What to see in Bratislava (An insanely colourful photo essay)

A photo essay about our trip to Bratislava. Our trip was sponsored by Visit Bratislava, but all thoughts and photos are our own.

It seems that nowadays, more often than not, we find ourselves meandering around empty airports after hours. Nothing is open, and the only people invading the building, are the passengers from the last flight for the night. We all look and act like a bunch of zombies aiming to go nowhere, but somehow, all of us manage to find our space in this new city. In a matter of minutes, we were boarding an old yellow taxi with sellotape around the mirrors to keep them in place. We barely heard the very chatty driver telling us about the city. We were too tired to registered anything, but we robotically kept on taking turns offering succinct replies which consisted of merely yes or no. 

The city looked flat and unusually dark. We expected a grey place, a gritty city with an unusual history and flaky walls. The driver stopped in front of our hotel and wished us good night. And a good night it was, until at around 5 in the morning we got woken up by the jovial sounds of the first tram of the day. The irritating screeches of the wheels touching the metal lines in the curves gave us the needed push to start the day as early as possible. A bit grumpy, we made our way to the breakfast room, where, after exactly one hour of good coffee and delicious food we were finally ready and excited to start exploring this new city. 

At the end of September, the morning weather in Bratislava was crisp. For a capital city, the air was unusually fresh. Just two minutes walk and the city started revealing to us. Unlike our imagination, Bratislava was not grey, but full of colour. Cobble streets lined with red and green buildings, dandy squares with ravishing palaces and inviting coffee and sweet shops: this was Bratislava. Each city corner revealed a new establishment waiting to serve you either an artisanal product or a culinary experience of a lifetime. Ambulant sellers strategically occupy the most prevalent spots in the main squares, attracting travellers interested in supporting the small, local businesses. 

Bratislava was not grey, nor gritty, but a charming little place, full of life and new opportunities. If you are wondering what to do in Bratislava, we invite you to have a look at our photo essay below and get some inspiration. Don't forget to also check our informative guide on the things to do in Bratislava. 

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