A country with an unusual layout, to say the least, the scenery of Monaco is quite dashing. It has one of the best locations on the Mediterranean which affords the country a perfect climate all year round and is surrounded by France from the north, east, and west, while the Mediterranean occupies the entire southern side. Monaco’s territory is small and is almost entirely a narrow coastline with amazing beaches, but it’s also surrounded by tall mountains from the mainland which tower above the streets of Monte Carlo.


Due to its location and inherent connectivity to France and nearby Italy, the cuisine of Monaco is quite colourful, but with a unique speck of fanciness. Centuries of influence from its neighbours means that pastries and pies are a mainstay, as well as some fish-based delicacies. The uniqueness in Monaco’s cuisine comes from its duality because many of the local dishes are either sweet or sour – and some are even both – which has led to a very interesting popularity in the international kitchen.


While Monaco has an interesting and colourful history which dates even to Ancient Greek legends, it finally set into its own after the introduction of casinos in the 19th century. Since then it’s grown into a haven for the rich and wealthy and is considered a premium destination, but besides that, it’s a very calm country with deep-rooted religious beliefs. The influence of France can’t be denied, however, as Monaco is also a haven for many modern cultural and artistic endeavours, and its many galleries and theatres are proof of that.

Dynamic Cities

Monaco doesn’t really have cities since it’s a sovereign city-state, but the dynamics of its most popular area – Monte Carlo – can’t be overstated. A place filled with resorts, casinos, galleries, and theatres, Monaco, and by extension Monte Carlo, is one of the liveliest locations on planet Earth. Celebrities from the entire world flock to its shore and numerous sports activities happen on its soil, like tennis tournaments, or Grand Prix rallies, so no matter the time of day, there’s always something grand or fabulous happening in Monaco.

Maybe Monaco is a tiny country – second tiniest in the world after the Vatican – but it’s absolutely filled with things to do and places to see. The small size only helps because every visit is a focused one.