Travel Inspiration Part VI

We want you to find the inspiration you need to travel more, hence we created The Travel Inspiration Series where we asked bloggers, travellers and photographers to tell us why they decided to enjoy an endless adventure.

Grab a cup of tea, sit back, relax and let's get lost in a world full of wanderlust.

Lina and David from Divergent Travelers - Travel Inspiration Story

Lina David Travel Inspiration Story

"David and I have always loved to travel. For me, it started in 2001 when I was 18 and took my first trip to the Dominican Republic. It wasn't your conventional beach resort trip, instead I went to visit one of my best friends from my senior class, a foreign exchange student. Her family lives in Santo Domingo, so shortly after graduating I left the USA for the first time to stay in her home and see Santo Domingo from a locals perspective. It changed my life and I've been traveling ever since. 

In 2010, we spent our honeymoon backpacking through Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia where we met people that were full time travelers. This ignited a strong desire to see the world and leave behind the life we had grown accustomed to. Fast forward to February 2014 and we had sold everything we owned to pursue our passion of travel. Call it self-discovery, call it curiosity. Whatever it was, it just felt right. We haven't looked back and have no regrets about following our hearts."

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Lynn from Sweater Giraffe Travels - Travel Inspiration Story

Lynn Travel Inspiration Story

"I’m the daughter of immigrants, which means that I was raised as a pretty global gal. My parents left Korea in the 90s to find a better life for themselves and their future children. Hey, that’s me!

Ironically, I didn’t love traveling for a long time, even though the first five or six years of my life were basically spent being shuffled between different relatives in Canada and the States. One of my last trips before The Big Trip was to Thailand and Korea with my mom, and I absolutely hated it. I was six years old, didn’t yet understand the concept of jet-lag, and spent most of my time crying into my mom’s lap.

That kind of killed traveling for me for a while. I had absolutely no desire to go overseas again until I turned sixteen and took a pilgrimage.

Okay, not really. In actuality, my parents sent me to Korea for a month to live in a Buddhist temple, citing ’attitude problems.’ Amongst other things.

At first, it was pretty much hell. I was an outsider everywhere—a Korean girl who barely spoke Korean, and an American girl who didn’t fit in with the twenty-and-thirty-something white Anglophones who were looking for a trendy temple stay vacation. Yet somehow, that experience turned my life around. I came back healthier than ever [NOT FOR LONG] and with a sudden burning wanderlust. The fact that I had survived that experience and made something out of it, learned something, made me feel invincible.

Since then, I cleaned up my act, started a travel blog, successfully graduated high school, and moved to France—so far, the best decision of my life. Three languages, three continents, and a couple billion photos later, and I'm no longer that cynical little kid with an attitude problem. "

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Jelena from Ginger in Montenegro - Travel Inspiration Story

Jelena Travel Inspiration Story

"I am a writer, endlessly in love with the road and poetry.

This is exactly the way I live. Traveling by following verses Discovering by creating.

I found the way to merge two of my greatest loves into one that makes me what I am at the moment. And at this moment I am alive. So alive.

The story for my second novel was born in me almost two years ago, after the first one was published, but writer’s block happened and I felt like I have to do what I love the most to get inspired. That’s how my first solo trips began.

But after that, roaming and searching for a home for my stories felt like the right thing to do .. forever. Travelogue and travel poetry are food for my soul and all I can do is feed it. Cause, that soul.. that’s all I have.

I have started to travel because I needed strength, not only to create, but to be happy and present. To be myself. On the road I have found everything I was looking for, it made me write. It made me complete."

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If you want to share your what motivated you to start travelling, please get in touch with us! We are on a mission to inspire the world the travel more. Let's continue to find our travel inspiration...

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