Where can I learn more about You Could Travel?

You can learn more about You Could Travel on our about page.

You Could Travel's mission is to ignite the explorer in all of us through vivid storytelling.
Our site serves as a portal to help you explore the farthest reaches of our blue planet and learn about it through adventure, photography and sustainability.

What sort of website is You Could Travel?

You Could Travel is a travel website that wants to improve its readers' life through transformational travel experiences. Travel is about seeing the magic in the world and capturing the most incredible moments forever. You Could Travel helps ordinary people become avid explorers who live an inspiring and fulfilling life.

Are there any travel resources you recommend?

Yes, we do. We have travel resources our writers and editors use on a daily basis. We put them together to help you stay organised when you plan your next trip

Do you work with travel partners?

Yes, we do. You can see our work with us page here and enquire about a partnership. We disclose our partnerships and we always publish our honest views about a partner and experience.

Do you accept guest posts?

No, we do not. Please do not send us your pitch.

Do you accept sponsored posts?

We work with carefully selected travel partners only. For more details please contact us. You can access our media kit here.

We only write sponsored posts about places our team has experienced first-hand. We only recommend products our team has tried and tested properly.

Which destinations do you feature?

We have an ever-growing list of awesome destinations we encourage you to visit and discover. We continue to travel, explore and bring you new complete travel guides and blog posts.

Do you help others become travel writers?

Yes, we do. Please check our resources on You Could Blog. We are preparing masterclasses and boot camps specifically tailored to individuals who want to make a living by running travel websites just like You Could Travel.

Do you have published resources?

We do. We have a book called How to behave in Japan which is full of Japanese illustrations and insightful information. You can purchase it on Amazon. We also have an incredible travel planner which can be used for up to 5 trips to plan everything about your trip and store your memories and thoughts in one place. You can purchase it on Amazon also.