Kanda Matsuri

The Kanda Matsuri is one of Tokyo’s most significant festivals, dating back to the 17th century, originally celebrating Tokugawa Ieyasu’s victory at Sekigahara.

Kanda Matsuri is held at the Kanda Shrine and nearby areas, every other year in May, alternating with the Sannō Matsuri.

The main attraction is the parade on Saturday, a day-long event featuring over 200 mikoshi, musicians, dancers, and historical floats, capturing the essence of the Edo period.

It’s a mix of solemn tradition and festive celebration, with participants dressed in period costumes, and even monks on horseback, reflecting the festival’s historical significance.

Apart from the parades, the festival features taiko drum performances, traditional music, and food stands, offering a comprehensive cultural experience.


May 11 (Thursday)
19:00 – Phoenix Palanquin Transfer Ceremony

May 12 (Friday)
Evening – Parishioner Town Association Mikoshi Spirit Induction

May 13 (Saturday)
All day – Shinko Festival

May 13 (Saturday)
Around 14:45 – Attached Festival

May 13 (Saturday)
16:00 – Shinko Festival Mikoshi Shrine Entry

May 14 (Sunday)
09:00 – Mikoshi Shrine Entry

May 16 (Tuesday)
11:00 – Dedication Tea Ceremony by the Head of the Omotesenke School

May 16 (Tuesday)
18:00 – Myojin Noh & Yugen no Hana

May 17 (Wednesday)
14:00 – Regular Grand Festival