Beautiful Tokyo Photography


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Wow beautiful photos, I really love the colour pallette you have used.

Such a beautiful collection Cory!! We share the same passion about Japan! I miss it so much!

Absolutely beautiful photography! Tokyo is on my list and I can't wait to visit!

Japan is definitely beautiful and phorogenic! 8 am dying to go back to take more photos. Gorgeous photos!

I've never been to Japan and it never struck me as a colorful place for some reason. Your photographs seem to tell a whole different tale!

Your photography is beautiful and iconic--I love your use of light, especially in the photos that aren't as "bright" if you understand my meaning. Every shot conveyed a different tone of the city.

How do maintain your quality when posting images on your blog? Beautiful work!

Lovely pictures! Can't wait to take some of my own!

These are so lovely! I'm going to Japan in November and this makes me excited!

I can't say Japan has ever been at the top of my list, but the more beautiful photos I see like this, the more I can't wait to go! I love the attention to detail in your photography, what a beautiful collection.

Mind blowing photos, Tokyo looks such a bustling and lively city. Love the lit up billboards and colorful bicycles. Such a vibrant photo collection.

This is so beautiful! Felt almost as if I could smell flowers and the rain!

Cory, I adore these! I've spent a lot of time in Japan and miss it so much - I actually felt emotional looking at these haha! All the little details, the rain on the streets, the egg in the ramen - it's all taking me back. There's nowhere better.

Perfectly captures the feeling of the city and makes me want to go to Tokyo!

I loveeeee this photo diary, Cory! Even in the rain at night, you captured Shibuya Crossing so beautifully. Missing ramen in Tokyo – will be back again this year for the real thing, yay!

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