These pictures of a winter wonderland will make you want to visit Romania

There is something really magical about anticipating winter. The holidays, the atmosphere and the beautiful white sights, made winter a great season to look forward to. I was born in December not long before Christmas, and for me, the beginning of the winter festivities played an important role in my childhood. The excitement started to build up around the end of November, knowing that in a month's time I would get a white Christmas, a sparkling beautiful New Year and it would snow with presents. It's easy to imagine why my inner child is still very much in awe of a winter wonderland. I grew up in the beautiful country of Romania, where all four seasons were well defined, and winter was always white, fluffy and cold. With temperatures plummeting under -10C we sometimes referred to this season as the Russian winter. As children, we rarely paid attention to the cold. All we needed was hot chocolate, a slade to play with and a thick scarf to cover our noses. Romania was also the perfect place to learn how to ski in Poiana Brasov.
When I moved to the UK, I had to give up winter, as in the time I spent here (close to a decade), I barely ever saw snow. I still remember my first year in the UK, in Manchester to be precise: it was around the 20th of December, and I was on my way home with a bag full of Christmas shopping. As I was struggling to carry my items, I stopped to rest my hands and looked up. The air was crisp, the colours were bright, the people were all in a rush. And then it happened. It started snowing with delicate and intricate flakes. It was then I thought I will enjoy a proper winter wonderland, but in the next few days, I realise that winters are rarely as snowy as in Romania. Missing my childhood memories, missing the snow, I embarked on a photographic adventure to capture a real winter wonderland, as I used to enjoy as a child. And so, I captured a white Romania. If I were to send you to a white Narnia, then I would book you a flight to the Romanian mountains. 

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I'm hunting for the perfect place for a winter getaway - this snow looks so fluffy and perfect :)

This looks gorgeous,but super cold. I think I'm gonna wait until summer to visit Romania :D I have quite a few friends living there, so maybe I will one day :D

Never thought about going to Romania in winter! The snow looks gorgeous though, but I'd probably prefer sun. I've been to Iasi in October once and the weather was way better than back home!

Amazing photos! Can you please share what camera/lense do you use?

Thank you for your comment. I use a Fuji XT10 with a 16-50mm lens plus a prime 35mm lens.

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