Definitely a windy country with a peculiar climate, the geography of Netherlands is quite unique. In fact, some parts of the country are even below sea level, while most are barely a meter above, so that has led to relatively mild maritime climate with periodic rains. As a flat country with only a few elevation points – large parts of the Netherlands are covered in water.


The Dutch have always been explorers, and that aspect is largely reflected by Dutch cuisine. Traditionally Dutch food is simplistic and quite straightforward. In the 20th century, however, that drastically changed due to the influx of food from Dutch colonies, which led to a fascinatingly diverse kitchen filled with meals of all sorts – there’s even a meal that’s called Hotch Potch, which actually means hodgepodge, but is a delicious mix and match of vegetables and meat.


The Netherlands isn’t a particularly large country, and because it’s surrounded by large neighbours from any side but the north, the Dutch people had to resort to naval exploration and trading. This, in turn, led to a culture filled with diversity, acceptance, liberalism, which can still be felt to this day. The Dutch people are among the world’s most vocal advocates of peace and acceptance, and have been quite influential as a culture – Dutch painting was considered as some of the best in the world at its peak.

Dynamic Cities

There are few other cities in the world as popular as Amsterdam. While that might be the prime example of a dynamic Dutch city, every other city in the Netherlands is just as unique and fascinating to see. Dutch cities are complex mechanisms with many cogs that all operate together on a large scale, they’re quite varied in terms of art, culture, architecture and the like, and cities like Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, and many more, are all fine examples of highly developed countries that are just a treat to visit.

The Netherlands is definitely a fascinating country. There are few other countries in the world that offer such a breath of fresh air when it comes to diversity and completeness, so visiting it is quite a must.