Estonia has seen a significant surge in popularity, mainly due to its unique culture and natural beauty. Estonia is a well-developed country with a progressive society that’s absolutely worth a visit.


Estonia’s geography is absolutely mind-boggling. Due to its location, it is chock full with natural wonders, and its position on the eastern part of the Baltic Sea and proximity to the Gulf of Finland allow its maritime climate to bloom with its full potential. A destination with hauntingly beautiful surroundings the long shore of the country and flatness had a huge importance in ages past, especially in the Viking era.


Estonian cuisine has been under influence for a very long time, but even despite all the influence Estonian cooking has managed to create a spin of its own. Primarily affected by the Nordic style, based on fish, it also adds its own charm by using more meat, fresh produce, and bread than its neighbours. Estonian culture is particularly picky about its bread which is why you must absolutely try a variety of loafs when visiting this gorgeous country.


Estonian culture is a beast even when compared to the rest of Europe. The peoples of Estonia are resilient, festive, and very fond of saunas, their many folk songs reflect the depth of their history and tradition, all while being charming and extremely entertaining. Saunas are a mainstay in Estonian culture and have been around for centuries. Estonian culture is deep-rooted in its connectivity to the rest of Europe because it used to be a trade hub in the past, so it’s formed its unique blend of Baltic and Nordic cultures.


Estonia’s landscape boasts numerous forests and national parks, and among those natural retreats, the wildlife runs as free as the wind. In ages past most of the country used to be filled with glaciers of which unique remains can still be seen to this very day, and many peculiar species of animals can be found still roaming the wilderness, like beasts from European folklore: bears, wolves, and lynxes.

One of Europe’s underappreciated gems, Estonia is a gorgeous destination that will have any visitor coming back for more. From its unique culture to gorgeous aesthetics it’s a destination that’s worth many visits.