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Berlin Photography: A black and white photoessay

The Berlin Wall

We couldn't connect with Berlin. For about a week, we tried loving Berlin every single day. Our Berlin photography will hopefully show you the city the way we actually saw it. We specifically photographed the city in black and white, because of its history and grittiness. Berlin is a heavy city. It deserves its non-colours. With daunting grey clouds, ugly concrete blocks and the sea of cranes, Berlin left a mark, rather than an impression. For historians, Berlin might be one of the most exciting cities ever. For us, it was an unpolished gem, a little too grimy to be loved. We didn't love Berlin but we very much enjoyed getting lost in its history pages. Here is our Berlin photography: raw, coarse and a little abstruse.

Berlin Photography

Berlin Photography Night Bridge

Friedrichstraße: Berlin looks different at night, better, but also a little eerie. Some parts remind me of communist Bucharest, whilst other neighbourhoods reminded us both of the Bristolian streets.

Berlin Photography

Friedrichstraße: It's all about seeing how Berlin looks like through the cracks of history.

Streets of Berlin Photography

Friedrichstraße: I know Berlin is safe, or so they say. It's the 27th safest city in the world, but I can't stop thinking about Berlin Syndrome.

Make up Berlin Photography

Friedrichstadt-Palast: We decided to go see The One in Berlin. We were lucky enough to get a little peek behind the scenes. The One was one of the most colourful, exciting shows we've ever seen. If you love colours, then you'll like doing these fun things to do in Berlin.

The One Berlin

Friedrichstadt-Palast: Over 100 performers on stage. Acrobats, singers, artists, all made The One a dreamy show which you can't miss during your trip to Berlin.

Berlin Subway

Berlin Subway: A bit rough, a bit dirty, Berlin's subway system is 116 years old. It's extensive, reliable and a bit nuts at night.

Inside Subway Berlin

Berlin Subway: The subway undertook major development after the World War II.

Shapes Berlin Photography

Berlin Subway: There are fun stations, dirty stations, metallic stations and simple stations.

At the window Berlin Photography

Berlin Syndrome: I often wonder what happens behind closed... windows.

Memorial Berlin Photography

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe: A heavy place, where history meets hope. We hope to end all wars, forever. Life has one goal and one goal only: to stay alive.

Jewish memorial Berlin

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe: The walls are cold. It's also unusually silent between the blocks. You can't hear anything, but some quiet steps behind and distant voices which slowly fade once more... There are cracks and there are holes in our history books. We need to teach that only love makes life.

Cora Street Berlin Photography

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe: My name is Coralia but they used to call me Cora. I am not this Cora... Cora Berliner was an economist and social scientist and a victim of the Nazi regime. She was a pioneer of social work.

Brandenburg Gate Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate: an 18th-century neoclassical monument in Berlin. The Gate stood between East and West Germany, becoming part of the Berlin Wall.

Shapes and Buildings Berlin

Berlin Photography: There are hidden figures behind all heavy walls.

French Palace Berlin

Neue Kirche: 18th-century structure including displays on the parliamentary democracy of the German Bundestag.

Concert Hall Berlin

Konzerthaus Berlin: For when you wish to escape the heavy history and get lost in the sounds of music.

Man on a bike Berlin

Friedrichstraße: It's all about sneakers on wheels.

Bikes on the road berlin

Hackescher Markt: Every city looks better when there are bikes everywhere. Berlin is no exception. It reminded us of our home, Bristol, UK.

Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral Church: Located on the museum island in Berlin, this is one of the most fascinating, majestic buildings in the city.

Quote Berlin

"That was but a prelude;
where they burn books,
they will ultimately burn people as well."
Heinrich Heine 1820

Disco Ball Berlin

Fernsehturm: The tower was constructed between 1965-69 by the government of the German Democratic Republic. They say it was used by the communists to spy into West Germany.

Bikes and walls berlin

Walls of love and Bike for Earth in Berlin.

under construction Berlin

Half and half: The ever divided Berlin.

War memorial Berlin

The Neue Wache: Also known as the Central Memorial of the Federal Republic of Germany for the Victims of War and Dictatorship. It represents a mother holding her dying son exposed to the elements.

The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall: When a wall comes down, who said you cannot build another in good faith.

The Berlin Wall Together

The Berlin Wall: When something as arbitrary as a bit of concrete can divide people for far too many years.

Checkpoint Charlie Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie: It was in fact, Checkpoint C, and it was well known due to its location on the Friedrichstraße.

Berlin Dome

The Bundestag: Visit the Dome and learn about the transparency of the current government.

Berlin Dome Evening

The Bundestag: View of the dome from the roof terrace.

Hold Me Berlin Photography

Berlin: Grab the ball and feel its soul.

Duck and cover - Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie: These are all fake. Street sellers are importing these from abroad and sell them to tourists as memorabilia.

Freedom of information Berlin

Berlin Subway: Because freedom of speech should be taken seriously.

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14 Mar 2018

Even though you couldn't connect with the city, I absolutely love how you photographed it in black & white! So great being able to meet you xo

16 Mar 2018

I'm so glad you like it! I'm excited we met and look forward to seeing you in May xx