Few other countries in the world can boast about bone-chilling beauty like the one found on Iceland, let alone with an old and varied culture like Iceland’s.


Truly an island whose scenery is practically never-endingly diverse. The entire island feels like a landscape straight out of Nordic mythology, with its stunning fjords, waterfalls, lava formations, and geothermal activity. Yet even despite the name, ice is not the only dominant sight found on this island, because there are soft mossy areas, enchanting forests, and plains that feel ripped from a fantasy novel.


Iceland’s cuisine can trace its roots back to the time when Vikings still plundered the seas in search of adventure and loot. Due to its harsh natural limitations and intrinsic solitude, the basics of the Icelandic culinary traditions haven’t changed that much. Yet Icelandic cuisine is becoming more popular than ever, mostly thanks to local chefs who’ve gotten much more creative than in the past, and have used have the relatively few natural resources – like lamb, fish, and skyr – to a degree previously tough impossible. Today’s Icelandic cuisine is an absolute treat because of this.


Generally, Iceland is considered a secular nation, but its roots are deeply tied to Nordic tradition. Christian holidays have made their home even on this modest island, but they’re much more deeply connected to previous local customs and tradition than most other places in the world. One of the most unique aspects about Icelandic tradition is the Church of Odin – a temple dedicated to the old Viking gods, whose purpose is to remind Icelanders of their roots, without making them plundering seafarers whose sole mission is battle and conquest.


To say that Iceland’s nature is enchanting would be the understatement of the century. Due to its diversity, there are no two areas in Iceland that look alike, and yet each one is more striking than the last. The many ice caves, beaches that feel lifted out of time, unforgettable fjords, and wildlife as unique as the peoples living on the island, Island is one of those few places where the raw natural appeal is the thing that lures most visitors to this already charmingly stunning island.

There are almost no other destinations in the world like Iceland. Simple, yet elegant, its beauty is often underappreciated, but it’s a corner of the world that should be explored as much as possible by anyone willing to travel its rugged landscapes.