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Navigator - Around the world in 80 pages - The traveller defined by everything after Tokyo
Downend Voice February 2017, Issue 48 - Cory's Travels - Kyoto - A Perfect Combination Of Ancient And Modern Japan
Downend Voice January 2017, Issue 47 - Cory's Travels - Marvel at Madeira, My Dear
Downend Voice December 2016, Issue 46 - Cory's Travels - A gem on the Danube
Downend Voice November 2016, Issue 45 - Cory's Travels - My favourite European City
Downend Voice October 2016, Issue 44 - Featured: Why there's no place like home...

UK blog award finalist

Special Accolade

UK Blog Award 2018 Finalists

You Could Travel is nominated under the Photography category for 2018. The UK Blog Awards is the most prestigious, and the only, multi-industry awards honouring online excellence.

Tokyo Japan Street Night

Special Accolade

Top 30 Travel Blogs 2017

Navigator - Around the world in 80 pages - published book

The traveller defined by everything after Tokyo

Cory G Exploring The World


Top 100 Travel Blogs

Pleased to be on the Top 100 Travel Blogs alongside many influencer friends. Our aim is to continue to hike to the top by providing fantastic travel content and great advise which creates a loyal community. We want to help others travel safely and efficiently.

Tokyo Japan Sunset

Travel DK

3 ideas for a two week trip to Japan

"Whether you're after a shot of culture, fancy sampling the best cuisine, or just want to see as many highlights as possible, Cory Varga suggests three different itineraries to help you plan a two-week trip to Japan."

What to see in Budapest Timing

Lonely Planet

Top Instagram from March 2017

‘We were on our way to the Gellert Spa when we came across this beautiful green bridge. I waited for the traffic lights to go red so I could take a picture of a bridge in all its splendour… but a cyclist decided to cross the road. Sometimes, good timing can transform an ordinary place into an extraordinary visual memory.’ – Cory & G Varga, @youcouldtravel.

Japanese Kimono Woman Man


Top Travel Blogs 2017

So excited to be on the top travel blogs list created by Smartlad. It's such honour to be included on the 2017 list providing we only just started our little blog in April 2016. We promise to keep it up and bring you the best, most comprehensive stories about safe, soft adventure travel.

Why You Need To Enjoy The Danube River Cruise In Budapest

Matador Network

13 photos that prove Budapest is the most beautiful city in the world

Check out our pictures of Budapest, in order to convince you why we think the Hungarian capital is such fascinating city.

You Could Travel Paradise Seychelles


Why there is no place like home

"CORY Varga had a light bulb moment when sharing her holiday snaps on social media. She realised the images looked exactly the same as those of her friends'. They were typical holiday photos and the formula was simple: tourist + famous landmark = holiday fun. "

You Could Travel Japan Food


25 Types Of Food That Will Make You Want To Visit Japan

"Whether is a cute sundae, a matcha sweet or a deliciously looking chocolate coated banana on a stick, Japan has the best food in the world! WARNING - Don't check this out if you don't have food next to you! I'm literally drooling."

Japan Beautiful Red Paper Oil Umbrella

Bored Panda

This Is How Japan Ruined My Life Forever

"Before my trip to Japan I was your ordinary UX Designer. I loved my job, my life and my daily routine. Everything changed after my 26th birthday, when I embarked on a long journey to Japan. When I arrived, I felt that my life as I knew it, was gone forever."