Travel Inspiration Series Part XVI

We want to inspire you to travel more! This is why we decided to ask bloggers, photographers and writers from all around the world, to share with us what motivated them to start travelling. We have already cumulated so many wonderful stories and we want to continue to bring you the courage and inspiration you need to take the plunge! 

Grab a cup of tea, sit back, relax and let's get lost in a world full of wanderlust.

Cassandra from The Quirky Pineapple - Travel Inspiration Story

Cassandra Travel Inspiration Story

"When I was in my last year at college, I decided that I wanted to create a life of travel. I wanted to meet different people, visit different cities, and learn the customs and traditions of different cultures. That year, I applied to be a volunteer with the Alternative Break program at James Madison University, and was picked (by lottery!) to go to Guayaquil, Ecuador, for one week, to work with a school. It was the first time I'd traveled without my parents, and with a big group of people I didn't know. It was also my first time traveling to Ecuador and experiencing a country that is still developing. After that week volunteering, I was hooked with speaking a different language, meeting different people, and learning more than I could in a classroom setting. I always refer back to that trip as the motivation for why I decided to move to Spain for two years, and am still trying to make travel a bigger part of my life. The connections and friendships that traveling bring me is why I decided to start traveling even more!"

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Jessica from A Wanderlust For Life - Travel Inspiration Story

Jess Travel Inspiration Story

"I got lucky. Though the love of travel skipped a generation, my grandparents love to fly around and see new things. I was always a good kid and did well in school and for some reason, my grandparents thought that to reward me for this, they would take me on a river cruise through Europe. We started in Vienna and ended in Amsterdam. At 16 years old this was my first trip out of the country. My mom bought me a 5 year passport figuring if I needed a new one after that, I could buy it myself. Well, I’ve always had a valid passport since then because I can’t imagine life without it. 

That river cruise exposed me to more in 2 weeks that I seen in years. It’s crazy just what a new place can teach you about the world and about yourself. I was seriously hooked. My mother took me to Paris only six months later. In college, I took a course that took me abroad...and that is where my husband got hooked.

There we were. Two college kids sucked into traveling and wanting to live in Europe. It took almost 10 years, but we left everything in the United States and moved abroad to Amsterdam to travel Europe as much as possible. 

We are constantly learning and growing as we explore the many countries around us. Traveling is my definition of freedom, but I feel it also makes me more of a critical thinker which I feel we should all strive to be. To be exposed to so many people, cultures, foods, and landscapes is invigorating. While we don’t have the desire to travel full-time, we hope to never stop exploring and travel as much as possible."

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Kyntra from Married With Fernweh - Travel Inspiration Story

Kyntra Travel Inspiration Story

"When I was 19 I studied abroad for one month in Sevilla, Spain. I wasn't incredibly excited to go and I was nervous about being somewhere unfamiliar. I had fun, enjoyed living with a local, and was able to see a lot of Spain and Portugal in that month. I didn’t truly appreciate it though. When I returned home, as I was looking at the pictures and processing that month out of the states; I realized that I had squandered that time. I didn't appreciate the culture or spend my time wisely. Instead of talking to locals or people watching or getting to know other travelers as I like to do now I was on social media. Instead of exploring the city I would take siestas. I didn't go out at night with other students or let myself get lost. Looking back I so appreciate and love that time that I was able to spend in another country, on a different continent. I only wish I had possessed a different mindset. I wish I had embraced being uncomfortable. Ever since I returned home I have experienced fernweh; I miss what I haven't seen. Going abroad was a way for me to see that I have a passion that I never knew existed. Now I am constantly trying to fulfill that. Travel has become a part of my life; not a dream or a goal, but a consistent part of who I am."

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If you want to share your what motivated you to start travelling, please get in touch with us! We are on a mission to inspire the world the travel more. Let's continue to find our travel inspiration...​

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