Travel Inspiration Series Part XII

We are on a mission to motivate you to travel more. This is why we created the Travel Inspiration Series on our blog, where we asked bloggers, travellers and photographers to share with us their story behind what made them start an endless adventure. 

Grab a cup of tea, sit back, relax and let's get lost in a world full of wanderlust.

Trisha from P.S. I'm On My Way - Travel Inspiration Series

Trisha Travel motivation series

"In my younger years, I realised that I am different. I didn't like school. I mean, I tried but it didn't really liked me back. I was playing hooky all the time -- the energy and enthusiasm on learning in a boxed area killed me. I always wanted to pick up my learnings from experiences.

Where I am from, success is measured by having a diploma, getting a good job, getting married, getting a house (and a dog), having babies, getting higher paying job. I wasn't one of those people so I always wondered why are we required to live life in a chronological order? It was a shame that even if I didn't agree with the 'system,' I still went through it just because the people around me thought it was the right thing to do. 

But I've had enough. Even all my loved ones are in the Philippines, I gathered courage and said, "this is it. I'm leaving." I needed to find myself somewhere else. That courage lead me to travel South America. At first, it was difficult to be very far from home but as time passed by, I realised it was easy to travel -- so easy that I stayed there for 3 years. I focused on learning how they cook, speak, eat and sleep. Today, I am fluent in Spanish and can cook very well. My mom was even surprised I can fry an egg properly! I also became fluent in Spanish and this is something I never thought I would be capable of.

That trip in South America led me to never stop traveling. I surely miss being home but I will never regret the way I chose to live my life. Even though I didn't finish University, this is the best education I will receive -- and it will never stop. To travel means and endless journey of learning."

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Amy Stark from A Traveling Broad  - Travel Inspiration Series

Amy Stark A traveling board

"Growing up, I didn’t get to travel much. Our family trips were either to my grandparents’ homes in northwestern Pennsylvania (a grueling 5-1/2 hour drive in a car full of 5 restless kids and 2 parents); to The National Mall or one of the free museums in Washington, DC; or to Ocean City, Maryland, for our annual family vacation. I’m the 4th of 5 children, so I totally get how expensive it must’ve been for my parents to feed and clothe 5 kids. Still, I thought there’s got to be more!

My first trip out of the country led me to Guadeloupe, a group of islands in the southern Caribbean. Its 2 largest islands resemble a butterfly and feature very different ecosystems: Grande-Terre Island has long beaches and sugarcane; Basse-Terre Island is very lush and boasts a tropical rainforest, a black sand beach, and the volcano La Grand Soufrière. That trip left me wanting to travel more.

So far, my travels have taken me to places throughout the U.S. and Canada; all over Israel, Italy, and France; as well as Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and Mexico, but I have plans to see much, much more. The next places I am planning on exploring include Croatia, Greece, Ireland, and the Galapagos Islands.

Over the years, my innate curiosity about the world has evolved into a bad case of wanderlust. When I feel restless, a quick weekend away usually helps, but I prefer longer trips."

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Vishal from TravelFolio - Travel Inspiration Series

Vishal Travel Inspiration Series

"T = The
R = Real
A = Adventure
V = Vishal
E = Ever
L = Loved

Is travel. But why Travel? Why not reading? How come not sports? What is the real reason behind Travel? I have a short story to share with you.

The story is that from a young age I started traveling domestic with my father due to his work. By the time I grew up, I lost the shining of travel due to studies, friends and family etc. However after graduating (B. Sc. Physical Education) I realized being a PE or a sports related professional is not my passion. And chances are I will suck at it.

So right after graduation, I moved my career path to travels. Started working with a small travel agency in New Delhi, India. It is then when I received a break to work for KLM Airlines. NorthWest Airlines joined hands with KLM and together they joined hands with me and my travel career started in a field I was and am passionate about.

After moving to North America, I realized it is not easy to feed 4 of us with an Airlines income, so I started working in Finance. Always felt there was a void and decided to start a travel blog so that Travel remained a big part of my life.

Morale of the story is, I can be out of travel but travel can't be out of me."

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If you want to share your what motivated you to start travelling, please get in touch with us! We are on a mission to inspire the world the travel more. Let's continue to find our travel inspiration...​​


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I really want to go to South America this year! Thanks for re-inspiring me! hahahaha

Not a problem. I'm glad these talented bloggers who shared their stories inspired you further. Have fun in South America!

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