Where are we from?

I am a Romanian-born British citizen and G is a Hungarian-born British citizen. 

What camera do you use?

I use a Fujifilm X-T10. Sometimes I use my Nexus 5X camera, but very rarely. I have a tripod and a gorilla for my travel photography.

Who writes on the blog?

That would be me (Cory). Whilst G travels with me and helps me with my photography, he looks after the technical side of You Could Travel. I am the writer behind each and every single article on this website. 

What sort of blog is You Could Travel?

You Could Travel specialises in soft adventure travel, off the beaten path destinations and culinary affairs. Our website is geared towards inspiring others through information packed articles that revolve around travel guides, recommendations, and tips. You Could Travel focuses on out of ordinary quests and underlines positives experiences abroad to encourage and motivate through personal adventures.

What is your favourite destination

Tokyo, Japan. We want to eventually move there and get old in an awesome Japanese house. We have a great article to helps you find where to stay in Tokyo for tourists and first time visitors.

You can read about how Japan changed my life here.

Who is behind You Could Travel?

Thank you for asking, we are Cory and G, a married duo with a crazy passion for travelling the world.

You can read more about the story behind You Could Travel.

Cory and G you could travel honeymoon

How do you afford to travel?

We couldn't always afford to travel and it took us many years of education and desk jobs to get to where we are today. After years of trials and errors, we decided to create our own digital studio, which now enables us to be location independent and fund our adventures around the world. Check it out here

Do you always travel together?

Yes! We work, live and travel together. We understand that not many couples would love to spend 24/7 together, but this sort of lifestyle suits us perfectly. 

Who takes the photos?

I take all pictures of nature, landscapes, cities, destinations and places. Each and every single one of them is carefully measured, then snapped with my Fujifilm X-T10. All pictures of me are usually taken by G, who loves stealing my camera and experimenting with interesting perspectives and funky compositions.

Cory London Fortnum Mason

How can I become a travel blogger?

Create a blog and start writing. This is definitely the first step, and the rest will come with time, patience and perseverance. 
If you wish to start a travel blog because you believe you might travel for free, it’s not going to work. However, if you are passionate about writing and wish to dedicate countless evenings to building up an audience, creating engaging content and figuring out ways on how to become a better writer, then great!
You will need will power, passion and patience...and a website of course.

If you need a custom blog design and development, follow this link.

How do I edit my photos?

I take my pictures with my Fujifilm X-T10. I then carefully edit them by using one of the following software: Lightroom, Photoshop, Aperture, Canva, Picmonkey, Instagram, Sketch.  

How many languages do you guys speak?

I am proficient in two languages: Romanian and English. I have conversational skills in French and Spanish. I know basic Italian. I am a complete novice in Hungarian, but getting better and better at it. G knows Hungarian and English. He is a novice in Romanian and keen to learn French.

We are currently undertaking a major task: We are both in the process of learning Japanese. 

Honeymoon in the Seychelles

Where did you study?

I studied Law with Criminology at the University of Manchester.  G studied Computer Science at the University of Bristol.

What motivates you to travel?

The short answer: Our love for nature and science. We've seen countless David Attenborough documentaries and his passion for the natural world really has had a positive impact on us. We find him to be our greatest inspiration. Through him, we learned about other great explorers and travellers who helped discover everything that we know today. We are both motivated to learn about our planet and understand not just animals and plants, but human development and the evolution of cultures.
Need some motivation to travel? Read our Travel Inspiration Stories.

Want to know more?

Here are some trivial facts about us:

  • We love nature and outdoors activities. We are obsessed with natural sciences and are botanic garden lovers. We are always keen to learn more about the world around us.
  • We adore science books. We have curious minds and are hungry for knowledge. I am particularly interested in astrophysics whilst G loves to learn about technological advancements. Sometimes we like to get into philosophical debates about life, the universe and everything.
  • I have two tattoos. One on my wrist and one on my back. G loves my ink but says he would never get a tattoo. 
  • We are crazy about seafood. 
  • I adore tea. I have over 50 varieties of tea in my house. I can’t live without green tea and milky oolong is my absolute favourite. G prefers coffee.
  • To afford to travel, we created 42droids Ltd, a super awesome digital agency to help other companies and bloggers like yourself succeed.

Any Questions?

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Lots of love,

Cory & G

Cory and G are exploring the world

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