If the fact that Australia is both a country and a continent doesn’t motivate you to pack your bags to come here, then probably its rich landscape should be something to look forward to. Australia has a fascinating mix of climate and a diverse geography. It's difficult to grasp the nature of the Australian landscape in just one visit. You may experience snowing in the caped mountains of the Australian Alps, the harsh climate of the vast desserts or the humidity in the tropical forests of the country. If all these weather conditions are a bit overwhelming to you, you can always go to the beach and enjoy the soothing breeze while you bask in the sand.


The British cuisine since the colonial period has been the essence of the Australian cuisine. When you get a chance to land in Australia, your tongue will be tantalized by the traditional dishes typical to the locals. Try chicken parmigiana, the Lamingtons (the national cake of Australia), Pavlova (the famous dessert created in honour of Anna Pavlova) the Aboriginal Barramundi fish and lastly the lean or tasty grilled Kangaroo to name a few.


British culture trickles down to the traditions and heritage of Australia. The presence of the Aborigines also plays a significant role in the cultural influence. English is the primary language in the country, and the natives have a unique accent close to Britain’s. Regardless, Australia’s culture is also versatile nurtured by the different immigrants in the country. You should probably watch out for Larrikinism which is a fundamental norm of the culture that reveres troublemakers.


Australia’s nature is a mash-up of the fascinating geography and landscape of the country. The country strikes a great balance between nature and the modern urban sector. Flora and fauna present breathtaking sceneries. The whole country is literally one big photo booth because anywhere you take a picture turns out to be fantastic. The significant animals you are bound to see in Australia are kangaroos and they are the pride of the nation. Other animals you can encounter in Australia include the koala and the dingoes. Away from the wild, you should also experience the city life of Australia. Cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth all have exciting restaurants, shopping outlets, and fantastic service.

Australia is an environmentally well-kept country with great sceneries you wouldn’t want to miss. Book your flight now and come to see the live action of kangaroos running with its kid on its poach.