Introduction About Japan

Nippon, as it’s known in Japanese, is a beautiful country filled to the brim of exciting experiences, comprising an ancient and rich culture that spans thousands of years which evolved to become one of the most advanced and modern countries in the world.

Although most people think of Japan as a single country, the nation is composed of a set of 4 large islands and over 6000 smaller ones that make an astounding experience if you love exploring varied locations. Ranging from the phenomenal sights of Mount Fuji, through beautiful tropical beaches of Okinawa, to the cold winters of Hokkaido, Japan sure is stunning.

Visit the modern and state of the art streets of Tokyo, immerse yourself in the fantastic culture of Japan which permeates every aspect of their nation, and you'll see perfectly preserved cultural and natural heritage sites – don’t let the small size of Japan confuse you into believing there’s not something for every taste.

Cory and G during their 7 days in Japan itinerary
Before crossing shibuya night

Where to stay in Tokyo

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The perfect Japan itinerary

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You might think you have experienced true Japanese cuisine by going to a local restaurant in your home country, but from the moment you land you're in for a wholly different and exquisite gastronomy tour. Renowned for the freshest ingredients and seasonal dishes, you'll enjoy a fantastic array of tastes that vary from mild to intense flavours. A significant detail of Japan is that each region has distinctive and unique specialities you can’t miss: from Hokkaido’s fresh cold-water fishes served raw as sashimi to Tokyo’s restaurants serving amazing hot plates of noodle soups of pork and beef.

From Samurais to Dragon Ball – The Amalgam of Japan’s Culture

If there’s something undeniable about Japan is that its culture is fascinating, both its history and tradition coming from hundreds of years of changes and the current blend that conforms Japanese society: a mixture of western influences, traditional Asian values, and a unique way of viewing the world makes up an intriguing nation that will fascinate you.

Explore Japan's past by visiting their palaces, museums, and historical parks that portray the country's changes throughout the years, from a brutal medieval empire to the modern nation that captivates us with a constant bombardment of amazing works of art in the form of Manga and Anime, which has become a staple of Japan’s culture.

The Magnificent Metropolis of Tokyo

A full experience of Japan can't be complete without visiting the nation's capital, one of the densest urban areas in the world and a breathtaking place where state of the art technology blends with fascinating modern architecture that still portrays Japanese society and culture.

There’s so much to do in this city and a broad array of activities for everyone: you can get lost in the technological marvels of Akihabara’s electronics market; visit historical and cultural heritage sites like the Imperial Palace or the large temples of Asakusa; experience the luxurious and famous district of Shinjuku, where you can find the best restaurants and hotels in the city; or head to Shibuya, the fashion center of Tokyo, where hundreds of stores display the latest trends and cosplayers and models walk the streets in their daily lives.

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