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How I save travel money with the Post Office Travel Card

Snow Christmas Presents 2016

Every year I’m excited about the upcoming winter holidays when everyone exchanges gifts and makes plans for Christmas and New Year. Ever since I became a full-time traveller, my family and friends started buying me useful travel Christmas gifts, which I can use during my trips and expeditions. Last year, we decided to make this Christmas count and go on a family holiday outside of the UK. The problem is, the value of the pound sterling has dropped so badly, that travelling outside of the UK has become rather expensive.

Check out how to save with this 2016 New York Christmas Shopping Guide

Christmas Present 2016

How can we save money and still travel? For a couple of years now, I’ve been using the Post Office Money Card to avoid having issues with currency fluctuations whilst on the road. To give you a bit of background, this card saved my bacon during my first ever long haul to New Zealand when the pound kept on falling and rising from one day to another. For all travellers out there, I know you are aware of the painful moment when you need to exchange money whilst abroad, or take cash out and lose too many pounds worth of bank fees. Well, the Post Office Money Card is your answer!

Before New Zealand, I was on a lookout for a card which saves me money and one day, I came across an advert for the Post Office Travel Money. Intrigued, I asked for more details, just to understand that this card allows me to top it up with my holiday money and pay with it abroad at no extra cost.
Wait, what? This magic card can be used all around the world wherever MasterCard is accepted. There are no fees to pay when making a purchase abroad because basically, I am paying in the local currency. The Post Office Travel Money department makes revenue on the exchange rate only. Did I mention the Post Office usually offers the best exchange rate anyway? Win-Win for me. Brilliant!

Presents Christmas Tree

This year, I told my family that we should all go to New York and spend a white Christmas window shopping on the 5th Avenue. With the currency fluctuation happening in recent time, it has been more difficult to imagine travelling to Europe or the USA which have become more expensive for the average British person. But worry not, as there are still some ways to save if you decide to take the whole family to New Year like I’m planning!

Cheapflights in partnership with the Post Office Travel Money put together a rather handy little infographic which shows us an amazing 2016 New York Christmas Shopping Guide. It’s now easy to see why I’m luring everyone to the Big Apple this Christmas… because of a true brand saving shopping spree offering prices up to 62% cheaper than in the UK. This Christmas I will be making the most out of my USD Post Office Money Card (thank God is a prepaid card and I can't max it out!).

You Could Travel Playing Snow

Thank you Cheap Flights for sponsoring this article about the Post Office Travel Money. Please note that all opinions are my own and have no been influenced by anyone else!

How I save travel money with the Post Office Travel Card by Cory Varga

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Agness of aTukTuk
03 Apr 2017

This seems like a great idea actually. This is the first time I am hearing about this card. Very informative!

06 Apr 2017

Glad you liked it. It's really cool and they now decided to add a multi currency card to the market. Pretty awesome if you ask me.