Best things to do in Ottawa in Winter [2021 Updated]

Fun and unique things to do in Ottawa. Top attractions and things you cannot miss during your next visit to Canada's capital in the winter.

Ottawa winterlude Cory enjoying winter

We thought that visiting Ottawa in winter will be challenging for us, but with so many fun outdoor activities, it turned out to be a superb time to take a trip to Canada's capital city. All winter activities in Ottawa were excellent and full of life, with locals clearly embracing the season and turning every single element into an opportunity to go out and have fun.

We spent time enjoying the Ottawa Winterlude, where we braced ourselves for -20C temperatures. But what we came to discover is that a good winter jacket, some waterproof boots and some warm attitude are all you need to go out in the snow and take part in the local winter activities. Here are all the coolest activities to do in Ottawa in winter.

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Ottawa in winter preparation

Ottawa in winter is cold. We mean it! When we visited, the temperatures plummeted to -20C (-4F) during the day. That's totally normal for Canadians, but not so normal for us, UK folk. We honestly thought we'll freeze our tails, but with a bit of preparation, you'd be surprised to see how quickly you can adapt.

To begin with, we recommend shopping around for a really good winter jacket. Think down jacket or something made from professional synthetics from specialised sports shops. Parkas are always a good option. Check Scandinavian shops online which specialise in winter apparel. These nations know how to create amazing clothes which withstand great winter temperatures.

For us, getting a pair of snowshoes made all the difference. Not only they are waterproof but extremely comfortable and super light. They keep your feet warm for up to -35C (-31F), ideal for a Canadian winter experience.

Underneath the jacket, make sure you get some thermal and layer up with sweaters. Get a hat, a scarf and some thermal gloves and you are good to go. Ottawa looks stunning during winter, so make sure to have your camera ready whenever possible. For easier portability or to get some fun selfies in the snow, get your GoPro with you as well.

Romantic snow shoeing experience in Gatineau Park

Where to stay in Ottawa in winter

Winter is coming! So make sure to sort out your accommodation on time. With so many things to do during winter, Ottawa can get fully booked. Think Christmas, New Year, winter festivities like Winterlude and the romantic Valentine's Day. To cosy up and enjoy winter in Ottawa in style, we recommend booking a room at Fairmont Château Laurier.

The rooms are magical, spacious and comfortable. The hotel itself looks like a castle, and during winter, it will make you feel like you arrived in a fairy tale. It was definitely the right romantic choice for us and we truly recommend it.

romantic weekend in Ottawa

Ottawa Winterlude

Want to experience the quintessence of Canadian winters? Then the Winterlude festival is for you. Held in the first three weeks of February, you'll be able to mingle with locals, enjoy street food, see beautiful ice sculptures and have some family fun with craft drinks and funky outdoor sports. Make sure you also visit the Snowflake Kingdom. Read more about it on Ottawa's official website.

Winterlude Crystals Ottawa

Ice Dragon Boat Festival

Want to see something unconventional in Ottawa? During winter, the world's largest Ice Dragon Boat Festival is held in Ottawa on the Rideau Canal. You'll be able to see boats equipped with skate-like blades, racing against each other. The festival offers free concerts, all sort of outdoor fun and it is suitable for all ages.

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Best things to do in Ottawa in Winter [2021 Updated]

Best things to do in Ottawa in Winter [2021 Updated]

Snack on Beavertails

We are foodies, so we'll take any excuse to try local snacks. Beavertails are fried pastries served with sugar, cinnamon and lemon. You can also have them with chocolate or other toppings if you prefer. When the temperatures are so cold, a bit of a sugar rush is definitely needed to keep you going. Packed with calories, these pastries are absolutely amazing for snack breaks during winter.

Beavertail pastries in Ottawa

Ice Skate on Rideau

The Rideau Canal freezes during winter, making it the perfect skateway for locals. In fact, it's so long and well maintained, that during winter in Ottawa, locals use it to commute to and from work. We thought that was amazing.

During the day or weekends, it becomes a magnet for those interested in a fun family activity. You can bring your own skates or just rent them on the spot. Skate away and enjoy the true outdoors joys of winter in Canada.

Skating on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa

Cross country skiing

This is not your ordinary outdoor sports. At least, we never heard of it before visiting Ottawa in winter. You basically use your ski to move across the snow-covered terrain. You don't actually use any ski lifts you just sort of use your ski as means of transportation. Think of it as an outdoor cross trainer as you'll be doing pretty much the same movement. We found it super interesting and incredibly enjoyable.

Cory Portrait Ottawa Winterlude

Try Snowshoeing

So much fun, snowshoeing allows you to tackle deep and fluffy snow without sinking in. We did this in Gatineau Park which has special paths where you can just relax in nature. What a brilliant way to spend an afternoon outdoors. Again, this really proves that Canadians embrace winter and make the most of it. We never realised how many amazing outdoor things we can actually do during winter.

Snow Shoeing in Ottawa in winter

Visit Le Nordik

Le Nordik is the largest spa in North America. Nestled in the picturesque village of Old Chelsea, Le Nordik Spa is a relaxation and wellness centre focused on thermotherapy techniques from Scandinavian countries. We chilled in warm pools and relaxed in saunas. You'll find 10 exterior baths, 9 different saunas, 4 restaurants, a panoramic pool, a saltwater floating pool, meditation rooms and many, many relaxation areas. Not going to lie, this really was the highlight of our trip. It was incredible.

Panoramic pool in Le Nordik

Eat at the ByWard market

If you love street food, then you'll love ByWard market. Although indoors, the market features several restaurants serving a variety of casual dishes. You can pick and mix what you want to eat or if not hungry this market is a great place to find souvenirs for your family and friends.

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or fancy some fish, you'll find the right dish to match your mood and preference.

arrival in Canada

Visit Gatineau Park

Gatineau Park is a 361 square kilometres park offering public facilities including beaches, campgrounds, picnic areas, trails, and parkways. The park boasts 165 km (103 mi) of hiking trails and 90 km (56 mi) of trails for mountain bikes, guaranteeing that you will not run out of roads to walk.

As an added bonus, the Trans Canada Trail also passes through the park. Whether you fancy cross country skiing, snowshoeing, or just hiking, Gatineau Park has is a great place to be.

snow experiences during Ottawa winterlude

Enjoy the lights

Winter in Ottawa is not gloomy but bright and fun. Ottawa has a myriad of fairy lights all around the city, to bring some colour and joy to otherwise dark winter nights. Visit the Major's Hill Park after dark and admire all the lights around the park. You can capture some marvellous pictures there as well, with the beautiful castle-like Fairmont Château Laurier in the background.

Fairy lights in Ottawa Centre

Take a tour of the Parliament

Take a guided tour around the Parliament and learn about how politics work in Canada. Your guide will show you around different rooms and will explain how debates work. You'll also get to see the beautiful interior architecture and get to ask questions about different roles in the Parliament.

As a law graduate, I was very keen to take a tour of the Canadian Parliament. It was an information-packed tour. We recommend it.

The Canadian Parliament

Get a luxury maple massage in Holz

Indulge in a romantic couple treatment at the Holz Spa and have a relaxed afternoon together. Ask for a Maple Luscious Body Scrub and enjoy a full-body exfoliation with maple sugar. Then get wrapped in maple shea butter and float in a cocooning bed. Pure relaxation awaits.

Photograph the frozen Ottawa River

Cross the bridge over Ottawa River from Ontario to Quebec and admire how beautiful it looks like during winter. Entirely frozen, the river is beautiful and white, creating a stunning background for a wintery photograph. Winter in Ottawa is straight out of a fairy tale book.

Beautiful Ottawa during winter

Enjoy funky cocktails at Zoe's

Zoe's is a cocktail bar and lounge located in the Fairmont Château Laurier. Try the special cheese board and indulge in their unique smoked cheddar cheese. All varieties of cheeses taste incredible and work perfectly with a Statesman, a string cocktail served in a little cage with cheddar smoke. For a lighter option, try the Aurora cocktail which changes colour. Great fun!

Alternatively, if you fancy an afternoon tea, book a table for two and sample delicious sandwiches and tea specialities and cosy up indoorts while the snow covers the city.

Cocktails at Zoe Fairmont Hotel Ottawa

Try Tobogganing in the Snowflake Kingdom

Visit the Snowflake Kingdom and try tobogganing on the huge snow slopes, specifically built for the occasion in the park. These are mainly family-friendly activities with a focus on the kids having fun, but nobody says you can't allow your inner child to enjoy some winter fun.

Did you know that the toboggan (the sled) was a traditional form of transport used by the Innu and Cree of Northern Canada?

Adults sleds snowflake kingdom Canada

Visit the Ottawa Art Gallery

If you are an art lover like us, then escape the winter cold by visiting the Ottawa Art Gallery. The gallery has a permanent collection of over a thousand works and provides various public programs. Entry to the gallery is free but you can donate or become an annual member to support artists.

The gallery is open from 9 AM to 9 PM.

National Gallery of Canada

The National Gallery of Canada is an absolute must during your visit to Ottawa. Not only the building itself is incredible, but it houses a variety of collections and exhibitions you'll love.

Learn about Canadian Art, Indigenous Art, European, American and Asian Art and see several prints and canvases. There are also contemporary exhibitions. We went to see the Anthropocene Project, but the contemporary exhibitions are ever-changing, making it exciting to visit over and over again.

Canada National Gallery Ottawa

Try Canadian oysters

One of the things we love about our visit to Ottawa was the food scene. We didn't quite know what to expect, but we were certain oysters would not be part of the menu.

We visited Whalebone, a restaurant famed for its fresh oysters, and fell in love. They have a great variety of oysters, served with a selection of sauces, fish and other seafood dishes.

We recommend booking a table for Valentine's Day so you can try Canadian oysters with a nice glass of wine.

Oysters the whalebone Ottawa

Visit Ottawa's oldest Tavern

Also lovingly known as The Laff, Chateau Lafayette opened its doors in 1849. You can pop in for a drink and enjoy live music. The establishment went through many changes throughout the years, nowadays it operates as pub and tavern.

Going towards Bywards market

Enjoy some Taffy

Maple taffy is a sugary treat made by pouring boiling maple syrup on top of ice. It is then rolled on a stick until it cools. It's slightly chewy and resembles a nice and warm toffee candy. It's delicious and part of the traditional culture in Ottawa, as well as Québec, Eastern Ontario, New Brunswick and northern New England

Ice taffy Ottawa sweets

Taste everything maple

Since we are talking maple here, we believe you need to try everything maple during your visit to Ottawa. Winter is all about comfort foods and for us, that means eating sweet snacks.

Fall in love with maple biscuits, maple syrup candies and maple syrup bacon. We left Canada with a suitcase full of maple syrup after trying so many tasty foods.

Eat some delicious maple sweets

See the carving figurines

Join the fun at the Snowflake Festival and see a master carving figurines live. His precision was pretty incredible, making fantastic wooden sculptures like stunning bears, birds and gnomes. All of the pieces, no matter how elaborate they may seem to us, are carved from one piece of wood. You can tell there talent and passion involved, for sure.

Carving figurines Ottawa Canada

Admire the massive winter full moon

Have you ever noticed that during winter, the moon seems to be higher up? Full moons of winter are so high in the sky, making it very bright in the snow. It looks beautiful. This is because the Earth's North Pole points away from the Sun, so the Sun looks as if it's low in the sky. The full moon, on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun, is now high in the sky. Because of this, the full moon looks better and more beautiful during winter.

Beautiful moon in Ottawa during winter

Photograph gorgeous snow statues

The Snowflake Kingdom features some of the most beautiful and intricate snow statues I've ever seen. They are absolutely huge as well, about three times taller than me. These are scattered all around the festival ground so you can admire them while you enjoy the other activites. Here's a picture of one of my favourite ones.

Beautiful Snow Sculpture in Ottawa Snowfestival

Go on a chocolate tour

C'est Bon is a company in Ottawa which prides itself in offering excellent cooking classes for people to learn new skills and meet new people. But when they are not busy teaching us how to make exquisite cakes, they lead chocolate tours around the city, so we can taste the best sweets Ottawa has to offer. We started with a professional chocolate cake made by the French-trained chef, then went on a cholate walk to discover cupcakes, gelatos, chocolate bites and more.

Chocolate tour with C'est bon

Eat poutine

Poutine is a Canadian dish which originated in Quebec. It consists of french fries, topped with cheese curd and gravy. We thought we need to try it since we were in Ottawa (literally next door to Quebec). It reminded us of chips from a local chippy in England. We'd say try it, especially during winter as its a calory heavy, hearty dish.

Poutine Canada Ottawa

See a real bed race

Ottawa knows how to entertain its locals and visitors: every year there is a bed race, where teams dress up a bed, pimp it up with wheels and run with it in a real competition. It's something really unusual and one of a kind, so make sure to add it to your wishlist for when you visit Ottawa in winter.

bed race in Ottawa winterlude

Practical Information: We partnered up with Destination Canada in order to bring this post to you. We spent 4 days exploring the Ottawa Winterlude and extended our stay at our own accord for an extra couple of days as we fell in love with the city.

Some of the flights, activities, accommodation and meals were provided by Destination Canada. We covered some expenses on our own, including all tips to staff.

Destination Canada provided us with the playground; the post above is our labour of love and a true representation of how much we loved spending romantic time together during the Ottawa Winterlude.


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