The journey is what matters in Austria. With such an attractive landscape, you won't be able to stop meandering through Austria's tall mountains and thick forests. The Austrian landscape is also characterized by the Danube River that passes through the Northeastern side towards the Alps and the hills. Austria is home to incredible lakes that show evidence of nature’s creativity through glacial erosions like the Neusieder Lake and Lake Constance. Austria is graced with natural landscapes worth paying a visit.


A deep dive into Austria’s cuisine reveals a different side that you are bound to like. Waking up, you will be greeted by a substantial breakfast consisting of bread rolls with cheese, jam or cold meat which you can take with coffee or tea. During the day, you will unlock all your taste buds with the scrumptious taste of the Tafelspitz (boiled beef with apple and chives source), Liptauer that is spicy cheese on bread or Rindsuppe that is beef soup.

Coffee Lover? Then you must visit Vienna, home to the Viennese coffee house which is seen as an institution. Since October 2011, the Viennese Coffee House Culture was listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. Austria has introduced a variety of coffee in Europe which explains why the country is credited highly for its numerous styles of serving coffee. An example of this is the Austrian Mokka or Kleiner.


Just like rich cuisine, the culture and the traditions of the Austrians are also iconic. The influence of the Austrian culture is hugely reliant on the surrounding countries. When you look at art, the Austrian culture has adopted folk music known as Schrammelmusik played with an accordion and a double-necked guitar. There is a throat singing technique developed in the Alps, yodelling known as Juchazn that you will most certainly want to see during your visit. The common sports for the Austrians are football, skiing and ice hockey.


Woods and forests cover a majority of Austria. In fact, Austria is one of the most densely forested countries in Europe with two-fifths of the land covered by forests. Conservation laws protect nature, and within it, animals coexist peacefully. The wild animals you could see in Austria include falcons, owls, cranes, eagles, swans, storks, buzzards and lastly the brown bear.

Austria is naturally unique with incentive sceneries you will love. Don’t forget to include this amazing country on your tour around Europe.