The Marvel of Central Europe

From the outstanding city of Budapest to the breathtaking natural countryside, Hungary is the perfect blend of contemporary and historical beauty. You can explore the fantastic displays of nature protected and renowned as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, like the largest thermal lake in the world Lake Hévíz, and Hortobágy, the largest natural grassland in Europe.

There are hundreds of places to visit in Hungary that will satisfy your personal desires. If you wish to explore the ancient and rich cultural heritage of a European country, you'll have dozens of castles, ruins, and museums, to enjoy to your heart's content. If you want to relax and "smell the roses" of nature, there are several biological reserves in Hungary – places untainted by man’s expansion – which you can peacefully visit and appreciate.

Traditional Cuisine

On the other hand, if you’re a gastronomical tourist, you’ll be delighted by the myriads of traditional dishes commonly served throughout the country. Indulge in a strong, old-style, meaty stews like the Goulash, and other local cuisine plates like paprikás, lángos, and stuffed cabbage.

But it’s not all food if you like wine you’ll be pleased to hear that Hungary boasts seven large wine growing regions, with dozens of vineyards offering all kinds of excellent local wine like Egri Bikavér. There are currently several tours that will take you across the country, visiting the best vineyards in each region.

Rich History and Culture

Hungarians are a proud community that had to withstand the test of time, valuing their sense of nationality and preserving their national heritage, noticeably on the several cultural World Heritages established throughout the country. If you'd like to learn about central Europe, their unique culture, and legacy, Hungary is the best place to explore and enjoy tradition and history without losing the possibility of participating in different activities.

Budapest – A Destination You Can't-Miss

Known as the “Paris of the East”, the capital city of Hungary is one of the most beautiful cities in central Europe, with remarkable historical sites which contrast with the modern architecture of the town.

As the capital city, there are hundreds of activities for all sorts of trades throughout the region, varying from historical and cultural sites to an intense and luxurious nightlife, so you’ll be able to tailor Budapest into your personal experience.

From the beautiful sights of the Danube river that splits the city in two, to the astonishing UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the Buda Castle, who rivals the palace of Versailles, this rich culture permeates every aspect of its society and welcomes tourists to enjoy the marvels of their lives.