Travel Inspiration Series Part IX

We are on a mission to inspire the world to start travelling more. Thus, we created The Travel Inspiration Series where we asked bloggers, travellers and photographers to share their passion for travels with us. We wanted to know what motivated them to start their endless adventure. 

Grab a cup of tea, sit back, relax and let's get lost in a world full of wanderlust.

Derek from No Hanging Around - Travel Inspiration Story

Derek Travel Inspiration Story

"You know, my story is pretty personal but it’s out in the open now and led me to become a full time travel blogger with my own online business. Stressed, depressed and entirely miserable with who I was becoming, I walked out of my job one morning in Dublin, Ireland and stood next to the river asking myself what could I do to change things. It was a big question, and it deserved a big answer.

You may not believe this right now but at that very moment, I grabbed my coat, told the manager I was leaving and just walked home. Once there, I booked a flight and exactly one week later I was in Cape Town, South Africa looking for a second hand bicycle. Truth is, I had become very self-destructive since both of my parents died a few years previously and knew it was finally time to change this and most especially, to face up to the acute anxieties which had all but ruined my life.

I had no cycling experience so this may sound even more bizarre but I had always wanted to see Africa in the most primitive way without the traffic, mobile phones and civilization that was ruining it so a bicycle seemed quite apt. But then I also felt that a genuine challenge would somehow allow me to start addressing my negative traits and put them right again.

It took one year to ride a bicycle across Africa and after numerous radio, newspaper and television interviews, I decided it was time to become a full time travel blogger before also going on to become an Adventure Tour Leader in Africa."

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Vanessa from The Island Drum - Travel Inspiration Story

Vanessa Travel Inspiration Story

"Why did I start traveling? As much as I would love to say I quit my job to travel the world like a boss, the truth is my travels are predominantly the silver lining after effect of a disastrous career move.  Having adventurously quit my job in a United States hospital to take a similar job in exotic Singapore, I found myself seven months later with the ultimatum of resigning or not getting paid. At the time, I was young enough to care what people thought of me and the fact that I had somehow failed at my career was a serious blow to my self esteem. I’d like to think I found a sense of balance through my inevitable post overseas-employment travels. Discovering the positive side of other cultures in the region has helped my wounded ego heal as well as myself grow and understand the world a little bit better. I have not yet returned to Singapore to face my past demons, but it is on my list of things-to-do."

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Kelsy from Journey Eat Repeat - Travel Inspiration Story

Kelsy Travel Inspiration Story

"My first traveling experience was a cross-country family road trip in a motor home. Along the way we hit national parks from Pennsylvania to California. As a ten year old girl in 2003, I had no idea what the trip would instill in me in the future. My grandparents, mother, younger sister and I boarded our traveling home excited for the next 3 weeks of memories to be made.

My fondest memory was becoming a junior ranger at Yellowstone National Park (NP) and Grand Tetons NP. To this day I still have the badges I had received 13 years ago from these parks. Steaming geysers and snowy cliffs in the middle of July were just the beginning of intrigue.
Every sunrise my grandparents would take a morning stroll with their coffee. One morning I tagged along on a path that ran parallel to a nearby river. We stopped and sat on a large rock cemented in the river. Enjoying the warmth down our throats, fresh breeze across our faces and the sound of a flowing river trickling over everything in its path all while admiring the sun rise in the east. Sunrises and camping along the way gave a satisfaction of embracing nature.

Our final destination arrived too quickly. We were all excited to see my uncle and explore some of California with him. Enormous trees were everywhere, especially at Sequoia NP. I couldn’t believe my eyes! As I curiously observed much more than I will ever remember it will still be one of my doting memories.

Unforgettable sites were seen as well as memories made along the thousands of miles travelled. I give credit for my love of traveling to this first crazy adventure I shared with my family. I knew from then on I needed to see more."

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If you want to share your what motivated you to start travelling, please get in touch with us! We are on a mission to inspire the world the travel more. Let's continue to find our travel inspiration...​

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