetic, each region has its own tradition cooking, only adding to France’s reputation as one of the most famous cuisines in the world. It's time to sample famed cheeses, delicious wines and top-notch patisserie.

Discover France


French culture is steeped and drenched in history. Once could argue argued that France is the birthplace of modern European culture and society. France is a romantic destination, and rightfully so, as Paris is well known as the city of love. Modern etiquette also comes from France, so when it comes to extravagance, nobody does it better than the French. Many renowned artists and art pieces were born in France, and culture lovers can admire the many art forms of the past, still presents in some of the world's busiest museums and art galleries. France’s culture is also quite grandiose in the display, which can be best observed in French architecture during a romantic evening stroll along the Seine.

Dynamic Cities

Paris is synonymous with style, fashion and love. When it comes to shopping, Paris is perhaps one of the most excellent choices for fashion-oriented enthusiasts. Once you are ready for the evening, head to the opera, theatre or a classical concert held throughout the city and embrace the artistic pedigree of France. From romantic affairs, through modern events, to explosive parties, Paris is one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

Know Before You Go

A few words of the language of love will take you far in France. The French are a proud race and love to hear you gush about how you love their country. Simple requests in restaurants and taxis uttered in French will be appreciated. Even if people can speak English, they prefer not to. And every conversation begins with a 'bonjour'

France has a fantastic transport system, and the train is the fastest and most affordable way to get around. France has a varied diversity of landscapes from the bustle of the northern cities like Paris, to the relaxed countryside of the Loire valley, to the dramatic alpine regions bordering Italy and Switzerland. Each corner deserving the time to discover.

France has entrancing coastal towns along the Atlantic Coast. Charming towns offering delectable seafood and world-class beaches.

Lyon, in the heart of the country, is a gastronomical paradise, and the dishes are as affordable as they are delicious. As well as the magic of Paris, it's a joy to experience some of Frances many cities. Try Lille, Paris' understated yet sophisticated little sister. Or Angers in the Loire Valley, full of enchanting parks and gardens and more chateaus than a Princesses storybook.

Best Time To Visit

Tourism is the biggest factor when choosing the best time to visit France. The most ideal times are in the shoulder seasons. Spring (April to June) has much fewer crowds, prices drop from the peak season and the weather is simply blissful.

Autumn (September to November) is equally charismatic. Mid -July to the end of August is best avoided due to the French summer holidays. Many businesses close for the season and school children from the whole of Europe pack into the cities for fun and frolics.

What To Expect

Planning your dream trip to France? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Currency - The official currency in France is the Euro

Language - The official language is French

ATMs - ATM's are widely available in France in the towns and big cities. They're a bit harder to find in rural areas so be sure to carry extra cash. You'll get a better exchange rate in France if you withdraw money straight from the ATM's.

Plugs & Sockets - France uses the Europlug, or Type C style plug with 2 round pins. As well as the Type E plug with 2 round pins and a hole for the earth clip. The standard voltage is 230v and 50Hz frequency.

Safety - France is considered safe to travel, though the big cities have developed an ongoing problem with pickpocketing. Always take care of your belongings.

Climate - The climate in France is generally unpredictable and alters by region. Paris sees hot summer sand cold wet winters as the norm. South of the Loire, the weather can get scorching hot in the summer and plummet exponentially in winter. Towns along the Mediterranean coastline and Corsica have the most stable climate and long, hot summers perfect for sunbathing.