Travel Inspiration Series Part IV

We want you to discover the world and travel more, hence we created the Travel Inspiration Series. Join us on an endless adventure and find out what motivated bloggers, travellers and photographers to start their journey. 

Grab a cup of tea, sit back, relax and let's get lost in a world full of wanderlust.

Colleen from Ad-lib - Travel Inspiration Story

Travel Inspiration Story Colleen

"My first international holiday was in 1991, aged five years old; my parents, sister and I took a flight with British Airways from Gatwick Airport, London to Jamaica. I’d never flown on a plane before, but I still remember the novelty of the seats, my parents keeping us occupied for the duration of the flight and working to contain our excitement at such an experience.

I often recall vague memories of the trip; the warmth of the sunshine, the opportunity to walk bare-footed (as was the way) around my Grandparents yard whilst trying new food, making new friends and growing accustomed to understanding the pace and fluidity of patois (pronounced ‘pat-wah’), the English-based Creole language of Jamaica.

All of this contributed to my passion for travel. I’ve always grown up in a Jamaican household in the ever-diverse city of Birmingham UK, but the overseas trip put it into perspective just how different the experience of the actual country can be.

The thirst to experience this, on my own terms, stayed with me as I grew. I’ve always had a curious outlook and enjoying the social aspect of meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and embracing the differences that make us… human.

My quest to travel has grown substantially. In 2010 and aged 25 years old, I moved from Birmingham to London and had increased opportunities to travel – with four London-based airports there is always a good flight deal available.

Living and working in such a busy city meant that I actively sought opportunities to getaway, clear my mind and enjoy a change of scene, all the time growing and learning more about myself and the diverse world around me. I’ve been fortunate to have travelled to more than 30 countries since moving to London and the quest just makes me keep wanting to explore the world even more - the wanderlust is far from over."

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Maria from MariaAbroad - Travel Inspiration Story

Travel Inspiration Story Maria Abroad

"My love for travel was ignited by my Dad. Thanks to him and my family, I have been traveling all over Europe and the US since I was a little kid. I am forever grateful for instilling this Wanderlust in me. When I was 3, my family went on an epic 6 week RV adventure in the US and many more exciting vacations followed after that.

My dad has always had an adventurous spirit. He traveled to England solo for the first time when he was only 15 and is still going strong at 75. His favorite country in the world is the US, so since I moved here 10 years ago, he comes to visit me every chance he gets and we explore together.

He always told me about his travels and adventures when I was a little girl, so when I asked him to go on my own adventures, he encouraged and supported me all the way. When I was 15, I did my first solo trip to Los Angeles and at 16, I moved to the US by myself for a High School exchange year. My Dad gave me the confidence to travel by myself and explore the world.

Thanks Dad for inspiring me to keep traveling and never lose my sense of adventure. "

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Craig from Vagabond Disposition - Travel Inspiration Story

Craig Travel Inspiration Story

"Growing up in sunny Florida, I became entranced with the sea at a very young age. The beauty of its rolling waves and puffy sea foam crests always amazed me, and long were the days when I would swim and play in the surf until sunset. Its vastness astounded me, and by the age of twelve, the world and its infinite boundaries became something of total fascination. I remember scanning for hours on end the maps and globes at my school library, sounding out countless city names and capitals, my imagination alive with what these far-away destinations must be like. I would tear through travel books and marvel at all of these other worlds living inside the pages. I dreamt of one day hitting the road and discovering all that I’d seen and read about for so many years growing up.

That awe of our planet endured through my teenage years and into my young-adult life, until my dream finally became a reality! After I set out on my first trip, I knew my life had changed forever. Since then, I have wandered through Central and South America, roamed across Europe, and eventually landed in Southeast Asia, where I have lived and continued to travel the past few years."

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