The Best 10 European Cities To Visit This Summer

Summer is around the corner and with it comes the best time to fly away and travel to a new, awesome destination. During the sunny months, Europe is one of the greatest continents to visit and its colourful cities transform into vibrant tourist hotspots. With so many European cities it is difficult to decide where to go and which one to visit first. If I were to do a Euro-trip I would want to visit everything and anything. Culture, history, art and food are the highlights of Europe and because of its fantastic cultural diversity, you are bound to experience an influx of information and live the adventure of a lifetime. But where should you start? What Euro cities should you actually visit? Here is a list with the top 10 European cities you should put on your summer bucket list right now.

1. Rome

Why go - Rome is the epicentre of the Italian history. With an unparalleled artistic heritage, a unique culture and some of the world's most beautiful architecture, it's easy to see why a visit to Rome is an absolute must this summer. This cosmopolitan city features not just beautiful sights for the historian, but also countless delicious dishes for the gourmand.

What to eat - Although many would recommend eating an Italian pizza, I say skip the main and go straight for the gelato. If you love ice cream, then Italian gelato won't disappoint. Once you satisfied your sweet tooth, try Italian gnocchi with truffles and shaved parmesan.

Don't miss - To properly experience Rome, ditch the map and indulge yourself in an aimless walk along those romantic Italian streets. Explore the urban maze and find the most amazing photo opportunities right off the beaten track.

2. Paris

Why go - Paris is the city of lights, the city of love, the city of art. The French capital is rather mesmerising and chic. Although its spacious boulevards are always busy with tourists and locals alike, there is an air of romance which predominates the Parisian streets. Go beyond a trip to the Eiffel Tower and experience Paris like a local: visit a family ran restaurant tucked away from the touristy streets, buy cheese and wine from a local market and search for the small independent boutiques for a taste of the real French fashion.

What to eat - You have a lot of food to choose from when visiting Paris. Start the morning with a French croissant, eat a myriad of cheeses for lunch and end the evening by indulging yourself in some of the world's best cakes. Between your meals, spoil yourself with delicious French macarons.

Don't miss - Paris has long been famous for its artistic side and although the Louvre is a grand reminder of that, I believe modern art can make an even bolder statement. Take a trip to Pompidou to fully understand the evolution of art.

3. London

Why go - London truly is a city that never stops. The English capital city is an international economic, cultural and financial hub. Associated with its iconic Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) and the London eye, this vibrant city has so much to offer, a lifetime may not seem enough to discover all its secrets.

What to eat - Although fish and chips are a must whilst meandering through the streets of London, break free from the usual stereotypes and venture into a British pub. Have a steak pie with a glass of ale or order a real British Sunday dinner. For a lovely afternoon, find a quiet tea house and have an afternoon tea which consists of British scones served with cream, jam and an English tea with milk.

Don't miss - For the best panoramic views over London head over to the Shard. An adult ticket is £30, hence a little bit expensive, but the views are truly worth it.

4. Budapest

Why go - Budapest is one of the coolest, most underrated cities in the whole of Europe. It's cheap, incredibly beautiful and has plenty of really good food. Budapest is divided by the Danube into two parts: Buda and Pest. Buda is the old side where you can admire spectacular views over the city right from the Fisherman's Bastion. Pest is the more vibrant part, where people come to shop, eat and party.

What to eat - When in Budapest make sure to try Hungarian Krémes (custard slice) and Hungarian Szilvás Gombóc (plum dumplings). Although both sweet desserts, they are so incredibly delicious you will want to skip lunch just to continuously eat more of these Hungarian goodies.

Don't miss - Walking next to the River Danube on the Buda side until you reach the iconic Hungarian House of Parliament. You can take some really good pictures, so make sure to grab your tripod. If you are lucky to visit during an overcast day, the building is guaranteed to look even more dramatic.

5. Bucharest

Why go - Bucharest is incredibly affordable and it continues to rise from its own ashes. Known as the Paris of the East, this vibrant capital features beautiful baroque architecture, chic mansion houses and some of Europe's coolest (and cheapest) bars. Although there are still obvious signs that communism once ruled over Romania, Bucharest is becoming yet again a flourishing city, with a lot to offer and quickly becoming one of the most beloved cultural hearts of Europe.

What to eat - Bucharest has plenty of eateries dotted all around the city. For an authentic taste, head over to Hanul lui Manuc located right in the city centre, and order tripe soup and a Romanian traditional dish called "sarmale" (spiced minced beef wrapped in pickled cabbage). It's actually one of the most delicious meals you can experience.

Don't miss - No visit to Bucharest is complete without a walk around Herastrau Park, a massive green space full of trees and flowers, surrounding a huge lake. Here you can rent a boat and have a romantic ride with your loved one.

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6. Copenhagen

Why go - Copenhagen is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Scandinavia. For years, it has been voted one of the happiest cities to live in. In Copenhagen everyone smiles all the time. People are very warm, welcoming and friendly and happy to accommodate you. It features plenty of amazing attractions but above all, Copenhagen is awesome for the food lovers!

What to eat - Start your morning with an organic coffee and a Danish pastry. For lunch, eat an open sandwich (Smørrebrød) and for dinner head over to a Michelin starred restaurant and treat yourself with a culinary experience to die for.

Don't miss - To end a great day in Copenhagen, you should head over to Nyhavn, the city's most colourful neighbourhood. There are plenty of bars and restaurants around the canal and there is nothing better than enjoying a cold beer during a hot summer afternoon in Copenhagen. Spark a conversation with a local and make new friends, as the Danes are so incredibly open to meeting new people.

7. Lisbon

Why go - Lisbon is an absolute must during the summer time, because it features both: historical culture, as well as a chilled lifestyle right by the beach. Known as the city founded on top of seven hills, expect narrow winding roads which will take you up and down throughout your Lisbon journey. Learn Lisbon's history and walk through the city's agitation, then take a break and head over to the beach and chill with a cocktail.

What to eat - Located by the sea, Lisbon has a variety of seafood dishes. Start by trying the octopus main cooked in olive oil and served with boiled potatoes, move over to a massive tiger prawn and finish your meal off with a delicious seafood salad. If there is room for dessert, treat yourself with a Portuguese custard tart (pastel de nata).

Don't miss - The views from the Sao Jorge Castle are some of the best over Lisbon's rooftops. For a more authentic taste of Lisbon, stroll through the streets of Alfama, the oldest district of the Portuguese capital.

8. Bristol

Why go - No other British city combines city and country life as well as Bristol. A hilly city with colourful fishing houses, situated right by the harbourside offers a myriad of attractions and activities. Bristol features plenty of parks, woodlands and forested trails which makes this city into a outdoor lover's paradise. For a multicultural experience, head over to Gloucester Road, a long shopping road dotted with independent boutiques.

What to eat - Bristolians love organic, locally sourced produce. For a diverse culinary scene, Gloucester Road features many eateries which cook with fresh ingredients. Afternoon cream tea is a popular option amongst locals and tourists alike.

Don't miss - Walk over the Clifton Suspension Bridge which is the result of Brunel's ingenious engineering. Linking two massive cliffs over the River Avon, you will enjoy epic views over the city of Bristol and it's forested sides.

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9. Edinburgh

Why go - Edinburgh is a beautiful medieval town with an extinct volcano which offers breathtaking views over the city. The Scottish capital has a gorgeous Georgian style new town as well as old streets with small independent boutiques and brick houses.

What to eat - For a real taste of Scotland you need to try haggis, the national dish. This is a savoury pudding, containing meat, onion, oatmeals and spices. These are all encased in sheep's stomach or sausage casing.

Don't miss - Edinburgh has long been associated with arts and culture and no time this is more obvious than during the Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe Festival. During Fringe (the world's biggest art festival) expect many artistic performances spread over the course of many days (25 full days in 2015!)

10. Nice

Why go - Nice is a seaside city and the capital of the exquisite French Riviera. This sophisticated city if renowned for its Mediterranean climate as well as its proximity to the Alps Maritimes. Many choose to relax by the Nicean picturesque seaside, before embarking on a hiking adventure around its surrounding mountains.

What to eat - Being located right by the seaside, Nice will offer its visitors plenty of seafood options. Oysters are especially nice and fresh and can be found in some restaurants located next to the Nice Old Town.

Don't miss - The morning flower and fruit market, Cours de Saleya. Located in the Old Town, you will find fresh and colourful produce. It's a great place to find a bite to eat for breakfast, before heading over to the Promenade des Anglais, a long pedestrian sidewalk by the seashores.

Ready to get some sunshine? Here are some cheap flights to the French Riviera. No matter when you book your hotel, you will have plenty of fun promenading on the seaside.

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sophie nadeau
sophie nadeau

Lovely article: I think I would put Rome and Paris at the top of an article if I wrote a list of the top places to visit in Europe too... However, I think I'd put Paris at the top :P (but maybe I'm just biased because I live there!)

Great suggestions! I won't be there this summer, but am planning an epic Europe holiday for next summer. Can't wait!

Great post. We were just in Nice. It seemed to me that mussels were everywhere and oysters were hard to find. Maybe it was just the part of town that we were located in? We loved it there though and I agree that it's a great place to visit!

I love Paris and am glad to see that it made the list! :P

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