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Best Minimalist Backpack

Find the best minimalist backpack to suit your needs and travel light, effective and fun

Cory and G enjoying their minimalist backpacks during their Eurotrips

If you love travelling switching to a minimalist backpack makes a lot of sense. The overarching premise that doesn't change, however, is the need to support a comfortable and convenient means of travel that keeps your stuff safe while in transit. Today, there are so many awesome backpacks in different designs and styles that it becomes somewhat overwhelming when choosing the best minimalist backpack! But don't worry, we're here to guide you and help you find the best design for you!

A minimalist travel backpack is one that comes with a visually-clean look designed for those who travel light. It eschews fancy features and add-ons in favour of solid basics. Such a bag must meet its core objective well. A minimalist travel backpack must be lightweight, strong, durable, and, most importantly, be great for your travel stuff. It must make your travel life more comfortable.

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What Makes The Best Minimalist Backpack?

Depending on your requirements and budget, there are many minimalist backpacks to choose from. Designers are now concealing the functional complexity of good backpacks behind what at first appears to be a simplistic design. The modern backpack is generally smaller, it replaces your travel suitcase. It's sleek, lightweight and functional.

If you're looking for the best everyday backpack, the best backpack for work, or the best backpack for your laptop, less is often more. You want a backpack that can handle the task with ease. One that you can effortlessly take as a handy carry-on on a trip to the local park, on the subway, through the airport, to the coffee shop, and yet one that still blends in at the office.

The Best Minimalist Backpacks

Are you tired of flashy, elaborate, and huge backpacks, with lots of fanfare yet which offer little punctuality? Then it would help if you had a functional minimalist backpack. This is why we have assembled this list of the best minimalist backpacks to help you make the best pick.

Osprey Stratos 36 Minimalist Backpack


Osprey is a recognized industry leader for travel luggage. For the best hiking backpacks, the Stratos 36 is a versatile, durable, and fully functional package for those who love travelling light. It offers excellent padding and weather protection for a great hiking experience.

The chest straps, shoulder straps, and hip belt are all fully adjustable to allow the perfect fit. The hip belt and chest straps are covered in mesh and padded with die-cut foam for a more comfy experience. A big bonus is that this backpack comes with a rain cover. For a versatile and functional backpack that fits well in the mountains or city, look no further than the Stratos 36 from Osprey.

Buy the Osprey Stratos 36 Minimalist Backpack here

Tortuga Outbreaker 35 Liter Model

Tortuga Outbreaker 35 Liter Model

The Tortuga Outbreaker is excellent, particularly if you are inclined to minimalism that borders on the edge of owning too much stuff. It comes with an adjustable height bag suspension system and padding making it very comfy and super practical.

If you are obsessed with being organized, the Outbreaker will not disappoint. The design enables you to open the main compartment like a suitcase – more convenient than any traditional backpack.

Buy the Tortuga Outbreaker 35 Liter Model here

Fjallraven, Raven 28 Backpack

Fjallraven, Raven 28 Backpack

Fjallraven, Raven 28 Backpack has been designed as a minimalist backpack for short trips and city expeditions. This ultralight daypack is your best choice when hitting the city and are in need of a laptop with you. The Raven is built from the same DNA as the classic Kanken. It combines simple, clean lines with useful features for everyday use and travel.

Whether you are commuting to work in the morning or out in the open country, the Raven backpack is, without a doubt, your go-to minimalist bag.

Buy the Fjallraven, Raven 28 Backpack here

BOPAI 15 Inch Super Slim Laptop Backpack

BOPAI 15 Inch Super Slim Laptop Backpack

We all want to buy the right laptop. But we often forget that getting the right bag for the valuable device is as essential! The Bopai 15 inch Super Slim Laptop backpack ticks all the right boxes. It has a simple design and is super slim at just 3 inches thick. This bag is designed for durability and is waterproof to protect your laptop.

The scientific and smart design makes the Bopai laptop bag breathable, ensuring you stay comfortable and cool even on the hottest day or weather. The bag comes with six small internal pockets that can be used for your keys, phone, pens, memory sticks, and other items.

The features we love most about this bag are the double concealed zippers and the creative anti-theft design. It will not be easy for an intruder to open your bag or steal your valuables.

Buy the BOPAI 15 Inch Super Slim Laptop Backpack here

The Herschel Supply Heritage

The Herschel Supply Heritage

With faux-leather reinforced bottom, the Heritage Supply Heritage also boasts one lash tab on the front face, great for attaching a bike light or carabiner. It's fitted with an internal laptop sleeve that holds a 15″ Macbook. Another small pouch is designed to carry your music player or phone while a little port is available through which to thread your headphones.

The Herschel's signature is the striped red inner lining. If you are looking for something clean, functional, and minimalist, it will be pretty hard to beat the Heritage Supply Heritage.

Buy The Herschel Supply Heritage here

Thule Women's Landmark Adventure Backpack

Thule Women's Landmark Adventure Backpack

The Thule Adventure backpack is the ideal choice for a backpack for women. The minimalist bag is available in blue and burgundy and has a suitcase-style opening that facilitates easy access to your contents.

The Adventure backpack has multiple compartments that help you organize and protect different items such as your sunglasses, phone, and a SafeZone compartment designed for valuable items.

Buy the Thule Women's Landmark Adventure Backpack here

Roncato Venice Backpack

Roncato Venice Backpack

The Italian brand Roncato is famous for manufacturing high-quality travel luggage. In particular, the Roncato Venice backpack is a fantastic deal if you value functionality over other aspects. This is the right backpack when you are not after flashy colours or an endless list of redundant features that you will never use.

The pack is very light as it's made from nylon. The Venice is equipped with a TSA friendly laptop compartment, a handy feature if you are a frequent flyer. This compartment can easily hold your 17" laptop.

Buy the Roncato Venice Backpack here

Heimplanet Monolith Minimal Daypack

Heimplanet Monolith Minimal Daypack

The Heimplanet Monolith boasts a minimalist design and hides its versatile functionality quite nicely. First of all, it’s designed for durability courtesy of the 500D Cordura construction. An ideal bag if you love stylish designs plus the right measure of utilitarian value.

Besides, the Monolith Daypack has three lower pockets that are secured by water-resistant, PU-coated YKK zippers. Inside, the bag has a MOLLE organization grid that helps you to keep your small items in check as you move.

Buy the Heimplanet Monolith Minimal Daypack here

Himawari Laptop Backpack

Himawari Laptop Backpack

The Himawari laptop backpack is designed for students, although it works well as a travel day pack, particularly in the city. For comfort, the straps are padded, and the textured body is made using water-resistant nylon. The front is covered by a single flap that also conceals pockets and slots.

Available in six colours, the Himawari laptop backpack fits a 15″ laptop and comes with two handy side pockets. Another great feature is the full-length vertical zip running along the back, convenient when you need to show the NTSA agents your travel documents.

Buy the Himawari Laptop Backpack here

Pacsafe Intasafe Anti-Theft

Pacsafe Intasafe Anti-Theft

If you are searching for a great laptop backpack, the Pacsafes are an excellent choice. Most Pacsafes are minimalistic in design yet insanely secure. The Intasafe Anti-Theft backpack is simple on the outside but wait till you get inside.

The Intasafe Anti-Theft minimalist backpack has multiple anti-theft virtues courtesy of the 600D Poly Canvas used in its making. On the main compartment, it features a Roobar Deluxe locking system, and on other pockets, your stuff is secured by TurnNLock security hooks. Besides, the entire bag is RFID safe.

Buy the Pacsafe Intasafe Anti-Theft here

Timbuk2 Uptown Travel-Friendly Backpack

Timbuk2 Uptown Travel-Friendly Backpack

The Uptown backpack is very travel-friendly. It has a small front pocket with lots of organization compartments. Behind, you get a larger pocket with additional organization options. The laptop compartment is designed to adapt to your spine. The section flips open, fully enabling you to demonstrate the contents to the TSA without having to open up the backpack fully.

On the top, you get a fleece-lined pocket suitable for your phone or glasses. The back is nicely padded, has adjustable straps, and comes with a handy bottle opener.

Buy the Timbuk2 Uptown Travel-Friendly Backpack here

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Backpack

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Backpack

Secure travel bags are all the rage now, and the Travelon Anti-Theft Classic backpack is widely considered by many one of the best. The day backpack comes with lockable compartments, slash-resistant straps and body, and in-built RFID blocking slots ideal for your travel documents and cards.

The Travelon Classic has quilted stitching on the front and is available in six neutral shades that match any outfit you choose to wear. Indeed, this is a good choice for the ladies as it has a classic handbag-like shape.

Buy the Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Backpack here

Peak Design Travel Duffelpack

Peak Design Travel Duffelpack

We are huge fans of the unisex travel bags from Peak Design, and the Duffelpack bag doesn’t disappoint. This is a very chic and versatile travel pack with two external zippers. It expands in width to hold a massive 65 litres. With stowable straps, the Duffelpack can be carried either as a regular duffel or backpack.

The top is designed to open up like a giant ‘purse’ to reveal a substantial internal area and vertical side pockets. Perhaps the best feature is the shell that’s made from recycled weatherproof nylon canvas.

Buy the Peak Design Travel Duffelpack here

InCase City Backpack

InCase City Backpack

Even though it’s relatively tall, the InCase City backpack has a slim depth that helps to hold down its bulkiness. The nicely designed top-handle makes it easy to manoeuvre the bag in tight spaces such as crowded trains or the city streets.

The laptop compartment of this backpack is well padded. You definitely don’t need a laptop sleeve when you have this bag. Considering its price range, this is a good bargain for such a tech-centric minimalist backpack.

Buy the InCase City Backpack here

TravelPro Unisex Essential Foldable Backpack

TravelPro Unisex Essential Foldable Backpack 

The foldable TravelPro is your perfect travelling partner as you can use it as a backpack, carry-on, or fold it into a travel suitcase. The bag is fashionable and made from high-density polyester. It comes with a back strap that you can attach to make a rollable suitcase.

The backpack’s front pocket has a magnetic closure suitable for your personal items and secure front zip pockets. You will enjoy using the adjustable shoulder strap or top carry strap.

Buy the TravelPro Unisex Essential Foldable Backpack here

Great stuff, now you are ready to buy your favourite minimalist backpack to suit your travelling needs. Which one is your favourite from all of the above? Let me know the one you buy in the comments section below!

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