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How To Best Enjoy The Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Bamboo Forest Arashiyama-Night

The Arashiyama bamboo grove is known for its rich bamboo stalks located in the Arashiyama mountains (Storm Mountains). A popular tourist destination, this place of scenic beauty offers a unique window into Kyoto’s historic heart. Arashiyama is located just a train ride away from the Kyoto Station, journey covered by the Japan Rail Pass.

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Why visit the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Being surrounded by a vast amount of bamboo, makes you feel as if you stepped into another world. The world of Arashiyama is green and peaceful. A local told me that it's best to visit the bamboo grooves when the weather is a little windy because the tall bamboo stalks look very dreamy and mesmerising when they gently rock back and forth.

It’s not every day that you get to walk through a thick bamboo grove. Arashiyama is one of those incredible alien worlds which invites you to admire it for hours without getting tired of it. The Arashiyama bamboo grove gets really busy since it’s such unique and wonderful attraction, hence you need to do a bit of hacking in order to capture its silent soul.

Although this Kyoto top spot is mainly associated with the Arashiyama bamboo grove, there are many other things to do in this district. Once you leave the tourist sites behind, you can walk through quiet neighbourhoods and secluded residential streets. If you continue up towards the mountain, you will discover wonderful remote temples, far away from the crowds.

How to get to Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

The fastest and easiest way to get to Arashiyama is by train. Take the JR Train from Kyoto Station on the JR Sagano/San-in Line to Saga-Arashiyama Station. From there, walk for 10 minutes and follow the signs to Arashiyama bamboo grove.

What to do in Arashiyama

Tenryu-ji Temple

This 14th century temple is one of the main attractions in Arashiyama. It features a magnificent Zen garden and a cute little tea house.

Kameyama-koen Park

This beautiful park has many different trails where you can enjoy a peaceful and quiet afternoon. Sometimes you can spot Snow Monkeys here too, which makes Kameyama-koen Park a popular attraction for wild photography enthusiasts. One of the trails will take your right into the Arahiyama mountains where you will find a beautiful lookout spot.

Okochi-Sanso Villa

Okochi-Sanso Villa is home to a beautiful garden with magnificent views over Kyoto. It was originally the residence of the film actor Denjirō Ōkōchi and was used for several movie sets. Matcha tea and a tasty snack are included in the price of the entry ticket.Okochi Sanso Villa

Nison-in Temple

This temple is famous because of its maple trees. During the maple season, it becomes very popular and rather crowded. Best to visit during December, when there is a lower number of tourists around.
Moss Garden Kyoto

Jojako-ji Temple

Follow the steps up to a secluded bamboo forest. During winter in Japan, this garden looked astonishing and we met very few tourists.

Gio-ji Temple

If you too enjoy the beauty of a moss garden, then Gio-ji Temple is the place for you. It's quite a walk away from the Arashiyama bamboo groves, so make sure you have plenty of water and snacks with you for this journey.

Adashino-Nembutsu-ji Temple

This lovely temple is well off the beaten track. It features 8000 Buddhist statues and a small bamboo grove at the back. Because it's quite far, not many people come here, which makes it into a perfect spot if you like to be away from the crowds.

Otagi Nenbutsu-Ji

If you are willing to walk for quite some time, away from the Arashiyama bamboo groves, then you will be rewarded with the most beautiful Arashiyama temple I've had the pleasure of discovering. From all the temples I have visited so far, this was my very favourite.

Otagi Nenbutsu-Ji is a secluded Buddhist temple, home to over 1200 rakan covered in moss. A rakan is a stone statue representing the disciples of Buddha. All rakan statues in the Otagi Nenbutsu-Ji have been donated and a majority have been sculpted by amateurs. When I finally got to Otagi Nenbutsu-Ji, it started raining, but instead of running back towards the train station, I sat down under the temple's roof and admired the drops falling down on the ground. It was a true zen experience.

Otagi Nenbutsu-ji

When to visit Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

The Arashiyama bamboo grove is very popular among tourists; hence it’s mostly always crowded. If you wish to capture those perfect pictures, best to visit first thing in the morning, before sunrise. I strongly recommend going off the beaten track and exploring the trails which take you into the mountains. Alternatively, follow the paths towards Otagi Nenbutsu-Ji . On your way, you will have a chance to see and photograph traditional Japanese houses, independent shops and tiny eateries, far from the madding crowds.

By meandering around Kyoto’s streets, visiting its temples and shrines and relaxing in some of the most impressive Japanese gardens, a camera enthusiast can easily create a mesmerising photo collection. Kyoto is the place where Geishas roam in Gion, the Tea Ceremony is practised on a daily basis and old Japanese traditions are very much kept alive. For a photographer, Kyoto is paradise.

Visit Arashiyama Bamboo Grove at night

During December, I recommend visiting the Arashiyama bamboo grove at night because the paths get illuminated and the Arashiyama bamboo forest looks magical and dreamy. This festival of lights is called Arashiyama Hanatouro illuminations and it only takes place in December for about 10 days, between 5 pm and 8:30 pm.

Few visit the Arashiyama bamboo grove at night, after 9 pm, because the path gets too dark for the groves to be seen, and there is not enough light for photography.

Kyoto Mountain View

The best souvenir at Arashiyama

On my way to Otagi Nenbutsu-Ji, I came across this little shop owned by an old Japanese lady who smiled a lot. I love helping small, independent businesses, especially when they are located out of the tourist areas. I strongly recommend checking this place out. It's a very cool shop with much cheaper prices than anywhere else in Kyoto.

Fan Shop Saga Toriimoto

When To Photograph The Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Amongst the best things to do in Kyoto, photographing this beautiful city is a must. In my opinion, the Arashiyama bamboo grove is one of the most photogenic and fascinating places you can take your camera to. Arashiyama is the best if you wish to walk through Japanese gardens, explore the bamboo forests and listen to the early morning sounds of nature.

Japan is a country with four full seasons, hence you can visit at any time and you are guaranteed to capture some of Kyoto’s different personalities. I for example, really enjoy Spring in Japan. Many visit Kyoto during spring, to enjoy the cherry blossom festival.

The bamboo forest in Arashiyama is open 24/7. Remember the bamboo groves are tall and there is little light penetrating through the canopy, so you need to be well versed on how to use your camera for low light conditions. If you just want to photograph Arashiyama and you don't mind the tourists around you, then probably head over at around 12 pm for optimum light conditions.
To get the best of Arashiyama, get there before the sunrise, as early in the morning as possible. This will ensure that the path is quiet (maybe have the odd photo enthusiast around). First, this means you can enjoy the Arashiyama bamboo groves and even meditate if you wish to. It’s really wonderful to listen to the sound of wind slowly rocking the tip of the bamboo trees. Second, without tourists meandering around, you can take your time perfecting that awesome shot. Experiment with different angles and camera settings. I find that just after sunrise, the path has a very nice and mellow glow.

Normally I would advise you to arrive here at night time or just before the sunset, but you will find the path stays busy until late at night. During Winter time, for example, people come from all corners of Kyoto to enjoy the illuminated path which gets switched on at 5 pm.

Tips for Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Need to know: you might need to arrange your own transportation during early morning or very late at night as there will be no trains to and from central Kyoto. If you are dedicated to capturing the best photo of Arashiyama, then I suggest renting a bike.

Food: There are plenty of Kyoto eateries around but if you decide to arrive too early or late at night, note that you will have to pack some sandwiches and snacks. Don't forget a thermos filled with either green tea or fresh coffee.

Journal: I honestly can’t express enough how incredible it is to just sit down, relax and listen to the sound of morning slowly overtaking the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. Have a journal with you and take your time, write how this incredible forest makes you feel. Allow yourself to be filled with joy and zen.

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The Arashiyama bamboo grove was a surreal and wonderful experience. If I'm perfectly honest, Arashiyama's beauty lies far beyond its famous bamboo grove, within the most secluded spots, into the heart of the Storm Mountains. Don't forget to leave a comment below and tell us your Kyoto story!

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Chloe Yau

Hi Cory!

I will be visiting Arashiyama Bamboo Groves in February during winter. What is the best time during the day to visit? Early morning or evening? We are 3 people - My partner and I as well as our 2YO toddler.

It is our first time to Kyoto. Appreciate your advise.

Cory Varga
Cory Varga - You Could Travel

Hi Chloe, I would advise that you visit in the morning before 11am. Spend the time enjoying the forest, the shops, other temples before it gets dark!
Enjoy your time.


Absolutely enjoyed reading this! thank u :DDDD


hi im kai,
can i know that can i rent a bike and cycling in the bamboo grove? if you know the place to rent, can you suggest where it is? Thanks

Cory Varga
Cory Varga - You Could Travel

Hi Khai thank you for your comment. We didn't see anyone on bikes in the Arashiyama Bamboo grove area. However, once you are out of the forest itself, you can def cycle. We didn't see any rentals around but I think your hotel will be able to help you with a rental on the day.

Jona Mercado

We are thinking of visiting bamboo Groves from Disneyland Station before heading to our hotel in Kyoto. Do you think that’s a good idea? I have 2 kids (5&6yo) and 3 adults (2 are like more than 60). We are just optimising our time and maximising our JR pass. Please help me

Cory Varga
Cory Varga - You Could Travel

Hi Jona,

I would say that you should leave the luggage somewhere as the paths can get really busy so it won't make sense to struggle with the suitcase.
If you can leave the suitcase in a secure place at the train station, I think it's absolutely fine to do it before the hotel. Just be mindful that you will need 2-3 hours to see some of the shrines around and they all close at around 5 pm.


Hi, what's the weather like during mid-Feb? I'm solo travelling to Kyoto and Osaka and haven't finalized my itinerary and stuff to pack. Is it better to just stay in Osaka and take the trains, or stay separately in Osaka and Kyoto? Thanks!

Cory Varga
Cory Varga - You Could Travel

Hi Maria,

You are going to LOVE Japan, it's perfect for a solo travel experience as well. To fully immerse, I'd say it's best to stay in both cities and experience them on their own.
The trains are fast, clean and reliable so taking the train daily is also an option, but accommodation across both cities costs about the same, so I vote for staying a few nights in Osaka and a few in Kyoto.

Have lots and lots of fun.

Kind Regards,



Hi Cory
Chance upon your blog. We are planning to go Arashiyama in the night as we are there in December. Will it be crowded and it is too dark to walk around? We intend to be there around 5pm as we will arrive Kyoto 2pm-3pm.
We are staying near Kyoto station.
Btw, our first time to Japan.

Cory Varga
Cory Varga - You Could Travel

Hi Carol,

Thank you for your message. It will be dark at 5 pm as the lights for the bamboo forest just come up at exactly 5 pm. It will be crowded as well, as 5 pm is literally what everyone is waiting for so they can enjoy a walk in the enchanted looking forest. It does look wonderful with the lights, but if you wish to enjoy a walk around the temples, you will have to arrive early morning or during lunchtime, when the temples and shrines are still open. Usually, most of them close between 4-5 pm.

Any other questions, let me know :)
I hope you will enjoy your stay in Japan.


Very informative! My wife and I will visit Kyoto in the end of September and plan to spend one day in Arashiyama. How early should we get to the Bamboo forest in order to avoid the crowd? We will stay in Gion area. Thanks!

Cory Varga
Cory Varga - You Could Travel

Hi Dave,
Thank you for your kind words. I would say before 9 am if possible. We arrived at around 10-11 and there were lots of people around already. So the earlier, the better. You can even arrive for the sunrise if you wish, by taking the first trains. However, please note that the rest of the shrines and temples usually open after 9am so you might have to hang around a little. If you arrive during peak times, with a lot of patience, you will eventually be able to get a cool photo without people in it. :)

I hope this helps. Wishing you a wonderful stay in Kyoto. You will love Japan!

Kind Regards,



Nice iternary planned! Gave me some ideas as I heading the Kyoto next week. Is it possible to fit this places in one day?
From Saga-Arashiyama Station > Tenryuji Temple > Bamboo Groves > Saga-Toriimoto Preserved Street > Togetsukyo Bridge and straight to Fushimi Inari Shrine > Nishiki Market ? Would like to seek your expertise. Thanks so much!

Cory Varga
Cory Varga - You Could Travel

Hi Nat, thank you for your message. I would advise against it. I think Arashiyama area and the Fushimi Inari should be explored on different days.
This is mainly because the areas are quite far apart. Arashiyama will probably take half a day, Fushimi Inari would take another half a day. But you would get to Fushimi a little too late to enjoy it during sunset, so you would probably hike in the dark.
I would do them on two separate days. During the Arashiyama visit, I would make my way to the Otagi Nenbutsu-Ji as well. This journey will probably cover the whole day, especially if you stop to eat, take pictures and really enjoy your time.
For Fushimi Inari, we started walking from Central Kyoto to Fushimi and stopped to several temples along the way. This enabled us to time our hike for the sunset!

I hope this helps. Have lots of fun!

Kind Regards,



Thanks for the review, I plan to visit arashiyama on october, do you think I need one day trip for it, or half day is enough ?
what I plan to check are Bamboo Groves - Togetsukyo Bridge - Monkey Park Iwatayama - Otagi Nenbutsuji Temple - Adashino Nenbutsuji Temple - and maybe Osawa pond

As i am not sure if all this will need the whole day my plan for this day is waiting for an advice, if half day is enough then any advice for where to go after Arashiyama

Cory Varga
Cory Varga - You Could Travel

Hi Ahmy,

If I am perfectly honest, I would say a whole day, just so you can enjoy the places at a slower pace, take pictures, take it all in. There is quite a walk from the bamboo forest to the Otagi Nenbutsuji (great choice btw, my fav temple) and back. I would pack some water and snacks just to be safe. If you would start the day at around 10 AM, I can imagine that you could potentially finish maybe at 4 PM or so? That's including stopping for lunch, enjoying the places etc. Perhaps stop at the Kyoto train station and have dinner there, and a wonder for the evening if you are not too tired. Plenty to see and do, without having to also take the train or subway to yet another place.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions.

Kind Regards,

Sai Kiran

That's really a great information. Thanks for sharing it.

Cory Varga
Cory Varga - You Could Travel

Glad you find it useful. Wishing you a great time in Japan


Hi, i go to kyoto end of april . If i go to bamboo groove on evening after 5 PM, is still good for fotograph or it will be dark ? Thanks

Cory Varga
Cory Varga - You Could Travel

Hi Amelia, unfortunately, the light festival is held during December only. You will find other surprises in Arashyiama in April, such as the beautiful cherry season festival, warm weather and great street food dotted all along the place. Have lots of fun.

Krista - Krista...

I have always wanted to go to a temple, they look amazing! I can't wait to visit here one day, you've definitely got me convinced :)

Cory Varga
Cory Varga - You Could Travel

I can't wait to read about your adventures

Andrea Jones

Love this. I can't wait to visit Japan, it's number 1 on my travel bucket list.

Cory Varga
Cory Varga - You Could Travel

Hi Andrea, I am sure you will love your trip to Japan. Let me know how it goes.