Travel Inspiration Series Part XVII

Fancy travelling more but not too sure where to start? We decided to ask bloggers, photographers and writers from all around the world, to share with us what motivated them to start travelling. We want to inspire you to take the first step into becoming a world traveller. The wanderlust desire can start from watching a lovely documentary, reading an epic book, or remembering our parent's voice of reason. 

Grab a cup of tea, sit back, relax and let's get lost in a world full of wanderlust.

Deni from The Full Time Tourist - Travel Inspiration Story

Deni Travel Inspiration

"Growing up, I remember watching my cousin’s VHS copy of Mary Kate and Ashley Olson’s Passport to Paris and Winning London and thinking, I want to go there. And a few months later when the Lizzie McGuire Movie came to DVD, I immediately added Italy to my 6th grade bucket list.

I remember going onto the family computer at home and browsing Italy, London and Paris incessantly on a CD-ROM version of Britannica.

This was the era before my family had Internet.

And when dial-up service was finally installed, the world was truly my oyster. There were so many more countries my 12-year-old self hadn’t even heard about.

Thus began the ongoing “battle” with my parents at age 13: “I’m moving to Europe as soon as I turn 18!”

Traveling has always been ingrained in my DNA. Literally. My first-ever flight was when I was two months old, where I flew with my mom across Canada to New Brunswick to visit her family. At 11 months, I was on my first long-haul road trip driving from Edmonton, Alberta to Hood River, Oregon. So when I grew up and became curious about other countries, it was easy to see where it stemmed from.

Although I lived in Europe for a 7-week period, I still don’t feel like I’ve seen enough of the world. It’s been almost a decade since I vowed to move to Europe. Since then, I’ve added so many more countries to my travel bucket list. With every country I’ve visited, I’ve learned so much about different cultures, histories and people. And I’ve become infinitely more curious about other cultures, histories and people I have yet to meet.

The more I travel, the more I feel like I understand the world and its conflicts. The life experiences’ of others have informed my own understanding of the world, but it’s still a work in progress."

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Becky from Becky The Traveller  - Travel Inspiration Story

Becky Travel Inspiration

"Let me take you back a few years, ok more than a few years! Meet 10-year-old Becky, a quiet and shy girl. At school in the UK, we were doing a project on Australia. Learning all about this amazing country and the finale, so to speak was we were flying to Australia. Well not for real, but the virtual version! Kids have great imaginations!

One afternoon, we turned our school hall into an airport. We had made our own passports, there was a check in desk, the plane was set up, it was amazing, I was so excited. Sadly, some stupid boys were messing about, so much that our teacher cancelled the flight.  And that was the end of my Australia trip or so I thought.

Fast forward 22 years, ha ha yes I know what took me so long!  An opportunity arose to practice my aikido, (a Japanese martial art), in Australia. Of course, I wanted to go as soon as I heard about it. So after not much thought I booked a flight, eek I was really going. I combined my trip with travelling around Melbourne and Sydney, plus a few days stop off in Singapore on the flight home. 

It was truly had the best experience of my life. Staying in a hostel for the first time, visiting Philip Island to see the very cute little blue penguins and climbing Sydney harbour bridge. I had the best time and the travel bug was finally released. 

Now 8 years on and I've visited 42 countries. Travel is a massive part of my life and I wouldn't have it any other way."

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Kelly from Girl With The Passport - Travel Inspiration Story

Kelly Travel Inspiration

"Travel has always been an integral part of my soul. Since I was young, I always yearned to see what was beyond the next hill. That's why eventually, travel became as essential to me as air. It was simply something I had to do. But life got in the way, like it sometimes does, and I forgot about travel. At least for awhile.

Then my mother reminded me. She spoke of how much she longed to explore the history and culture of Rome, Italy. It was her life long dream to walk through the rooms of the Vatican at least once in her life. To which I replied, "Let's do it." 

So I made all the arrangements and booked a cruise around the Mediterranean so that my mom could finally fulfill her dreams. And we were almost there, a week away from the vacation of a lifetime. But then my mother and I both got sick, one right after the other. The only difference is that I got better and she didn't. While I recovered from my kidney infection, my mother passed away, a little over a year later, from stage four ovarian cancer. I could see the regret, disappointment, and bitterness in her eyes as she slowly realized that she would never get to walk the historic streets of Rome or indulge in the culinary magnificence of their pizza and pasta. 
This sight is what hurt me the most. Sure, it was difficult watching my mother disappear both mentality and physically, but the fact that she never got to live her dreams tortured me at my very core.  I never wanted that to be me, and so I vowed that day, as my mother gasped her last breath, that I would not suffer the same fate.

And that is why I travel. I travel not just to experience life, but to inspire others to follow their heart and never give up on their dreams. I want to travel for everyone who never got to. And when people look at me, I want them to realize that anything is possible, if you just let go of the fear and replace it with hope. But most importantly, I travel for my mom. I carry her forever in my heart so that somewhere out there, she can understand the joy and excitement that comes from discovering a culture for the very first time."

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If you want to share your what motivated you to start travelling, please get in touch with us! We are on a mission to inspire the world the travel more. Let's continue to find our travel inspiration...

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