Best Travel Gifts for Her

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Wondering what are the best travel gifts for her? Here are my favourite things I travel with and would have loved to receive as gifts from friends and fam. From crafty wallets, through incredible cameras to useful luggage which doesn't easily break. Here are the best travel gifts for her (buy them if you love her).

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Best Travel Gifts for Her

Ever since I started travelling, my friends and family started buying me travel related items for my birthday. During Christmas, my present would always wait for me in the most beautiful map inspired wrapping paper. Everything, every time, was travel related. This really helped me save money as I would always get only necessary items that I really wished for, and made my trips (especially on a long haul) much easier. I want to share with you my travel essentials which also translates to 15 best presents every travelling girls actually wants.

1. GoPro HERO4

The GoPro is perfect for the girl traveller who loves taking videos. I love that it has a stabilizer which means your videos won't be all shaky when you want to upload them to YouTube. Above all, I love that you can submerge it underwater. This is exactly why I wanted a GoPro, in preparation for my dive in Seychelles.

Shop: GoPro Hero4

2. Fuji X-T10

This is the camera that I use for all my travel pictures. I love the fact that it's mirrorless, which means I can replace the lens as needed. It's light, compact and for the price, it was the absolute best camera I could find. I searched for months before getting my Fuji X-T10, and asked for lots of expert advice. In the end, I found the perfect camera!

Shop: Fuji X-T10

3. Samsonite Hand Luggage

Depending on the trip, I sometimes use hand luggage only. In order to pack everything I need to enjoy and document my trip, I had to invest in a really good quality hand luggage, which is spacious, as well as resistant. I came across this cute little Samsonite and I've been loving it ever since.

Shop: Samsonite Hand Luggage

4. Samsonite Suitcase

The travel girl definitely needs a suitcase. I remember when I was in the market for a suitcase and I didn't want to waste money buying something cheap which I would need to repeatedly replace. I strongly recommend saving for a good suitcase which you can keep for years to come. Maybe put it on your wishlist for your birthday and make everyone aware how much you really want it.

Shop: Samsonite Suitcase

5. Mountaintop Backpack

No matter where you hike in the world, you definitely need a good backpack which it's spacious enough for food, water and spare socks. I sometimes end up carrying my backpack with me as opposed to my hand luggage, especially when I go hiking in Europe. This is my favourite backpack because it's very cheap, good quality and I've been using it for more than a year now.

Shop: Mountaintop Backpack

6. Kindle Paperwhite

As travellers, we are bound to spend many hours on a plane or transiting through an airport. They say time flies when you are having fun, and for that, you need a good book. I used to love reading on a plane, but when you are conscious of your limited space in the luggage, is rather difficult to carry a copy of Lord of the Rings. So, I made the informed decision to donate all my books to a local charity and invest in a kindle instead. Now I want the world's library at my fingertips.

Shop: Kindle Paperwhite

7. Travel Wallet

About a month ago my beloved wallet got stolen. I was devastated because it had a lot of travel mementoes which I acquired throughout the years. Unfortunately, once they are gone, it's not much you can do about it, but apply for replacement cards, papers, documents and so on. As I was in the market for a new wallet, I had a look around for something which I could use for my passport, as well as my cards (I very rarely carry cash), when I found this cute little Fintie Passport Holder. It's nice and compact for my needs and brilliant to take away during travels.

Shop: Travel Wallet

8. Wild and Wolf Travel Journal with Pen

As a travel writer, I need some sort of journal to document my trip as I go along. It's difficult to remember all details, conversations and dialogues, hence I learned the importance of carrying a notepad and a pen. I really like the Wild and Wold Travel Journals, because of their minimal design and good quality paper.

Shop: Wild and Wolf Travel Journal with Pen

9. Bose QuietComfort Headphones

Ever since I started travelling, I wanted these amazing Noise Canceling Headphones. You know those moments when there is too much noise on a plane and you are trying to get some sleep? Well, these Bose QuietComfort Headphones have you covered. They are amazing quality and the fact they are noise cancelling, it's like bliss! Try them on your next flight and you won't care if you sit next to a crying baby!

Shop: Bose QuietComfort Headphones

10. Gorilla Tripod

I bought the Gorilla Tripod out of necessity and realized how amazing it really is. I was on my way to Hungary when I realized I forgot my tripod at home (silly!). It could have been a complete disaster as I really needed to take photographs throughout the trip. I was already at the airport, so I started to look around and see if I can find something suitable. I came across this Gorilla Tripod which had amazing reviews. It became my best friend, and now I don't ever travel without it.

Shop: Gorilla Tripod

11. Travel Blanket

I don't know about you, but I get really cold on an aeroplane. I don't really like the blankets provided by the airlines because they are tiny and when I sleep they end up everywhere. It's a pretty horrible feeling to wake up cold. This is a good blanket, it does keep me warm, although I still like using a jumbo scarf and a warm hoodie underneath. I mainly love the convenience of this blanket, because I can essentially use it as a poncho.

Shop: Travel Blanket

12. Travel Pillow

I tried so many of these travel pillow. I tried all shapes and forms, all colours and materials and nothing seemed to work. I gave this particular pillow a go having seen that it won some awards, and it proved to be rather comfortable and nice to sleep on. It's definitely not as awesome as sleeping in your own bed, but any extra comfort during flights is very welcomed.

Shop: Travel Pillow

13. North Face Jacket

Anywhere I go, I make sure I carry my waterproof jacket with me. I don't mind hiking in the rain, as long as I can stay dry (or as dry as possible) and warm. Before going to New Zealand, I decided to invest in a really good quality jacket, especially because we were due to hike Queen Charlotte, The Abel Tasman and undertake the ultimate challenge: Aoraki. A year later, I still have my North Face waterproof and it doesn't show any sign of wear. Pretty impressive and definitely worth every penny.

Shop: North Face Jacket

14. North Face Walking Boots

Still, New Zealand related, I went on a mission to find the most comfortable walking shoes, which are also waterproof and ideally not too expensive. I reluctantly looked at the North Face merchandise, thinking I would be unaffordable. Instead, I found the perfect (and most comfortable) pair of walking shoes which ticks all the boxes. They even look awesome with a skirt. These shoes were my New Zealand best walking friends!

Shop: North Face Walking Boots

15. Icebreaker Thermal Top

I went to Japan in December last year, so I expected the weather to be really cold. I've asked around what I should pack for my travels, but everyone kept saying the weather in Japan is very unpredictable. Because I get easily cold, I started shopping around for a thermal, ideally made out of wool. This is because I learned how warm they keep you, whilst allowing your skin to breathe. I bought an Icebreaker because I read impressive reviews and recommendations. It proved to be the most amazing travel buy! I now have several Icebreaker thermal tops in various colours. I'm addicted to them. I can't recommend this enough for the travelling girl!

Shop: Icebreaker Thermal Top

What travel gifts do you normally get? Tell me what's currently on your wishlist, and what are you planning on buying for your upcoming trip.

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