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30 Ultimate Tips On How To Make Your Blog Posts Rock

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This might come as a shock, but blog writing isn't much of an art. It's actually science. The more you try to figure out how to make your content stand out, the more you will realise it comes down to science. No well-established blogger made it overnight because of their incredibly awesome artistic skills. No! It was all because of a combination of factors, hard work, originality, relevance, appeal, value and problem-solving. In the name of science, I've decided to share with you these 30 ultimate tips on how to make your blog posts rock!

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Know your readers

Without readers, you will have no blog. Get to know who they are, why they are coming to your blog, what they love or hate about it. Organise meetups, email and ask them what they think of your posts and content. Always take feedback into consideration and amend your writing accordingly. You can also visit Alexa to figure out who your audience is.

Address your readers major issues

Before starting a new blog post, do a little research. Is your topic oversaturated? Is anyone searching for your title on Google?
After you carefully pick your topic, ask yourself: will my post answer my readers' questions?

Create great headlines

Based on your title people decide whether they click or not on your article. You need to be intriguing and luring. Titles are also important for search engines which will index you based on your content. Bear in mind many people share content without even reading it, simply because the title is crazy good. For further help on how to create the best titles, try the Headline Analyser from Coschedule.

Use images

Break your content with meaningful images. Everyone is visual and images say more than 1000 words. Use your photographic skills and integrate great imagery within your post. Be daring and make your pics spark emotions so people are more inclined to share your content.

Create lists

With lists, your post will become scannable, readable, easier to understand and of course more memorable. Make sure to don't overdo this though. Always structure your content properly for readers to find information quickly and efficiently.

Have a readable layout

Plan your content: intriguing introduction, problem-solving content and punchy conclusion. It takes time to master all three, but once you do, your readers will always be left hungry for more and will share your content.

Be yourself, someone else is already taken

Always think of this amazing Oscar Wilde quote. People like other individuals and not copycats. As tempting as it may be to copy others, always be yourself and allow for your personality to take over your blog.

Take a travel writing course

It is important that you understand how blog writing differs from other types of journalism. For example, you don't want to go all Jane Eyre when you talk about a travelling experience. Unique and candid is always good, just don't overdo it. Readers like short and concise. If they want novels, they go to the library.

Master Social Media

Understand how to utilise social media to your advantage. Research what type of content gets shared the most and try to tailor your social media posts accordingly. Make sure you have a social media presence so people can easily find you and your blog.

Schedule your social media posts

Writing on your blog takes a lot of time, and as I already mentioned you cannot ignore social mediums. It is imperative that you keep up with trends and post often. Because this can easily take over your life, I suggest using a pre-scheduling tool. Give Tailwind a try.

Cory Kyoto Arashiyama

Call to actions

Include a few call to actions in your blog post. For example, at the end of the post, you can ask your readers to leave a comment or share your post. If you don't ask, you don't get.

Links, glorious links

In order for your blog to become more useful, you should use links. Your reader won't have to Google a product or service you are talking about but will have the necessary tools right on your website. Make sure you read Google's guidelines on posting links.


Learn SEO inside out. You will need it to be able to create great content which is tailored to both, readers and search engines. It is vital you don't just become SEO focused as your readers will notice this in your style of writing and will start abandoning your blog. Start by getting an epic keyword research tool. I use KW Finder and I love it the most.

Google Analytics

You need to master Google Analytics to see how many visitors you get on your blog. Beyond that, you can figure out the hours your visitor numbers peak, the channels you are getting your readers from, the percentage of returning visitors, bounce rates and the most popular keywords on Google.

Google Webmaster tools

Recently rebranded to Google Search Console this free of charge web service allows you to check your blog posts indexing status. From here you can dig deeper to understand how much organic search you are getting on your website, where from and which keywords you appear for mostly.

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Featured pictures

Your featured pictures are your book cover. Make them count! Create a visual impact and intrigue your readers so they are willing to click, read and share.

Perfect length

The idea is that you don't create a 50-page novel, but you don't write 300 words blog post either. Keep it short and sweet, but in doing so remember you are a problem solver. Did you create a great intro? Did your main body answer your readers' question? Is your conclusion awesome and to the point? Then you are a rock star.

Pro Tip: Google loves lengthy articles, so make sure some of your SEO posts are well detailed. Always aim for over 1500 words at the very minimum.


Learn from established bloggers and go to conferences related to your niche. Join special Facebook community groups and figure out how others do things. I cannot stress enough the importance of networking, especially during the early stages of your blogging career.

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Figure out who you are

What sort of writer are you? Do you want to inspire? Do you wish to motivate or teach? Figure out who you are and allow your readers to discover your personality. Make your website in line with who you are. Ensure your blog represents you entirely.

Design matters

How many times did you pick up a product which looked bad? How many times did you stick around a website which looked outdated? NEVER! And that's because design matters! Once your website starts taking off, make it stand out. Hire a designer and a developer and create that cutting edge website everyone loves to visit and share.

Read, read more, then write

As Stephen King said: 'In order to become a great writer you need to read a lot and write a lot.' This applies to all forms of journalism. Read other blogs and read lots of books. Read fiction and non-fiction. Read biographies, read travel books and read journals. Just read!

First sentence matters

Your first sentence is just as important as your featured image and title. Try to capture someone's interest. Be thought provoking, start with a quote or start with a story. How many times have you continued reading an article or a book after the first sentence let you down?

Talk to your reader

Address your reader directly. The same way I'm addressing you right now. I am telling you how to become a successful blogger. When you write a story, imagine you are sat down in a coffee shop with your best friend. Now start describing them your experiences.

Cory Nelson Sunset

Short sentences

Your sentences have to be short, awesome and catchy. Make sure your sentences don't contain any unnecessary words or parts. Try to be concise. Remember to connect your sentences with each other to keep your reader's interest going.


Add inspirational quotes and awesome pictures. Be a story teller, not just a writer. If your post manages to stir emotions, the reader will want to share it with others. The more people share, the more readers you get.

Make mistakes

It's absolutely fine to make mistakes, especially when you are at the beginning. Instead of feeling down, use a notepad, outline the issues, then come with solutions. An ambitious individual will embrace mistakes and treat them as useful (free) lessons.

Cory Motueka


Try to be as clear as possible when addressing your readers. There is nothing more confusing than an ambiguous blog post which leaves you hanging. Always provide good and clear content.

Be enthusiastic

Let me tell you right now if you are not in the mood to write, don't even try. Your readers will be able to tell that your content is not up to standards. If you are tired, don't write. If you are moody, don't write. Only write when you are passionate about it. Write out of enthusiasm.

Share buttons

Great, you got this far! Your content is amazing and is attracting tonnes of readers. Now that everyone wants to share your blog posts, ensure you have active social media buttons on your page. Add as many mediums as you can and make it easy for your readers to share, share, share.

Go back and edit

Whoohoo you are a blogging pro! Now it's time to go back to all those previous blog posts and edit them too. Make sure your blog as a whole is a masterpiece and not just your latest articles.

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What other tips would you add to this list? Let me know your best blogging tips in the comments section below.

Some links might be affiliate links. Should you decide to purchase by using these links, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you which helps me keep this blog fun, free and awesome.

30 Ultimate Tips On How To Make Your Blog Posts Rock by Cory Varga

Cory Varga - Cory is a published travel writer and award-winning photographer. She travels full time with her husband and is passionate about creating in-depth travel guides. Cory published her first book on Japanese customs and manners, because she's obsessed with everything Japan. She has visited hundreds of destinations and has lived in 7 different countries. Cory is multilingual and an alumna from The University of Manchester.


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21 Jun 2016

Great tips, thanks! Need to remember writing short sentences, mines are sometimes quite long...

I've noticed a tendency to abandon image optimization even by experienced bloggers (you are doing a great job on this, by the way). And this is a part of the SEO strategy.

Also, I recently was reading a blog where author placed many links in the post, and part of them were leading me back to the same page I was reading. What an unnecessary piece of work and frustration for readers! Well, I am sure I am also doing some mistakes, still in the process of learning...

02 Aug 2016

Totally valid points!! Thanks for sharing

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