Travel Inspiration Part V

Are you in need of some motivation to travel the world? We created The Travel Inspiration Series where we asked bloggers, travellers and photographers to tell us what incited them to start their round the world journeys. Join us on an endless adventure.

Grab a cup of tea, sit back, relax and let's get lost in a world full of wanderlust. 

Kaspars from We Are From Latvia - Travel Inspiration Story

Kaspars Travel Inspiration Series

"Curiosity won in our situation.

It was February 2012. I was 25, my girlfriend was 21, and we had never been abroad. We had never even talked about it. Until that one day, when conversation about travelling abroad arose. Maybe we also could go on a trip somewhere? I have heard, that now thanks to Ryanair it's possible to travel all over Europe very cheap, I said to Una. It could be interesting, is what she answered. 

But we had no travel experience back then. We didn't even know what you do at the airport and what's the difference between carryon and checked baggage. We had never booked a plane ticket and we had no experience with hotels and vacation rentals.

Long story short - it didn't stop us, we did a research, read a lot and few months later we went on a self organized trip to Portugal. One month after that - to Berlin. We celebrated New Year in Istanbul and walked one part of Camino de Santiago in Spain the following spring. We wanted more. And so we went on a 5 month cycling trip across India. Where are we now? Still roaming around the world."

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Megan and Mike Jerrard from Mapping Megan and Waking Up Wild - Travel Inspiration Story

Megan and Mike Snowboarding in Peru Travel Inspiration Story

"Solo travelers who met on the road and now travel together as a couple, Mike and I started traveling for the same reasons. For us, travel has always been about seeking the feeling of truly being alive. Mixed with adventure, excitement, and the escape from monotony, the combination of which truly ignited our passion for travel and motivated us to hit the road. 

We realized that seeing the world in living color far surpassed settling for watching it on a television screen or reading about it in a book. After growing up with influences like David Attenborough, and a weekly subscription to National Geographic Magazine, we were itching to feel, taste, and experience the world instead of settling for the version we would read about in books or see on the TV screens. 

I started really traveling in 2007 after I graduated high school. Not content with starting university straight away I took a Gap Year and worked in a UK boarding school as a teaching assistant. With 17 weeks holiday this was the perfect set-up to explore all of Europe!  When I returned to Australia and started University I wasn't happy accepting that reality mean't I couldn't continue to travel. I knew the life I wanted to live involved traveling and experiencing as much of the world as possible, and so I used absolutely every excuse and opportunity you can think of to travel!

Despite finishing out my 5 years of university, Mike and I decided not to pursue traditional careers as this would only get in the way of our ability to travel! So we created a blog, and have established an online career which allows us to work online from anywhere in the world."

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Chris from One Weird Globe - Travel Inspiration Story

Chris Travel Inspiration Story

"I left the States in 2008 to teach English in Korea. What motivated that? On one level, a deep desire to not get stuck in a job I was good at but was getting boring... I was 26, single, graduated college four years earlier, and ready for an adventure – and having a gig already lined up sounded like a great way to get started. There's definitely something to take off and try something new while you're young. I sold or gave away most of what I had (not that it was much)

Beyond that, my motivation was to explore a new way of life... and Korea felt like about as 'new' as it could get. New food, new language, new way of thinking... and when you're ready for anything, anything can happen."

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If you want to share your what motivated you to start travelling, please get in touch with us! We are on a mission to inspire the world the travel more. Let's continue to find our travel inspiration...

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Love reading about other people's motivations to travel, because it's always such a personal thing. Thanks for putting this together and for including our perspective! Happy travels to everyone in 2017!

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