Estonia has seen a significant surge in popularity, mainly due to its unique culture and natural beauty. Estonia is a well-developed country with a progressive society that’s absolutely worth a visit.


Estonia’s geography is absolutely mind-boggling. Due to its location, it is chock full with natural wonders, and its position on the eastern part of the Baltic Sea and proximity to the Gulf of Finland allow its maritime climate to bloom with its full potential. A destination with hauntingly beautiful surroundings the long shore of the country and flatness had a huge importance in ages past, especially in the Viking era.


Estonian cuisine has been under influence for a very long time, but even despite all the influence Estonian cooking has managed to create a spin of its own. Primarily affected by the Nordic style, based on fish, it also adds its own charm by using more meat, fresh produce, and bread than its neighbours. Estonian culture is particularly picky about its bread which is why you must absolutely try a variety of loafs when visiting this gorgeous country.

The walls of castles Tallinn Estonia
Snow Tallinn Estonia
Tallinn Estonia

Best Things To Do In Tallinn

One of the best things to do in Tallinn is to meander around with your camera and discover an array of exciting spots. Tallinn's Old Town preserved its medieval look which made us feel like we were walking around in Game of Thrones.

From Helsinki to Tallinn via Ferry

The journey is only 2 hours. We recommend taking the earliest cruise to Tallinn and the latest cruise back, so you can comfortably explore Tallinn for a full day.

Know before you go

Transport in Estonia is cheap and reliable. The tram connects the city of Tallinn to the airport. When exploring far and beyond, buy a prepaid card and a 1-hour journey on buses and trains only costs €1.10.

Be aware of your body language. Estonians rarely complain and they appreciate their personal space. If you’re getting funny looks on the bus, your elbow is most likely invading someone's space.

Estonians just love their rye bread. It's considered a pillar of importance even in marriage proposals. With a popular proverb that means “we should keep our bread in the same cabinet.” Among the reasons to marry someone, great bread baking skills are up there with the best. The famous black bread known as Leib is a must-try.

Estonians are born technology enthusiasts. Brands like Skype, Taxify, and Transferwise were all born in the forward-thinking capital. You can pick up cheap SIM cards and get high-speed internet everywhere. Snapping photos on your smartphone, or updating your friends on how much fun you're having in Estonia is welcomed.


Estonian culture is a beast even when compared to the rest of Europe. The peoples of Estonia are resilient, festive, and very fond of saunas, their many folk songs reflect the depth of their history and tradition, all while being charming and extremely entertaining. Saunas are a mainstay in Estonian culture and have been around for centuries. Estonian culture is deep-rooted in its connectivity to the rest of Europe because it used to be a trade hub in the past, so it’s formed its unique blend of Baltic and Nordic cultures.


Estonia’s landscape boasts numerous forests and national parks, and among those natural retreats, the wildlife runs as free as the wind. In ages past most of the country used to be filled with glaciers of which unique remains can still be seen to this very day, and many peculiar species of animals can be found still roaming the wilderness, like beasts from European folklore: bears, wolves, and lynxes.

One of Europe’s underappreciated gems, Estonia is a gorgeous destination that will have any visitor coming back for more. From its unique culture to gorgeous aesthetics it’s a destination that’s worth many visits.

Best Time To Visit

The best season to enjoy Estonia’s quirky traditions and rural beauty is late spring and summer. Warm, clear weather calls for city strolls and brisk ventures into the outdoors. Summers are short, lasting mid-June to August and can get nippy at night, so remember to pack a sweater.

Winter arrives with a vengeance mid-December. When temperatures regularly plummet to -15-20°C. Visiting in the winter is ‘baltic’, but can turn magical as snow transforms the land into a frosty fairytale. It’s also the perfect opportunity to hit the slopes for the challenge of snowboarding and skiing. Or indulge in the tranquillity of Estonias beloved sauna rituals.

What To Expect

Pumping with excitement for your trip to Estonia? Don't forget the little things:

Currency - The official currency of Estonia is the Euro

Language - The official language is Estonian. There's also a large Russian population. You'll find a mix of tongues including Estonian, Russian and English.

ATMs - ATM's are common in Estonia and you'll easily find one in all towns. They're also in Coop stores and Olerex service stations.

Plugs & Sockets - Estonia uses the Europlug, or Type C with 2 round pins, and Type F with 2 round pins and 2 earth clips. Estonia operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.

Safety - Estonia is very safe, as with most European cities and crime rates are low. In bigger cities such as Tallinn, be careful around big crowds as pickpockets exist all over the world.

Climate - The Baltic climate in Estonia means long, dark winters, and fairly short but warm summers.

It enjoys all four seasons but can be windy at any time of year due to its prominent seaside location.