The scenery that can be found in Slovakia is the poster child for every fairy tale and fantasy story ever told. The entire country feels like it rises from the south and continues up to the north in the Carpathian Mountains, with trails of lowlands and picturesque and deep basis giving rise to one of Europe’s most imposing mountain ranges. The entire country gives off a relaxing ambience, and its greenery is not easily forgotten.


Originally in the past, the Slovak cuisine mostly comprised of simple, meat and veg based food. That’s not to say that those meals were not delicious, but rather the people from the past concerned themselves with food that can withstand hot summers and cold winters. Since then, the relatively simple food of Slovakia has become significantly diverse and unique, and it’s very rare to find authentic Slovak food outside of the country. Due to influences from its neighbours, meat-based dishes have become part of the norm, but potatoes are a staple as well, as most of its sweets – like pancakes – are among the most delicious in Europe.


Slovaks as a people are incredibly sturdy and used to bearing the sometimes harsh conditions of the country. They’re originally Slavs that had come from the east of Slovakia, and some of the traditions and culture from old Slavic times can still be found easily in the country. Slovakia has incredibly rich folklore, and traditional art has a place in every corner of the country, and even though Slovakian culture from today is decidedly modern, there are still plenty of influences from the past.

Dynamic Cities

Slovakia may not have existed as a country for a very long time, but it’s been inhabited for centuries, and by peoples with their own identities and character. This led to many amazing cities, each with their own unique development, culture, and art. This means that a lot of the population lives in smaller cities with their own personal charm and aesthetic, and each one is more unique than the last.