Gorgeous and stunning, this archipelago is one of those unforgettable destinations that are worth visiting at least several times.


As an archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Madeira has some very interesting geography. It’s comprised of several different islands and islets, all with their own unique charm and character, but all of them are primarily volcanic islands with a scenery that can leave and person breathless. With many forested areas, pebbled beaches, mountains – and even volcanoes, like the shield volcano on Madeira Island – the landscape of Madeira is simply breathtaking.


Due to its unique locations in the middle of the Atlantic, the cuisine of Madeira was always bound to become interesting. Influences from many different countries and regions can be easily felt in local dishes, but there’s always a traditional old world feeling always present in most meals. While fish is a staple of any island nation – and that’s the case with Madeira – there unique meat-based dishes that can trace their roots back to Europe. Potent alcoholic spirits are a mainstay in Madeiran cuisine, like unique liqueurs and wines that are absolutely delicious.


As an autonomous Portuguese region, Madeira’s modern culture is primarily influenced by Portugal, but traditionally it had fallen under the influence of many different cultures, especially seafaring ones that have passed through Madeira. Madeirans are religious peoples, and one of the most fascinating aspects of this is their veneration of Christmas – since arts and crafts are a mainstay of the local culture, there are festivals with song and dance that start on Christmas Eve and continue well into the New Year. Many of Madeiran celebrations are religion based, but as a people, they’re lively and quite prone to relaxing, yet entrancing, displays of song and dance.


Every single aspect that’s related to nature on Madeira is absolutely fascinating. Its biodiversity count is through the roof – it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and many of its forests and forested regions are so old that they can barely be dated. The scenery of Madeira has rooted into the Prehistoric area from millions of years ago, and the virginal beauty of the archipelago is arguably its biggest draw.

Madeira is an absolutely fine destination that downright deserves several visits. There are numerous things to do and see that simply shouldn’t be skipped.