The scenery in the Czech Republic constantly looks and feels as if is out of a fantasy novel. Greenfields, rolling hills, deep forests, and gorgeous rivers, everywhere you turn is like looking at a painting. The country is split into two geographical regions – Bohemia to the west and Moravia to the east – and each one has a distinct feeling to it. With unique spots like the Bohemian Switzerland National Park which feels like a land where fairy tales exist and the Moravian Karst with its stunning cave systems, the scenery in the Czech Republic is something that should be experienced.


There’s just something unique in Czech cuisine. Because the country has a long history, often filled with strife, the food that its people ate often reflects this. While today Czech cuisine is much more meat-based than in the past, it still counts as one of the richest and most filled with flavour in all of Europe. With meals like the traditional beef steak tartare and Czech goulash, eating local tradition food feels like a continuous culinary blessing. And that’s without even mentioning some of the world’s finest beers because Czech beer is totally awesome!


Due to the position of the Czech Republic, and its historic ancestors in the heart of Europe, Czech culture is very diverse.

The art scene is constantly on the forefront, and it's no surprise that the term Bohemian is defined as someone who is unburdened by the worries of tomorrow. There is even an old saying in the country which states that every Czech is a musician.

Dynamic Cities

With a history as varied as the Czech’s, it is no wonder its cities are so alive. And even though Prague is one of the world’s most famous destinations, it’s not the only city which feels like a living being. Cities like Karlovy Vary, Brno, Kutna Hora, and many more, all have distinct emotions tied to their existence, and yet feel so intrinsically Czech. It’s a dynamic that other countries in the world can only dream of, and yet Czech cities pull it off with ease.