A review of VIVID at the Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin

VIVID - a show about celebrating love and life

Vivid Grand Show

Would you rather be an android that enjoys the perfection of the binary world or stay human and discover the overwhelming beauty of things we often overlook? Who can you be? This is the premise of VIVID the Grand Show at Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin. We decided to find out what's our true ID by immersing ourselves in a true hypersensuous journey of self-discovery and a declaration of love to life. What we discovered, left us speechless.

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A declaration of love to life

The story starts when R’eye is separated from her father and transformed into an android – half human, half machine. In a way, we all see ourselves in what R'eye is experiencing. We start as curious children who are then shaped up by the world around us... conditioned by external factors. As we immerse in the binary world we realise the importance of structure which is there to enhance our capabilities, yet chips away from the freedom we yearn for. Shouldn't we go back to the beginning and try to rediscover the amazing, colourful world we live in? Shouldn't we embark on an adventure of rediscovery which allows us to find our true identity?

This is VIVID, the latest Grand Show at the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin. Click to book your tickets.

VIVID Trailer

What to expect

It's been reviewed as "The best show to ever be seen on this stage" by Berliner Zeitung, "The must-watch show of this lifetime" by Singapore Airlines and "Absolutely perfect" by Irish Times. We think VIVID is an incredible combination of elegant, colourful and flawless. VIVID is a celebration of art created for the 21st-century audience: with music, dance, visuals and magic. Think of VIVID as a sci-fi movie with epic special effects, translated into a show which happens in real time, in front of your eyes. A perfect fusion of circus, fashion, decadence, burlesque, comedy and light shows. It doesn't matter where you come from or what languages you understand, VIVID was created to speak the universal language of stunning visuals.

You will be amazed, amused, bewildered and breathless...all within 2,5 hours, and all from the comfort of your seat.

Vivid Grand Show

The costumes

Where do we begin? The costumes make the show. It's the little details which make a piece sensational. The butterfly, the orchid lady, the lily, all stunning designs. Philip Treacy is the design director and costume supervisor. He worked for Armani, Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren and Valentino. He has designed hats for Harry Potter and Sex and the City and has been named the British Accessory Designer of the Year five times. He has been awarded the Order by the Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ||.

Treacy managed to bring to life ordinary objects and make them beautiful and elegant. VIVID is not just a show, it's a grand show which showcases haute-couture at its finest.

Vivid Grand show costumes

[ Photo: Robert Grischek]

The music

Oh sweet melody, you know how to make us happy! The singing in VIVID is a show in itself, with happy songs which will make you want to clap your hands and dance to the beats. We are not sure if we loved Jungle Extravaganza or Funhouse the most. Jungle Extravaganza was an auditory show about the extraordinary world we live in, whilst Funhouse was an ode to our inner weird, sort of like a Moulin Rouge Show, just even more spectacular.

Vivid Grand Show music

[Photo: Nady El-Tounsy]

The visuals

We've been dreaming of seeing yet another Grand Show since The One, last year. We couldn't imagine anything could beat that show, yet VIVID managed to do so. The visuals are next level and there are some incredible visual tricks employed by the producers which make VIVID a masterpiece. From seeing incredible dancers own the stage, through phenomenal contortionists forming a tower of snakes, to indulging in sci-fi effects on screens...VIVID has us hooked. Everything was put together to create an ideal world: a VIVID world which you could (quite literally) only dream of.

Vivid Grand Show Visuals

[Photo: Brinkhoff/Mögenburg]

The light show

VIVID is to the shows, what Avatar was to the movie industry: a piece of imagination which was brought to life through colour, music and special light. Imagine seeing hats which change colour on the stage. Imagine seeing projections of flowers all around you. The light show was there to aid the visuals and complete the story. Not even a 3D movie full of special effects could match the perfection of VIVID.

Vivid Grand Show Lights

[Photo: Brinkhoff/Mögenburg]

The performance

Have you ever seen a real contortionist? How about seeing four contortionists forming a human tower or bending over double as they support their weight from biting on specially-designed support? Swaying creatures, dancing flowers, fallen angels and trapezists, all coming together to entertained all your senses. Imagine jumping ropes on moving double wheels. We've never seen anything more challenging before. VIVID brought together the finest circus acts and for hours we were left speechless, with moments when we quite literally, forgot to breathe out of excitement and anticipation.

Vivid Grand Show Performance

[Photo: Brinkhoff/Mögenburg]

Overall VIVID deserves all its glorious reviews. It truly is the one show which everyone should see in this lifetime. VIVID not only will challenge your imagination but will entertain all your senses. It's like seeing Ex-Machina, Alice in Wonderland and Avatar all in one, but taken to the next level of awesome. If you need one single absolute must do on your bucket list, look no further, VIVID Grand Show at Friedrichstadt-Palast is it.

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