Due to the sheer size and length of North America, and because of the US spanning it, there’s just about any type of landscape, terrain, and scenery to be found in its territory. From deserts like the one found in Nevada, to the world-famous Rocky Mountains, and everything else in between, there’s just about anything for anyone here. The scenery and landscape are absolutely one of the most varied in the entire world.


Since the US is the largest melting pot of cultures, its cuisine accurately reflects this. The many types of cuisine found in the US all blend together to form a sort-of pan-American kitchen, that’s based on the history of the US as a whole. The pioneers and settlers that came from Europe all brought with them their own traditional dishes, like protestant or catholic meals, which eventually created the modern day cuisine, that’s just a smorgasbord of many different foods fused together as a delicious whole.


American culture is based on the settlers and pioneers that came to the shores of North America and formed their own unique communities and settlements. Since then, the country’s evolution as a whole meant that creating a singular culture would be impossible, but rather cherishing the diversity and accepting that everyone had different roots. Because of this, there is only the American spirit, which fully encapsulates the diversity that the US has always stood for, and is easily reflected in any and every part of its culture.

Dynamic Cities

The US has some of the world’s most fascinating and popular cities. There’s something absolutely stunning about the variety and aesthetic of cities like New York, or diversity and magic in cities like Los Angeles, Boston or Denver. The dynamic might be different in each city, as well as the atmosphere, but there’s an underlying constant American feeling present at all times in every city.