The unique geographical regions in Belgium give its landscape a distinct taste. The lovely sceneries you will discover in your tour include the short but packed coastal plain, the central plateau, and the Adrannes uplands. The landscape of the coastal plain is mainly sandy while the central plateau region has fertile valleys. On the other hand, the Adrannes region has a thick forest plateau.


The gastronomical evolution in Belgium dates back up to the influence of the French cuisine. Even though the native use of French recipes some have made a few tweaks to the ingredients and preparation to produce outstanding traditional meals. For instance, the Trappist beer is known to originate and be only produced in Belgium. Other good recipes and exotics foods you will come across in Belgium include the cinnamon cookie known as speculaas, the world-famed Brussels waffles, waterzooi, stoofkarbonnaden and the Belgian pralines. Belgium will never cease to impress as its cuisine never gets boring: every region in Belgium has a unique dish originated in the area. Make sure you get a taste of chocolate when you tour the country.


The Belgian culture and tradition go deep into the nation’s heritage. The country is famous for its old medieval towns detailed with renaissance architecture. The main linguistic groups encompass the Flemish who speak Dutch and the Walloons who speak French. Besides the linguistic division, the two groups share a lot in common regarding culture and traditions. According to the Belgium societal culture, the country comes together as a homogenous unit with a shared national identity. Other values and customs that are nurtured here include:

  • Sensitization of unity at the family level
  • Giving homes and aesthetic value through general cleanliness in and around the homestead
  • Last, prioritization of a proper etiquette

Dynamic cities

Did you know Brussels is listed among the most dynamic cities in Europe? Well, when you decide to tour Belgium consider cities like Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi and Liege for the ultimate Belgium experience.

Belgium is doing well economically, and you can quickly notice through the advanced infrastructure in all the major cities of the country. When you stroll around the towns, you will be amazed by the magnificent sites and quickly become intrigued by all cities' history and development.