Mount Mitake Sunrise Festival

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Samurai costume you will see during Kachiya Festival (samurai festival)

Kachiya Festival

May 05 – May 05
Mount Mitake Sunrise Festival

Hinode Matsuri (Sunrise Festival)

May 07 – May 08
Beautiful wisteria flowers which can be seen during the Fuji Matsuri in Tokyo


Apr 15 – May 05
Bunkyo Azalea Festival at Nezu Shrine

Bunkyo Azalea Festival

Mar 30 – Apr 30
Mount Takao in Japan

Takao Wakaba Festival

Apr 15 – May 31
A large wooden entrance arch to the main Meiji shrine

Meiji Shrine Spring Grand Festival

Apr 30 – May 03
Kanda Shrine where the Kanda matsuri takes place

Kanda Matsuri

May 11 – May 17