Travel Inspiration Series Part XV

This year we are on a mission to motivate you to travel more. We want to help you find the travel inspiration you need so you can pack your bags and go explore this wonderful world. We created this epic series where we asked photographers, bloggers and travellers to share with us what made them start an endless adventure. 

Grab a cup of tea, sit back, relax and let's get lost in a world full of wanderlust.

Cali from Cali On The Go - Travel Inspiration Story

Travel Inspiration Series Cali

"I often considered myself to be a vacation girl. I had always been motivated to take vacation. This is inherent in our blood. You work, you earn vacation, you spend vacation, rinse and repeat. I had gone on incredible trips to Costa Rica, South Africa, Japan, Peru, but it wasn’t until my vacation to Australia that I finally saw the light. While part of a course to obtain my scuba diving certification, I quickly learned that the rest of the class had quit their jobs and were traveling long term. What? People do this?

I spent the next three months letting this concept marinate in my brain, researching where I could go, and reading travel blogs about those who were living my passion. I quickly became obsessed with the world and the places I had yet to visit. I developed such anxiety after calculating my inability to see everything I wanted to see in a lifetime with only three weeks of vacation annually. Just three short months later, in May of 2015, I joined the ranks of those who quit their jobs to travel the world. I felt so brave and free to finally step into the unknown and I haven’t looked back since."

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Meg from Meander With Meg - Travel Inspiration Story

Meander with Meg Travel Inspiration Series

"In my third year at university in England I took part in a study abroad exchange programme. This saw me boarding my first international flight alone at the age of twenty to study in Los Angeles, California. I'd studied English literature at school and in my seventeen year old wisdom when applying for university courses figured that American literature sounded more exciting because it originated from a different country. 

Little did I know what a life changing decision I was making.

Although I was nervous about travelling alone, I remember sitting next to two older Californian ladies on the plane. They looked me up and down and declared that as I looked like an American teenager I would fit in just fine, then admonished me for not packing an umbrella because when it rains it rains in Cali. 

Over the course of the year it was as if I shed an old skin. 

I adored my new surroundings, making new friends from all over the world and learning more about American history, culture and politics. As the academic year drew to an end I hitched on my backpack and embarked on my first backpacking trip through the US by train. I walked the length and breadth of cities such as San Francisco, Chicago and Boston.

The independence and confidence I gained in that year was invaluable. It turned my world into a viable place of discovery, not just for the countries I could visit but for learning more about myself.

At twenty-six I couldn't resist the call of the unknown any longer. I packed in my office job and I have spent the past four years working and travelling in Australia and New Zealand. Life without travel for me is now unimaginable and I spend my days dreaming up the next adventure. "

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Bryony from travelsandmore - Travel Inspiration Story

Bryony What Motivated you to start travelling

"Growing up in what felt like a bubble was my first true inspiration to start travelling I had that yearning to leave behind my small home and experience something more. Being from a small close-knit community where everyone is the same and everyone is expected to do the same was probably my first subconscious motivation to explore. That, and of course, a burning wanderlust and curiosity to see the world. 

I'd always been interested in history and culture from young age. I was probably interested in culture far earlier than most children. Perhaps my well-travelled grandparents played a part in that. At 7 years old I met my Grandads Maori family, his father had left for New Zealand and remarried a local lady. My grandparents became frequent visitors of Australia and New Zealand and as a child they would tell me tales of long plane journeys and places they hoped I'd get to see. I was given gifts and sent postcards of faraway shores and strange scenery. I was so captivated by the idea of somewhere different and the concept of someplace new. 

As soon as I was old enough I booked my first trip - a typically British girls holiday to a Spanish party island at  the age of 16. From my first solo plane journey to the Balearics I was bitten. I spent my first Summer away from my family in Tuscany, Italy at 18 and I have never looked back.

The appeal of doing something outside of the norm like my grandparents had all those years ago inspired me and I was obsessed with the freedom that travel gave me. After my first Summer spent in Italy I fell in love with everything that exploring could teach me and after each trip I'd share stories with my grandparents and family as they had once done with me. 

Before my Grandads passing he told me that if he was well enough he’d follow me around the world and that’s something that I take with me on every adventure I go on. From the pacific coast of Peru to the small Maltese island of Gozo and every trip in between, my main motivation to travel is everyone that has inspired me and everyone I will in turn inspire to travel."

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If you want to share your what motivated you to start travelling, please get in touch with us! We are on a mission to inspire the world the travel more. Let's continue to find our travel inspiration...

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