England is known for its peaceful rolling hills to the south and its craggier north, as well as its iconic rainy weather that regularly envelops the terrain.

There’s a unique aspect to England: It takes about two-thirds of the island of Britain. There is no place in the country that is farther than 75 miles from the sea, and the land is both soft and rugged at the same time.


There’s a common misconception about English cuisine that its cooking is flavourless and uneventful. This may have a deep-rooted historical aspect to it, but in today’s world, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Originally, English cooking was simple, yet effective, mostly because it had to sustain a population on an island that didn’t have access to plenty of natural resources like the rest of Europe. After the expansion of the British Empire plenty of different peoples settled on the soil of England, so naturally, tastes of all kinds appeared on its lands. Today, English cuisine is incredibly varied and contains elements of dishes found in faraway cultures, but are incorporated into the English culture to provide diverse delicious meals.


English culture has been at the global forefront for centuries. It’s one of the most popular modern countries and has become a culture synonymous with western civilization, mostly because the British Empire used to span the entire world. The expansion of English culture is something that had happened over the course of centuries, which is why the English language is arguably the most popular language in the world and is considered the de facto trade tongue on the planet. Everything from English culture like the royal family, to its entertainment, and even its history has a large part to play in the world’s large palette of cultures.

Dynamic Cities

London is one of the most visited cities in the world. Yet, despite this giant of a metropolis, many other cities in England are just as popular and important, especially when their dynamic, intrinsic liveliness and spirit come into play. Very few countries in the world can boast to have as lovely cities as Bristol, Bath, Manchester, Liverpool or Brighton.

An important historic destination, England helped shape the world's culture as we know it.