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Best waterfall in Bali

Best waterfall in Bali

The best waterfall in Bali is the gem of all waterfall gems. It lays hidden in the north of the island and often skipped by the mass crowds of tourist who visit and stay in the south. The waterfall we are referring to lays hidden amongst a lush jungle forest and takes a bit of a hike to get to. Did we set it up enough yet? Ha, alright! To not draw this out any further, the best waterfall in Bali is Sekumpul Waterfall located in the Buleleng regency region of Bali.

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About Sekumpul Waterfall

Sekumpul Waterfall is a cluster of 6-7 waterfalls that cascade 80 meters (262 ft) down to a waiting pool below. The water is cool and refreshing and to be honest, beckons you to jump in if you are able to break your stare from the stunning scenery that surrounds you.

The base of the waterfall sits within a valley and is surrounded by jungle on all sides. You feel so small against the scenery and the spray from the powerful falls. The waterfall is named after the village it resides close to, Sekumpul, which is where you park your car or scooter and begin your hike to the waterfall.

The Hike to Sekumpul Waterfall

Let us be clear that this waterfall isn’t completely off the tourist map. However, getting to it makes it a little less appealing, keeping the waterfall quiet and not overrun. Still, the best time to go is in the morning and you’ll have the place to yourself if you’re lucky.

Thanks to the amazing “Google” you’ll be able to type “Sekumpul Waterfall” into your GPS and wherever you are, the trusty Google machine will get you where you need to go, and in this case, that’s to the best waterfall in Bali ☺

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Once at the entrance to the village, you’ll find a parking lot where you can park your scooter or car. From the parking lot, you’ll see a ticketing office. From here, you have two ticketing options 1) go with a guide or 2) go guideless. The cost of a guide is around 200,000 IDR but can vary in price. The cost to go guideless is about 15,000 IDR.

Best waterfall in Bali

A potential scam can happen to you at the ticketing office. Understand that you 100% DO NOT NEED A GUIDE. The locals may make it seem like you do, but please don’t fall for that. At the end of the day, a guide is completely your decision but please know the path is clearly marked and there is honestly no need to have a guide.

After you’ve paid your entrance/guide fee, you’re on your way to the best waterfall in Bali! Be prepared that the hike down will take you a good 45 minutes. Along the way, you pass through the village of Sekumpul and beautiful rice fields. About halfway, you get one hell of an aerial view of the falls! You can certainly stay here, get your pictures and turn around but we advise against it. The main event is waiting for you below!!

Continuing on, you descend down what feels like hundreds of steps, over a bridge and through a stream until you are standing at the foot of the roaring Sekumpul Waterfall!

Now what? Get that bathing suit of yours on and jump in!! Oh, and don’t forget to take a ba-zillion pictures while you’re at it!

Best waterfall in Bali

How to Get to The Best Waterfall in Bali

Like we said above, Sekumpul Waterfall is located in the north on the island of Bali. If you are staying in the south, you can do it in a day BUT it will be a looooong day, and we mean long day, of driving.

For all you souls that want to make a day trip out of it, we’ve listed a few popular tourist destinations in the south to give you an idea of kilometres/miles. The miles below are one way. Remember you have to come back and traffic in Bali can add to your round-trip time. Just make sure you add it to your Bali itinerary.

  • Ubud to Sekumpul: 66kms/40m
  • Canggu to Sekumpul: 72km/45m
  • Denpasar to Sekumpul: 74kms/46m
  • Seminyak to Sekumpul: 75kms/46m
  • Kuta to Sekumpul: 80km/50m

Our recommendation is to make a couple day trip out of your visit to Sekumpul Waterfall and see some of the lovely sites the north of Bali has to offer. Plus, it’s waaay cooler (temperature wise) so if you are needing a break from that southern heat, head up north.

For those of you wanting to make a few day trips out of it. We suggest staying in Munduk or even staying in the Lovina Beach area. Munduk is a quiet little Indonesian village located about an hour away from the waterfall. If you are keen to stay in the Lovina Beach area, Sekumpul Waterfall is about an hour south.

Whether it’s a jam-packed day trip or a few leisurely days in the north, Sekumpul Waterfall is truly the most beautiful and best waterfall in Bali.

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