As one of the largest countries in the world and the largest country in South Asia, India is a perfect destination for those seeking a completely unique experience that encompasses a distinctive culture, an incomparable variety of sceneries, and a complex multi-layer society that can’t be compared or found anywhere else in the world.

A Million Sceneries

India has an unparalleled number of environments, you can find anything you want in this enormous country. From the northern region and its world-renowned mountain range, the Himalayas; the southern coastline and the beautiful beaches that have nothing to envy tropical countries; the western region’s colourful deserts and cities; to the astonishing jungles and forests found in the southeastern area of the nation. For these reasons you can pack a set of gear for every possible environment if you wish to enjoy everything, India has to offer.

The Intense Flavors of India

It’s not a mystery that Indian cuisine is one of the most authentic and unique gastronomies in the world and can only be truly experienced in their beautiful nation. The variety of spices, seasonings, and flavors that surround Indian cuisine is outstanding, and although you may have tasted some of their “typical” dishes in your home country, you can’t compare it to the extraordinary variety of food available in India since each region offers a distinct set of specialties you can enjoy.

One thing you should know before coming to India is that its cuisine is mostly vegetarian, and beef is taboo due to traditional and religious reasons. However, the wide range of dishes prepared with chicken and mutton are still fascinating and strongly recommended.

One of the World’s Oldest Cultures

India is known as one of the countries with the oldest evidence of human society, there are archaeological sites over 300,000 years old that showcase humanities first steps of culture, earning India the title of “cradle of civilization”.

The Hindu culture has strong roots in events going back to the first millennia BC, which have been kept and influenced every step of Hinduism through history.

You can explore this nation’s rich culture by visiting the impressively well-preserved museums, palaces, and historical sites, which mostly continue serving with its original purpose or have evolved to become a fascinating part of modern culture.

The Wonders of Indian Nature

With diverse biomes that range from cold mountains to verdant jungles, you can take pleasure in travelling through an impressive variety of sceneries that will astonish you and leave an everlasting impression.

You’ll be able to observe the coexistence of exotic animals with society in both the tribal regions and less developed cities of India, with elephants and monkeys being commonplace in many areas of the country. If you'd like to take a tour to one of the many world heritage sites that are found in the nation, you’ll be able to explore and appreciate Hindu’s preservation of nature and local species.