Montenegro is a mountainous country with relatively little flat ground. Even the name of its capital, Podgorica, means City Under the Hill. This shouldn’t mean that there’s nothing to see, however, because its many winding roads lead to one of the best seas in the world – the Adriatic Sea. The rugged coastline is absolutely a gorgeous sight, with tall, looming mountains as far as the eye can see, and waters so fine that it can make anybody never want to leave.


As with most Balkan countries, Montenegro’s kitchen is largely concentrated around meat. Its main influences are the Turkish cuisine, as well as Serbian and Hungarian, so stews and minced meat dishes are a mainstay. Because of its access to the Adriatic, the coastal regions are known for unique and delicious fish-based recipes, and all in all, Montenegrin cuisine is quite diverse. While there are differences between the coastal and highlands regions, the food is constantly delicious and is considered as one of the best of Europe.


The history of Montenegro is quite fascinating and stunning. From a long occupation by the Ottoman Empire to the cultural influence of Venice and Italy, Montenegro is evidently Mediterranean but with a unique twist. Its traditions are old and deep, and the religious background can’t be ignored, but there’s a distinct pluralism in everything related to culture. Stunning architecture is everywhere, and traditional art and handcrafted items can be regularly found in its many markets, but one of the biggest appeals of Montenegrin culture is the fact that it feels so specifically unique, yet international.

Dynamic Cities

Tourism is a large part of Montenegro and is no surprise that a place with such a long history has a list with so many unique and dynamic places to visit. Montenegro isn’t a large country, and neither are its cities, but they’re absolutely filled with spirit. The coastal region is chock-full with cities of a peculiar character, like Kotor, Tivat, and Budva – which is often likened as Nice of the Balkans. The old parts of these cities are vibrant and filled with restaurants, ancient ruins, and many local markets, all of which add to a superb ambience that can rarely be matched.

Montenegro is a country as lively as it gets. It holds a surprise in every corner, and each of its many destinations is more stunning than the last.