The home of many myths and legends, the country of Romania is fascinating, to say the least.


If there’s one thing that can be said of Romanian scenery is that it’s incredibly varied. In fact, the entire country is evenly split between mountains, plains, and hills, so there’s no shortage of different scenes anywhere the eye can see. It’s many winding paths and twisting hills are filled with forests and slopes, and among its many natural jewels are the Carpathians, an old mountain range with gorgeous sights, and the gem of Europe, the Danube River.


Romania has been the centre point for the paths of many peoples and cultures, and that, in turn, led to a cuisine that’s incredibly varied and influenced by centuries of cultural mixing, but it’s still a cuisine that has its own personal touch. Romanian cuisine offers many unique dishes that range from highly diverse soups to many meat-based meals, and one of the stars of the Romanian kitchen is their affinity for potent spirits, which are considered as some of the best alcoholic beverages – and they pack quite a punch.


A culture that’s an interesting mix between the Balkans and Northern Europe, Romanian culture is varied and extremely influenced by the conflicts that happened in its past. Highly influenced by its neighbours, but also quite notably its own unique culture, Romania is also the home of many legends, among which the most notable one is of Dracula. Supposedly a vampire, he was a ruthless warlord who enjoyed the grand display of power that afterwards led to his portrayal as a monster. However, Romanian culture is not defined by small parts of its history, and is a rather peaceful culture, with a very interesting leisurely aspect.

Dynamic Cities

Romania’s cities may have a more down-to-earth feel in general, nicknamed the Little Paris. After a few decades of political and domestic turmoil, Bucharest was turned into a city that can easily rival the most popular and developed cities in Europe. There are many unique and dynamic cities, as well, and with access to the Black Sea there’s a unique difference between continental and coastal cities, but its many interesting cities like Brasov, Timisoara, or Constanta, all remain excellent cities that are well worth a visit.