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Where to stay in Osaka [updated 2022]

Find the best accommodation in Osaka, Japan - Comprehensive Guide

Kita at night - one of the most vibrant places to stay in Osaka Japan

Osaka is a lovely port city with stunning modern architecture, delicious street food and incredible things to do. Osaka is one of the best touristic cities in Japan, located just 55 minutes away from Kyoto by shinkansen. Now that you decided to visit, top of your planning list is the best place to stay in Osaka. Being the second-largest city in Japan, this city can be a minefield of accommodation options. To help you with your holiday planning, we put together this comprehensive guide with some of the best hotels in Osaka.

In this article, we will explain how Osaka is structured, and how to pick the best district which is most convenient to tourists visiting Osaka.

Cory and G in Kita- stay close to Kita or Minami for the shops, restaurants and entertainment

For first time visitors, Kita and Minami are our prefered locations. Kita and Minami are perfect hubs for tourists because they are close to public transport, many restaurants, pubs and cafes and tons of shopping opportunities.

For families travelling to Osaka with their kids, you should consider the Osaka Bay area. You will be very close to Universal Studios but also get larger rooms for affordable prices. Your hotel in Osaka Bay will also be close to the Aquarium and the Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel.

Our hotel recommendations below are close to public transport. Public transport is fast, affordable and reliable so you can explore the whole of Osaka during your trip. Some tourist attractions are scattered all around the city, so having a hotel close to the metro line means being able to visit as many bucket list gems as possible.

Based on our own experience in Osaka, here are the best places to stay in Osaka with hand-picked accommodation options for all budgets.

Insider Tip: Make sure your hotel is as close to the Midosuji subway line as possible. The Midosuji subway line will take you almost everywhere you need for tourist attractions. It also connects with other important lines so you can find your way easily!

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Where to stay in Osaka

Osaka is a wonderful city to visit in Japan, especially if you are a foodie. Sometime's called Japan's kitchen, Osaka is well known for its street food and culinary treats. Food is the top reason why we went on a trip to Osaka, and we fell in love with the city.

We believe that most first time visitors should stay in Kita or Minami because that's a great accommodation choice for those who want to be close to Osaka's top touristic points of interest like the Nakanoshima museum, the Umeda Sky Building, and Kids Plaza Osaka. Almost all touristic dining and entertainment options are located in these two districts so you will never run out of things to do.

Although Osaka is a big city, most of the accommodation spots are located close to the public transport, making it very easy for you to travel around the city and visit all the landmarks and famous areas like the Osaka Castle, Universal Studios and Dōtonbori.

Cory and G in the castle area during the sakura season in Osaka Japan

The area to stay in Osaka comes down to what kind of a traveller you are: The closer to the Kita district you are, the more entertainment and restaurants you will find, but the further you'll be from budget hotels.

If your budget can stretch, we recommend a classic ryokan to experience the Japanese culture in a traditional inn. Luxury hotels in Osaka are truly incredible as the service really is the best in the world. However, Japan is not a cheap country, so luxury can mean a whole new level of expensive.

Finally, even if you decide to budget yourself and stay in a business hotel, guesthouse, hostel or capsule hotel, you will most certainly find it comfortable and clean, as per the Japanese standards.

Osaka Neighbourhood Map

In a hurry? Here's our summary for the best neighbourhoods in Osaka based on your interests.

  • Where to stay in Osaka for first-time visitors - Kita
  • Where to stay in Osaka for entertainment - Minami
  • Where to stay in Osaka for quiet - Honmachi
  • Where to stay in Osaka for day trips - Shin Osaka
  • Where to stay in Osaka for budget - Tennoji
  • Where to stay in Osaka for sakura season - Castle Area
  • Where to stay in Osaka for Universal Studios - Universal Studios
  • Where to stay in Osaka if for families and couples - Osaka Bay Area

Cory staying in a traditional ryokan in Osaka

Kita - Where to Stay in Osaka for first-time visitors

Surrounding the Osaka and Umeda Stations, Kita is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Osaka for tourists. As a first time visitor to Osaka, you should consider Kita, thanks to its proximity to restaurants, bars and heaps of entertainment.

Staying in Kita means being close to the HEP 5 Ferris Wheel and the Umeda Sky Building, both important attractions that offer great panoramic views of the city during the day and at night.

Stay in Kita if you love the idea of shopping by day and entertainment by night. Do a bit of light shopping the Grand Front Osaka, a shopping mall just outside of Osaka Station. There are great restaurants on the top floor for when you need to be close to food places and a huge convenience store at the bottom if you want to eat on a budget.

Head to the Tenjimbashi-suji Shopping Street and check out the local stalls selling everything from clothes, shoes to food and other fun stuff. You'll never be too far from something to do in Kita.

Get your collectables and merchandise from the Pokemon Centre in Osaka Station building. The store has one of the largest selections of Pokemon-themed products, figurines, plush toys, stationery and arcades.

If you are after your morning coffee fix, visit the Nakazakicho neighbourhood, which is Osaka's own hipster area. Alongside the recently opened coffee shops and restaurants, you will find vintage clothing and furniture stores and unique Japanese souvenirs here.

Here are our favourite accommodation options we picked in Kita.

Imperial Hotel Osaka - the absolute best luxury hotel in the Kita district
Check Imperial Hotel Osaka on

Imperial Hotel Osaka

Situated along the Okawa River renowned for beautiful cherry blossoms, Imperial Hotel Osaka is a prestigious 5-star hotel with elegant guest rooms, a fitness centre and various fine dining options. It is a 5-minute walk from JR Sakuranomiya Station, so staying here means quick and easy access to public transport in Osaka. 

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

S.Training Center Hotel

Situated near the Osaka Station, Training Center Hotel is the perfect location for those who wish to enjoy Kita district but also travel all around Osaka for various tourist attractions. This is a mid-range hotel in the centre of the touristic hotspot.

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

ibis Osaka Umeda

First-time visitors who are on a budget and still wish to stay in Kita should rent a room at the Ibis Osaka Umeda. The property is 1.2 miles from Umeda Sky Building and 1.2 miles from Kuchu Teien Observatory. 

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

Minami - Where To Stay In Osaka for shopping

Minami is a huge and vibrant shopping, dining and entertainment district just South of Central Osaka. It is home to the colourful Dotombori, a great place for tourists and street food. Minami encompasses two districts: Shinsaibashi and Namba.

Namba City is where Osakans go for a great night out. For shopping lovers, this is a great place to stay as the district is filled with shopping centres, department stores and fashionable boutiques.

There are lots of things to do in Minami, including the already mentioned Dotombori, Midosuji for shoppers, Hozenji Yokocho (a traditional alley which is lovely for night photos) and several shopping streets.

If you wonder where to stay in Osaka, you might want to consider Minami if you are after an epic night out, you love being in the middle of a vibrant city and enjoy experiencing a large variety of things to do.

There are plenty of hotels in this area for all kinds of budgets. Note, that the hotel rooms in central Osaka are smaller than outside of the centre, like the Bay Area or Shin Osaka.

Much like Kita, Minami is a great location for first-time visitors to Osaka, who not only want restaurants, bars and attractions but want nightlife and shopping too.

The most visited street in Osaka is Dotombori. Staying in Minami means being walking distance to the street food in Dotombori with its famous crab and octopus restaurants as well as okonomiyaki and takoyaki snacks.

For fashion lovers and young adults, visit the Shinsaibashi shopping district Amerikamura (America Town) is a small area with many cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs. The town also called the "Harajuku of Osaka" is the centre of youth culture in Osaka, surrounding the Sankaku Koen Park.

Staying in Minami is practical for tourists interested in the geeky Japanese culture. Minami is home to Denden Town, an area similar to Tokyo's Akihabara Electric Town and it's filled with large department stores and small, independent shops selling all kinds of electronics components and speciality electrical goods. You can also find stores selling manga comics, anime cosplay costumes, and collectable models and figures.

The two main shopping streets are the Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street and Doguyasuji Shopping Street, both covered streets with countless stalls selling everything from food to clothes and more. If you are after tasty street food, you can find vendors selling Takoyaki, Tako Tamago, yakitori and other delicious foods.

After a long day of shopping, it's time to find spiritual enlightenment in one of the many shrines and temples in Minami. The Hozenji Yokocho Temple and Namba Yasaka Shrine are popular with tourists because of their unusual building style.

Minami means staying in the centre of Osaka, with everything you can wish for is just walking distance (or a couple of subway stations) away from your accommodation.

St. Regis Osaka - one of the most luxurious and best hotels in Minami for shopping enthusiasts
Check St. Regis Osaka on

St. Regis Osaka

Located in the heart of Osaka's Midosuji area, the 5-star St. Regis offers its signature butler service, an exquisite decor with touches of traditional Japanese aesthetics. Stay here for proximity to shops, evening entrainment and lots of restaurants.

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

Daiwa Roynet Hotel Osaka-Yotsubashi

Daiwa Roynet Hotel Yotsubashi is located right next to Orix Stadium and a 3-minute walk from Yotsubashi Subway Station. Stay in this property if you want to be right in the heart of Minami with access to all amenities in the district.

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

04village Namba

Opened in March 2017, 04village Namba is a guest house in Osaka. The guest house is a 5-minute walk from Ebisucho Station. The shower and toilet facilities are shared making this property more affordable for budget tourists who want to spend more on shopping and entertainment.

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

Honmachi - Where To Stay In Osaka for quiet seekers

Honmachi is essentially central Osaka. Honmachi is small, a quieter area between Minami and Kita. It doesn't have as many shopping and entertainment options, but it's very well connected to all the other neighbourhoods. Staying in Honmachi is a practical choice for visitors who wish to enjoy a quiet and calm night, but with quick walking access to either entrainment districts of Minami or Kita.

If you are on a budget and don't mind walking to either entertainment district, stay in Honmachi because it is usually cheaper than the two other districts, Minami and Kita.

There is good access to subway and trains from Hommachi Station and a direct link to Osaka Station, so you will never be too far from tourist attractions around the city.

Remember there is not much to do around here, the point is to have a quieter base for a good night sleep, within walking distance from both Minami and Kita. However, as Honmachi is an office district, there are many restaurants and bars with great food located in the area. After a long day of exploring Osaka, returning to Honmachi for some hot ramen and delicious teppanyaki is a real treat.

If you are on a budget, then Honmachi might be the right choice for you. But you are walking distance from both Kita and Minami. You can even walk to Osaka Castle, which is roughly 30 mins away.

Close to your accommodation is the Namba Shrine is a small Shinto Shrine nestled between the tall office buildings of Honmachi. Separated from the busy city by it's tall, grey walls, Namba Shrine is a nice reminder that the old can exist within the new.

Honmachi is a quiet district which is good news if you visit Osaka for business or just prefer to party during the evening and withdraw to a quiet location for the night. There are accommodation options for all budgets. Here are our hand-picked hotel options.

Hilton Osaka Hotel - stay here for a quiet and calm night in Osaka
Check Hilton Osaka Hotel on

Hilton Osaka Hotel

Located in the vibrant commercial and shopping district right around Umeda Station and Grand Front Osaka shopping mall, Hilton Osaka Hotel offers quiet rooms for tourists interested in a gentle night. This is a recommendation for luxury travellers who want to stay in between Kita and Minami.

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

MOXY Osaka Honmachi by Marriott

MOXY Osaka Honmachi by Marriott provides mid-range rooms for tourists who wish to be located in a quiet district but walking distance from plenty of restaurants and dining options.

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

Guesthouse Sun

Guesthouse Sun is situated only a minute's walk from Sakuragawa Station. You are close to public transport in order to visit all the main attractions around Osaka. Americamura is also just a 10-minute walk away, while the Horie area is around a 5-minute walk away. The rooms are equipped with a shared bathroom, making this an ideal accommodation for budget travellers.

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

Shin Osaka - Where To Stay In Osaka for day trips

Shin Osaka is the place to be if you want to do day trips from Osaka to the surrounding areas. It's also just a 10-minute subway ride from other vibrant areas like Kita and Minami. There are plenty of shops and restaurants and you have connections to all major urban hubs in Osaka. You can find reasonably priced hotels here, making Shin-Osaka an overlooked place to stay for visitors.

Consider getting a hotel room in Shin Osaka if you are planning on taking day trips from Osaka. Shin Osaka has direct access to the Shinkansen, connecting Osaka with Kobe, Himeji and Hiroshima on the South and Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo on the North.

If you don't mind taking the subway when you want to explore other parts of Osaka, this is a great neighbourhood. It takes about 20 mins to Osaka Castle, and 15 mins to Kita and Minami.

There is not a lot to do in Shin Osaka apart from exploring the Shin Osaka Train Station. To get to the more interesting parts of Osaka, take the Midosuji Subway Line towards Osaka Station, where you will find shops, restaurants and entertainment for tourists.

There are, however, a lot of great budget restaurants in the Shin Osaka area. For delicious eel, try Unagiya a traditional unagi (eel) restaurant. If you are after ramen, Ramen Uroko will serve you the perfect ramen every time.

With limited accommodation options, Shin Osaka is great if you just wish to visit Osaka for a night or two before heading to another destination. Here are our carefully selected accommodation options for you.

Courtyard by Marriott Shin-Osaka Station accommodation for day trippers
Check Courtyard by Marriott Shin-Osaka Station on

Courtyard by Marriott Shin-Osaka Station

If you wish to stay next to Shin Osaka in style, Courtyard by Marriott Shin-Osaka Station boasts rooms furnished with modern interior. Rooms are located on the 14th-18th floors, offering beautiful city views, so you can admire how gorgeous Osaka is from above.

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

Shin-Osaka Station Hotel

Shin-Osaka Station Hotel is the perfect hotel for transit visitors or day-trippers in Osaka. This hotel was specially created for those who need a mid-range room with great amenities by the main shinkansen station.

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

remm Shin-Osaka

Offering direct access to JR Shin Osaka Train Station, Remm Shin-Osaka offers modern contemporary rooms at affordable prices. Stay at this property if you need quick access to the shinkansen, but note that the hotel is located around 50 min walk from Kita.

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

Tennoji - Where To Stay In Osaka for budget-friendly places

Just a short subway ride away from Namba, you will find the colourful, upcoming district of Tennoji. It is home to the Abeno Harukas, a 300-metre tall tower with an observational deck. There are lots of new restaurants and shops in the area. Don't forget to spend some time around the Shinsekai retro area.

Tennoji is a great place to stay in Osaka if you are interested in slightly cheaper hotels and budget options. This area is becoming a lot more popular with tourists, thanks to its proximity to the Osaka Castle. There is a lot to see in this area. Tennoji is a retro neighbourhood, which is being re-discovered by locals and tourists alike, now home to new restaurants and dining options.

The most recommended part of Tennoji to stay in is the Shinsekai neighbourhood. This slowly disappearing area used to be home to an entertainment district with all the funky and weird of the ‘old' Japan. Take the elevator to the top floor of the 300-metre tall Abeno Harukas Skyscraper and marvel at the panoramic views of Osaka and Kobe. Don't forget to come back after sunset to see the night lights of the city.

Tennoji-koen Park and Tennoji Zoo are lovely green spaces and worth a visit, especially if you are staying in the area with your family.

Shitenno-ji Temple is regarded as the oldest Buddhist Temples in Japan. Sadly the temple has been reconstructed in the ‘60s. Even so, the pagoda and some of the side buildings provide a glimpse at the temples former look.

For budget travellers, Tennoji is the right place to find accommodation for you. However, just because there are several budget options around, it doesn't mean you can't find a hotel to splurge on. Worry not, Tennoji is close to attractions and in just a few subway stations you can find yourself in the heart of colourful Osaka.

Hotel Trusty Osaka Abeno - affordable luxury accommodation in Tennoji
Check Hotel Trusty Osaka Abeno on

Hotel Trusty Osaka Abeno

At Hotel Trusty Osaka Abeno you can get affordable accommodation for those who wish to stay in the Tennoji area in Osaka. There is an on-site Japanese-style teppanyaki restaurant where the chef cooks the food on an iron plate in front of guests.

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

Tennoji Miyako Hotel

Tennoji Miyako Hotel offers comfortable rooms with complimentary mineral water, a TV, a fridge and an air purifier/humidifier. Stay here and go to the sky lounge which offers panoramic city views from the top floor.

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

Khaosan World Tennoji

Khaosan World Tennoji features Japanese-style rooms and dormitory rooms. Stay at this property for a budget-friendly option. The property has a drinks vending machine, shared kitchen and a lounge with tatami (woven-straw) flooring. There is also a foot bath at this hotel which you will love.

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

Osaka Castle Area - Where To Stay In Osaka for sakura season

Osaka Castle is one of the most tourist attractions in the city and the best place to stay in Osaka if you visit during the cherry blossom season. This is also the most zen part of Osaka where you walk, run and relax. There are lots of restaurants and shops nearby so you will never be too far from fun entertainment.

Osaka Castle area can be a cheaper accommodation option for visitors who don't mind taking the subway to other districts. You must absolutely stay at the Osaka Castle area if you visit during the sakura season. Trust us, we visited Osaka at the beginning of April and saw how incredible this place looks like in bloom.

If you fancy peace and quiet, want a large space for walks where you can also do your daily exercise, then Osaka Castle area is the place to be. It's also relatively quiet, not far from the vibrant districts. This area is just one kilometre away from the other Osaka's two districts, Kita and Minami.

The area is right by the beautiful Osaka Castle, which really looks stunning, especially during the Cherry Blossom Season. In the Castle, there is a museum, displaying the history of the Castle. Castle Park is a great place to relax and enjoy a quiet afternoon.

The Osaka Museum of History is just outside of the Castle grounds and it's a great place to learn about the 1350 years history of Osaka. By staying here you already have the main attractions at your doorstep!

There are some great places to try unagi (eel) at Nishihara, soba noodles at Shuhari and ramen at Menya Ageha restaurants.

We found great accommodation options just a stone throw away from the castle itself. It's a lovely area, and during the cherry blossom season, THIS is a must.

Hotel New Otani Osaka - stay here for a luxurious visit to Osaka during the cherry blossom
Check Hotel New Otani Osaka on

Hotel New Otani Osaka

Located right in front of Osaka Castle, Hotel New Otani offers spacious rooms and 13 dining options. The property is a 5-minute walk from shopping complex JO-TERRACE OSAKA. Rooms feature large windows with city or Osaka Castle views. This is by far the best accommodation option in Osaka during the sakura season.

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

Hotel the Lutheran

For a mid-range holiday, stay at the Hotel the Lutheran which is just 15 minutes walk from the entrance to the Osaka Castle. You have several shops around where you can find an array of snacks, as well as dining restaurants. 

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

Universal Studios - Where To Stay In Osaka to be close to Universal Studios

Universal Studio sure is a great reason to visit Osaka. You usually get bigger and cheaper rooms around Universal Studios plus you get to be very close to the main entertainment quarters. As with most parts in Osaka, the area has great infrastructure and great links to other districts around the city. This is definitely the place to be if you are travelling with children and are thinking about spending time at Universal Studios. You are just walking distance from Universal Studios, and it takes only 20 minutes on the subway to reach Namba.

If you wonder where to stay in Osaka, you might want to consider Universal Studios if you are travelling with kids and visiting Osaka mainly for Universal Studios.

There are several restaurants in the area so you will have plenty of places to sample epic Japanese food. As it is quite far from the centre itself, hotels are a little cheaper and the rooms are definitely bigger.

There are 9 zones in Universal Studios:

  • Hollywood
  • Universal Wonderland
  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • Amity Village
  • Waterworld
  • Jurassic Park
  • San Francisco
  • Minion Park
  • New York

As you would imagine, currently, the Harry Potter area is the most popular. Universal Studios is great entertainment for everyone. Most rides are family-friendly. Check the official website for more details and ticket prices here.

If you love the idea of spending time at the Universal Studios you can potentially get a theme accommodation right by the Studios. Your kids will love you for it! But of course, that means super expensive. There are plenty of options just around or a few subway stations away. Here are our carefully selected hotel recommendations.

Hotel Universal Port -  a great accommodation option for anyone interested in being close to the Universal Studios
Check Hotel Universal Port on

Hotel Universal Port

Hotel Universal Port is a 4-minute walk from Universal Studios and it offers a restaurant, a massage service and large rooms for visitors with kids. This is a great option for those who need to be in close proximity to Universal Studios.

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan TM

The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan is the newest official Universal Studios Japan hotel, situated within a minutes’ walk from the theme park gate. Both Universal City Station and the Universal City Walk Osaka are within a minutes’ walk from the property. This accommodation is not cheap but it's definitely very convenient for families with kids.

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

Hotel Keihan Universal Tower

Featuring S-PARK Spa with a sauna, jet bath and hot-spring baths with city views, Hotel Keihan Universal Tower is 350 yards from Universal Studios Japan. This is a great property not just for families but for couples who wish to take advantage of the spa after a whole day of fun rides at the Universal Studios. 

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

Osaka Bay Area - Where To Stay In Osaka for families

For visitors who want to enjoy a luxurious Osaka on a budget, the Osaka Bay area is the right place to stay in. Position yourself in the Osaka Bay Area if you are a couple or family travelling with kids and wish to enjoy a large hotel room for the same price as budget hotels in Kita.

When we first visited Osaka, we stayed in the Bay Area, close to Cosmo Square. This is because we found a well priced 4* hotel which promised a really large room and epic breakfast. It didn't disappoint.

However, by staying in the Osaka Bay Area means that nothing is walking distance away and there aren't many shopping or restaurant around here.

You do have the Aquarium, the Ferris Wheel and the Universal Studios nearby. To access the main entertainment quarters in Osaka, you have to take the subway to Kita or Minami. Osaka Bay Area is a beautiful and relaxing place, very quiet at night.

If you visit Osaka with your family, Osaka Bay area is a practical option. With larger rooms, you will have ample space to feel like you are on holiday and excellent public transport to key tourist areas in Osaka.

Often overlooked by tourists, Osaka Bay area is a great location for saving money while getting a more luxurious hotel room. It's great for tourists who want quick access to Universal Studios but without the large price tag.

Even if most tourist attractions are in Kita or Minami, you will still find plenty to do in Osaka Bay too. The Osaka Aquarium, for example, is an amazing experience. It's worth the visit just to see the majestic whale sharks. The Giant Ferris Wheel gives you a lovely panoramic view of the bay and the surrounding city.

Here are our handpicked hotels for the Osaka Bay area.

Hyatt Regency Osaka - one of the best hotels we stayed in at the Osaka Bay Area
Check Hyatt Regency Osaka on

Hyatt Regency Osaka

Staying at the Hyatt Regency Osaka will feel like a resort holiday. You won't even believe you are in Japan's second-largest city. With 5 different restaurants on-site, large rooms and close proximity to the Universal Studios, this is a great hotel for couples and families.

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

Quintessa Hotel Osaka Bay

Quintessa Hotel Osaka Bay features large rooms furnished with modern interior, a restaurant and free WiFi. The hotel operates a free shuttle to/from Universal Studios Japan which departs from the hotel. Shuttles to/from Osaka Station and the hotel are also available, making this hotel a practical accommodation for families with kids.

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

TOMARO Osaka Bay

Situated in Osaka, 900 yards from Tempozan Ferris Wheel, TOMARO Osaka Bay is a great budget-friendly accommodation option for families with kids. The hotel comes with a kitchenette so you can sometimes cook your own meals to save money while visiting Osaka.

Compare prices and read reviews, check:

Types of Accommodation in Osaka

Osaka is a large city and it offers hotels with price ranges to satisfy all budgets. Here's what to expect from each type of accommodation in Osaka

Ryokans in Osaka

Ryokans are the soul of Japan in our opinion. They usually have an onsen on-site and the house itself is a traditional Japanese inn made of wood. They look incredibly appealing and beautiful and usually offer full board included in the price. The downside of ryokans is their price tag and sometimes their location. As space is a luxury item in Japan, you won't find many ryokans in the centre of the city.

However, if you have a good connection, you can aim for a ryokan close to nature, and perhaps stay there for a couple of nights.

Hotels in Osaka

The most prefered and easiest way to get accommodation in Osaka. You can find a range of hotels from budget to luxury. As previously mentioned, you will probably be able to get better value for your room if you decide to stay a little further from the centre. It doesn't mean you have to compromise as public transport is ace in Japan.

Hotels are expensive in Japan and do expect to find small rooms. At least by Western standards. However, the rooms are usually very clean and they have private bathrooms.

Business Hotels in Osaka

They are cheap and reliable options for those who don't mind small hotel rooms for budget price tags. There are hotel rooms with a private bathroom and a double bed but also the famed capsule hotels. Capsule hotels are aimed at business travellers who need a place to stay for the night. They are spacious enough to feel comfortable and they have a separate (usually sparkling clean) shared a bathroom with showers. When staying in a capsule hotel or sharing a bathroom with others, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the Japanese etiquette.

Japanese Guesthouses in Osaka

Japanese guesthouses tend to be used by those interested in staying in Japan longer. They are sometimes referred to as foreigner houses and you can get a weekly or monthly contract here.

Japanese B&Bs in Osaka

These are similar to ryokans, but with fewer facilities and usually a lot cheaper. You will be normally hosted by a Japanese family. They usually have shared bathrooms so that's something to consider.

Vacation Rentals in Osaka

Vacation rentals are people's homes with cooking facilities. These are great if you want to stay in Japan a little longer and cook your own food. However, food in Japan is not expensive if you know where to look. You can get popular Japanese food for very good prices, in which case it's better to aim for cheaper accommodation and go out to eat. After all, Japan's is the world's kitchen.


Really excited you read our deeply researched guide on Osaka accommodation. We now know that you understand how Osaka is structured and you are ready to find where to stay in Osaka for your upcoming vacation.

We explained where to stay in Osaka based on your travel styles and budget, and listed our carefully picked hotels to satisfy all budgets. We researched all the information in this guide while we were in Osaka ourselves. We are also the first travel blog to write in-depth articles about Japan!

Want to learn more Osaka? Check out how to enjoy an Osaka itinerary or the best things to do in Osaka for first-time visitors. Don't forget to check the best things to do in Japan or the best places to visit in Japan. You'll love your trip, we promise!

Planning more trips around Japan? Read more about where to stay in Tokyo or where to stay in Kyoto to better plan your trip.

Now that you decided which accommodation to get in Osaka, let us know what you picked and why. For any questions and comments, please use the comments section below.

We wish you a wonderful stay in Osaka.

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