The 26 pictures which will make you want to visit New Zealand

One sunny morning, about 15 years ago, I went into the kitchen just to see my mother marking points on a big world map. She created several routes and pinned several countries which seemed to lead to one circled destination: New Zealand. Still a little sleepy, I reached for my cup of tea and asked: "Mom, what exactly are you doing on our kitchen table at 7 in the morning?" 

Mum wanted to move to New Zealand. She's been collecting information on immigration matters and has decided to abandon Romania for a more exciting life in New Zealand. Everyone seemed happy with her decision. As you can tell, this story has a bit of a bitter twist and unfortunately, me and my family never moved to New Zealand in the end. This is a happy story so I won't be boring you with unnecessary details. 

Years later, I still left home and moved away. Sure, not to New Zealand, but to the UK, to pursue my legal degree in Manchester. Over the years, I became more restless and the idea of moving to New Zealand somehow crept back. One day, I managed to save enough and buy a ticket for my first ever long haul to Christchurch. I had it all figured out, just like mum. I bought a world map, I pinned countries and circled my destinations in New Zealand. I embarked on a three-week tour around New Zealand: the ultimate wilderness road trip. 

I loved New Zealand. If you've never experienced New Zealand, imagine a British countryside with proper seasons, more mountains and great forests. Imagine friendly people, great service and funny accents. It was great. For the love of nature, you must visit New Zealand, that's for sure. 

Years later, there I was, in New Zealand, seeking answers to lost questions from years ago. In the end, as it turns out, it all worked out for the best. It's a great thing we ended up not moving to New Zealand. As very likely everything would have turned out to be different in my life. It's funny how all seemingly bad news and bad choices have a way of creating new paths which lead to new coincidences and opportunities which always turn out to be better. 

One thing I would like to add though. My trip around New Zealand made me realise how incredible this country really is. Save up, buy a map and buy your next flight to New Zealand. Here are 26 photos to convince you New Zealand is epic. 

What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know if you are ready to go to New Zealand right away! 

Valley Mountain New Zealand

Wakatipu Lake New Zealand

Fur Seals New Zealand

Road New Zealand

Motoway New Zealand

Drive Crown Range New Zealand

Drive Crown Range New Zealand Road

Crown Range New Zealand

Wharariki Beach New Zealand

Wainui Bay Abel Tasman New Zealand

Pupu Spring Sign New Zealand

Pupu Spring New Zealand

Abel Tasman New Zealand

Rainy Walk Queen Charlotte New Zealand

Ferns Path New Zealand Hike

Fern Forest New Zealand

Walking Shoes New Zealand

View Abel Tasman Coastal Track New Zealand

Road New Zealand

Remote Beach Coastal Track New Zealand

Remote Beach Birds New Zealand

Reflux Coastal Track Beach New Zealand

Abel Tasman Track New Zealand

Abel Tasman Coastal Track New Zealand

Abel Tasman Coastal Track New Zealand



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Lovely photos! I spent 3 months driving around New Zealand and I think I can recognize a good deal of the places :P

Hi Maria! Three months around New Zealand? That sounds insanely cool! x

Beautiful photos!! I really want to go back to New Zealand and explore more! I think one of my biggest regrets was that I didn't hire a camper or at least a car.


Wow! such a beautiful place. Thanks for the inspiration.

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