To say that New Zealand is a gorgeous destination would be a vast understatement.


The amazing variety of New Zealand’s landscape must not go unnoticed. It’s a land of geographical diversity that has enticed many a traveller to roam its varied scenery, where beauty and uniqueness are the names of the game. New Zealand as a country spans two relatively small islands on which you can find volcanoes, glaciers, fjords, but also beaches, meadows, and deep forests, all adding a certain charm that can’t be found anywhere else on the planet.


The cuisine in New Zealand readily reflects its surroundings – it’s diverse, seasonal, and fresh. Cooking and food have been largely influenced and inspired by different parts of the world, like Europe, Asia, Polynesia, with many local ingredients being used in unique ways in recipes from all around the world. Fish and lobster are a mainstay, but also lamb and venison, as well as a wide plethora of sea-based food that is constantly fresh and spiced just enough to have its own unique flavour. Kiwi wine is also a unique part of New Zealand’s cuisine that has awed any visitor from anywhere in the world.


New Zealand’s national character is one of friendliness, politeness, but also vibrancy and colourfulness. The local Maori population has largely influenced the newcomers that settled long after the Maori started living on New Zealand’s land, and even the newcomers’ accent was influenced and changed by the locals. This is one of the reasons that arts and crafts are such a large part of New Zealand’s culture, with many unique, interesting, and downright quirky crafts being made in its many regions, with sports and outdoors taking a very close second as the pillars of New Zealand’s culture.


New Zealand’s scenery and nature are so absolutely striking and breathtaking that it’s inspired filmmakers and artists to create pieces of art that have stood the test of time. One of history’s most acclaimed film series, The Lord of the Rings was filmed on location in New Zealand and is praised for using the fully stunning natural beauty of New Zealand to its maximum potential. The scenery of the country is varied to the maximum, and every sight is a picturesque one.

The gorgeousness and uniqueness of New Zealand is something no traveller should even consider skipping, as it’s a destination that anyone will love.